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Emergency Communications • Re: Comms question

February 5, 2017 Scoutmaster 0

I was not sure what direction you all where going, I have not seen anything other than the last post covering talking to anyone more than 5 or 10 may be 20 miles away at best. If some one is traveling to or from a BOL it could be a lot further than that. As the last post said HF specifically NVIS, gives a propagation path that provides usable signals in the range between VHF and conventional HF That covers 100s to 1000S OF MILES NVIS distances—usually 30–400 miles Great for coms with fellow prepers in transit. If cells are down or shut off that would be about the only way to have coms with them. The nice thing is elevation not antenna height but height above sea level has very little effect on NVIS. and is very easy to be set with with just a thin wire antenna.

It would also be nice to have coms to be able to know what was going on more than a few miles away from our locations very few of the UHF and VHF will cover any of that radio spectrum.

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Check In Here Maine Preppers • Re: looking to form a serious group

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Photon Guy
You and I where raised by people that beleave right was right and wrong was wrong, There is no gray area. Even back then my boys did not understand why I pushed them so hard. Made sure they did it the right way by the book with even a little extra. It was very gratifying that they both have told me many times scene then they now understand.

They where confused when I told them how things would turn out for a few of the specific problem kids that displayed many dark and evil sides and their parents supported that action. They tried to lead the whole troop in that direction. I even threw one of them out of the troop. He tried to lead a group of the boys in the theft of another troops property and destroy it, I got wind of it before it was completed then he refused to return it and make right for what they had done. The rest of them did that I gave him the choice, he refused so I felt I had no choice. ( not really sure I had the authority to do that) But no one questioned it. And a very few years later it turned out I was correct. I just hope and pray that every one here and everywhere had done enough to keep themselves safe. Buckle up it will be a rough ride.

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Check In Here Maine Preppers • Re: looking to form a serious group

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I did too and we use to teach it in the boy scouts, But that was years ago. But they had a book of matches and a wood stove, and still used a electric heater. theyHave been to almost 100 training meetings but still cant build a fire.

it has been going down hill for years. 20 years ago when I was a scoutmaster in the scouts I use to get pressure from the parents. Because I was not willing to give their kid credit for a camping trip when they would come on Friday night set up a tent then go to band camp some place or football game across the state and come back on Sunday night and take the tent down. They wanted me to sign off on there kid camping for the weekend, and the actives we tough. As time went on it got bad. Both of my boys made eagle scout the hard way, Probably harder than needed be because I was involved, they hated me for it them but have thanked me many times scene then. I bowed out when they both hit the magic 18 years old.

Now the kids go to camperees and the adults pull Gas grills out of the scout trailers and do all the cooking for them. They say it is to dangerous for them to do it they might get burned. Our guys use to cook over open fires and had to feed themselves and one of the adult staff( adults) in order to get their cooking patch signed off. Near the end we missed many camperees because they would not allow ground fires. Can you beleave that No ground fires at a boy scout event :surrender::surrender:

Now the kids do their eagle projects by having their fathers construction company come in a do a project while the kid stands there and watch and hand the construction workers shovels and rakes. Feed than sandwiches at lunch. and we wonder why things have gone to pot.

We really do not need to look very far to find the answers to a lot of questions.

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Check In Here Maine Preppers • Re: looking to form a serious group

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I know that feeling I have felt it for a long time, I was able to hand pick a few people but it took 25 years. Every time I thought I had found another person something would come up and it would not work out. It seems that us prepers have very specific Ideas and thoughts and are not willing to bend, that includes myself when I look back but I think I have bent more than most are willing.

I have talked to professionals checked the so call preper forms even spent a year or so joined into the so called preper Meet up groups looking for those really interested. I wish I could give you other suggestions. There is so much BS out there now, I don’t want to add anything to it. my thoughts lately are as I posted above if they are prepers they have already found a home. Are dug in not talking. The rest some where between thinking they are preping; to beleaving the government will take care of them. I wish I could make suggestions But I have run out. it is like a scavenger hunt keep looking I bet you will find some one you already know is a closet preper and just has not told anyone.

