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Other weapons • Re: Vital Weapons?

October 28, 2017 Vetmike 0

What scenario? Defense in a rural setting should be ‘avoid contact if at all possible’. If needs be, engaging at a long distance is the best so a rifle able to take out a human at greater than 500 M is best. Urban settings involve close in fighting, u…

Emergency Communications • Re: Are CB radios still an option?

September 18, 2017 Vetmike 0

All well and good but remember that anything you transmit can be picked up by anybody with the right equipment. There was entity called the Army Security Agency and it had the capability to listen in on any sort of electronic emission as well as DFing it. Per FCC regulations, it is illegal for you to encode or otherwise conceal your message so using something like PGP or any other cryptography is illegal. It is also illegal to use brevity codes (eg 6256 means ‘met at Sam’s Place’)
The safest way to use any form of communication is to always act as if someone was listening to your every word. So don’t broadcast: “Joe, you and your convoy meet us at the intersection of Highways 90 and 15 and we’ll go on to the bug out site.” cause someone with illintent will be waiting for you.

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