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General Food Topics • Wacky LDS calculator or am I missing something?

February 17, 2017 Murby 0

I was checking out the provident living calculator to see what they had to say about food storage.. … /foodcalc/

Typed in 52 weeks for 3 adults and got some crazy numbers..

Can someone take a look?
1200 lbs grain
180 lbs legumes
90 lbs dairy
180 lbs of sugar :?
18 lbs salt (that one I get)
90 lbs of fats

1200 lbs of grain? WHAT?? That works out to just over a pound of grain per person per day..

Statistics: Posted by Murby — Fri Feb 17, 2017 11:22 am

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General Food Topics • Re: Ever eat muskrat

January 29, 2017 mom2grandma 0

yes, my husband was a trapper and trapped them. we also live within 30 miles of a Native American reserve. Muskrat is eaten by the native Americans. To cook we always boiled, removed from bone and recooked with onions and pepper. Now that my husband of 40+ years has passed away I miss the food we lived on, muskrat, beaver, deer, and bear to mention a few. we had a very large garden, made our own butter and grew meat chickens each year. we also had chicken for fresh eggs. I canned, froze and dried food. When we shopped it was a treat.

Statistics: Posted by mom2grandma — Sat Jan 28, 2017 7:37 pm

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General Food Topics • Ever eat muskrat

January 28, 2017 rickdun 0

Has anybody ever eaten muskrat.

Well, I’ve traped about 88 so far this season and the last three I got well, I kept the hind quarters and put them in the crockpot, on high for about 1 hour and then on low for about 4 hours.

They are very lean and a little stringy. Cooked them in BBQ sauce with a few other spices and garlic. They are tasty, something like a lean pork loin. The grandkids loved it. Guess I’ll keep some more after I catch ’em.

Statistics: Posted by rickdun — Sat Jan 28, 2017 4:30 pm