Good luck

Not trying to make things worse But I just thought of something I had forgotten. I know of a set up here with in my state that is very much like you describe you want to put together. The guy has been struggling for years to keep his place staffed. All he ask is for people to have their own food and gear( much like everyone he has a must have list). The sticking point seems to be getting commitment to do any training have meetings togethers and refine the group as would be needed if it is to work. He seems to be getting the same blow back as the rest of us. They don’t have the time to attend, or the money or the will to put forth the takes to put into a working group. They say we will be taken from with in and it seems to be working.

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Michigan Discussion, News and Weather • Re: Where is everybody

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I wasted endless hours trying to encourage uninterested and lazy people. Lesson learned – it is now all about me and mine.
But you can not make them follow.

No truer words where ever spoken and my adapted number one policy, They either is or they ant by now Dive Dive Dive the SS minow is finish picking up passengers

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Michigan Discussion, News and Weather • Re: Where is everybody

January 28, 2017 Scoutmaster 0

You know Ray I never thought of that before You hit it right on the head,

I think being a “prepper” has fallen out of fashion

Your right well more bate for the wolves I guess. The hardest part is going to be saying no to the naysayers that I know or friends when it does happen. Most wont be able to find me anyway so I guess that will sort them out.

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Michigan Discussion, News and Weather • Re: Where is everybody

January 28, 2017 Scoutmaster 0

Hi ray hope you are keeping warm

I just do not understand, I have been in lived in and tried to per mote preping most of my adult life I know there here you think most already have their plans set and are dug in ? the activity level just seems to be flat.

I even tried working with some of the preper meet up groups in S/E Mich for a while. And found they are just a social groups with most not even interested enough to attend regular meetings even if they where free. :?:? They want to go to a presentation now and then and say they are prepers. Most had more excuses as to why they could not do any preping than you could even count. They really don’t want help when it comes down to it. They just want to talk about it. Most have far to many non preper social things going on there is no room for the real stuff.

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Check In Here Maine Preppers • Re: looking to form a serious group

January 27, 2017 Scoutmaster 0

I wish you all the luck in the world, and hope you don’t have the same problem that seems to be prevalent in so many other locations around the US. It always starts out strong when it is just Ideas and talk. When it gets to the actuality of meetings training and the big one putting out cash, even if it is just for them and their family. I tried for many years here in Michigan. It looks like the new “Meet up groups” that seem to be taking hold is the way most go now. it is kind like a non-committal bunch of people to the same Idea. But not really willing to put it on the front burner and do it. I guess it is a lot of fun, lots of social interaction lots of fun getting together but very little commitment. I know one person that has been into doing that for almost five years. They have been to over 100 training classes seminars and events.

sad part is they are still unable to build a fire in the natural surroundings. Now I am not talking flint and steel I am talking with a book of matches or a lighter. In order to build a fire they need fire starters liquids to get a pile of sticks to burn inside of a wood stove. Instead they chose to plug in the electric heater. I wonder how that would have worked if it had need an event and the grid was gone for a year or two. It is very scary to me how far the bar has been lowered My fear is when the time comes we need the Self-Sufficiency it will be well behind most people that think they have it down.

Best of luck you guys have a bit more rugged country up that way, hope it helps develop a more solid group of prepers.
I have been at this for 30 years, My suggestion would be find people you have known for years, and have interest in preping. Ones that you know will actually go forward. then you all together get together and do the training as the post above says than you know what you have and will be able to feel they have your back. Not go by just what they think they know, and find out the hard way it not just talk.

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HAM Radio Open Discussions • Re: baofang radio

January 18, 2017 Scoutmaster 0
looking forward to mounting atop my RV, then going repeater hunting (I have the hard copy book from the ARRL on repeaters for all states)


I think you will find that the state by state listings are much more accurate, At least for Michigan I know of repeaters that have been taken off the air years ago, or never even made it to going on the air in the first place are still on many of the nation wide listings.

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HAM Radio Open Discussions • Re: baofang radio

January 17, 2017 Scoutmaster 0

I can say saving money is great, and first on my list also. I have been retired for over 10 years. and saving money is my direction also. I want Something that works will continue to work and last as long as I do. I guess I am very lucky I got into ham in the early 70s and have been at it ever scene. I never got very interested in the HF bands ( although I have it) I always felt it depended greatly on the band conditions rather than equipment. So I stayed in the UHF and VHF area built a dozen or so repeater systems, Still have one operating from my home that covers much of south east Michigan. That has kept me busy and still does, What I am saying i guess its I have repair ability and longevity in my blood.

I do have a question, I could not get your link to work, I am assuming it is some kind of antenna. I hope you are not thinking that any UHF or VHF radio with only 3 or 4 watts will reach 50 miles on simplex? I have spent much of my adult life trying to extend VHF coverage. With with a good elevation a gain antenna on both ends even 50 miles will be hard to accomplished.

See if you can re-do the link always looking for better portable equipment

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HAM Radio Open Discussions • Re: baofang radio

January 15, 2017 Scoutmaster 0

Do a distance check between the two units, and have another person standing there with a Kenwood, Icon or Yaesu see how they compare. Make sure it is several hrs on high power because that is what we will need then the time comes. I will be interested to see if yours comes out like mine did Also please keep in mind, I did not say they did not have comparable working characteristics some may be better when first out of the box and working, I questioned the longevity repairabilty and general life Expectancy
it is like Nassion building a Mercedes-Benz and charging $5000.00 for it.
It will start and run but for how long, and how far will it travel before breaking down. would any of us expect to get the same reliability I guess we would. When I put my family’s safety in to the hands of manufactured equipment I would load them into the original time tested Mercedes not the knock off. The only thing worse than not having what we need to survive, is thinking we have what we need but it won’t fulfill the need we placed in it.

I guess I really need to except that people will all ways take the shortest cheapest and quickest way and continue to wonder why we failed in getting there, It’s really just human nature.

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HAM Radio Open Discussions • Re: baofang radio

January 14, 2017 Scoutmaster 0

Most of the newer Hts are horribly expensive, The Baofang and the like cheap radios are really doing very little to drive down the prices on the brand name ones. What I have done is to watch for the much older brand name equipment I have bought the Icom, yaesu, kenwood hand held’s for $50 to $75 each. some 20 to 30 years old and still work like new some even look new.

There are many that are in rough shape, but many times you will also find then that are all most like new. Many of them either cover the emergency services and marine bands with a slight mod or some just as they are. Most of these radios have battries that will last for a long time when still giving 4 or 5 watts out. They have a good strong BNC antenna connector rather than a mini something or other that will break with normal use. Lots of drop in charger on the market and even just a normal charger for the batteries. Many have AA and AAA cases that can be used on them so you have a verity of ways to power the radio. If you drop them and break the volume or squelch control’s if you have any repair ability you can take it apart and repair it. Try doing that with a Baofang or for that matter some of the new brand name radios.

Don’t get me wrong I think some of the cheap ones have there place as in practice and simulated events
rather than put the ware and tare on the radios you plan to use during an event. That is where the big differences came up for us if you drop it or two people on patrol talking to each other one with the older radios and the other person with the cheap rig it shows up quickly.

We all need something we can depend on for who knows how long. I really hate to see people buy and depend something and then find it will not give what they expect..That really apply s to people that only buy one or two radios have no back ups for what ever reason. Family radios are really great for that for that. It says right on the package up to 15 miles. Many people feel that will be enough buy it put it away and will get a big surprise when they need it. In the real world you are lucky if you get a mile. Drop it and it quits.

I really have no idea how many people or groups are out there that really do drills practice and use the equipment they plan on using. after talking to many many of those it seems not many. So if we can’t talk them unto trying out the equipment at least they should know what to depend on and what not to.

Just my two cents.

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