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Hunting • Re: The Hunter/Warrior combo, how important is it?

March 11, 2017 Major French 0

Donot underestimate our liberal foes. First, yellow dog Democrats have stockpiled revolvers and sporting guns for decades. Undoubtedly, they will arm their Snowflake allies likewise. These militias will be a formidable threat, also. Second, there is an emergent movement among the Snowflakes to arm themselves with the most modern semiautomatics, too. Empirical evidence: The Huey P. Newton gun club.
When fifty Snowflakes hold AR-15s on your family while they take your food, vehicles weapons, and women? To prevent this same scenario, our vigilance is required.

If your idea of a modern is a 5-8 shot revolver, then that needs to change immediately. I realize not everybody can afford a Glock, but you can afford Canik 55 TP 9 or poly Witness 9mm, too. See? Cheap does not mean garbage, too. The WASR-10 is cheapest quality, But the VZ 2008 is probably a wiser choice, too.

Among the AR-15 choices is an upgraded Anderson assembly. Think adding A Fail Zero or CFA BCG and a Raptor or BCM ambi charging handle too. By helping improve feeding and extraction, you you are improving the weapon’s reliability, too. See? You don’t need a Wilson Combat AR for $2,000, too. Again, cheap does not mean garbage.

For the budget minded, Chinese SKS carbine can fulfill the pricier weapons’ defensive duties. Just run it stock and $280.00, used Chinese. The objective is? Modern pistols and rifles for all of your group in case of civil unrest or worse, Rodney King, Andrew, Katrina, and Joplin are proof it does happen here, too

Ammo? Again, avoid commie ammo in Western guns. But you don’t need +P or Zombie or specialized ammo for fifty dollars a box, too.
It is far wiser to stockpile modestly priced, albeit quality ammo is expanding type ammo ammo. Privi Partizan[PPU], Remington, Sellier & Bernet, American Eagle, Fiocchi, Federal, PMC, Speer, and Freedom Munitions are all wise albeit cheap choices here. This way, you can practice regularly but have more to stockpile, also. Again, cheap should not mean garbage.

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Guns • Re: Misconceptions About Pistol Sights

March 11, 2017 Major French 0
headhunter wrote:
I didn’t want to leave my iron sights, I had just shot one of my best strings and took out 9 bowling pins in 6 seconds. The next shooter took out 9 in a little over 3 seconds using a red dot. Lasers are also quick and light and small. Fiber optics really help “old” eyes. Night sights are excellent. I was sold on “Big Dot” and a friend showed uo with Tru -Glo fiber optic and Trinium. My M&P presently has the factory Crimson -Trace and Tru-Glo. My revolvers almost all wear green fiber optic front sights (with the red,I feel there is to much of a halo). I will own up to having a 2X Leopold on my super accurate Ruger Competition. Not always is it well lit and bright. As far as BK in KC, some people dismiss thinking the bullet to the target- I won’t. The force be with you.

How well do night sights fare in daytime usage?

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Prepper Fiction • Re: ‘The Worthless Hills’-Chapter Four:

February 19, 2017 Major French 0

Mary Ann Lauter finished cleaning her Para Ordinance .45 auto pistol. Both George and her had just gotten their CCWs, and they had both qualified, too. Bobby’ had qualified at the same with his AR, as did both his Mom and Dad. Bobby had acquired a .280 Remington hunting rifle for $125.00 at a Pawn shop. His dad had paid for optic optic open sights to be installed. Bobby was looking for to deer season, too.

Bobby watched ‘Hawaii 5 0’ and they called it night. The latter day MIami Vice equivalent was simply a popular TV show. Bobby conked out. His parents watched the ten p.m. news and heard about the severe weather brewing. ‘”I’f we get tornados, this trailer is not a good place to be.” George Lauter talked to his wife. ‘But we can spend the day at Betty’s because they have a storm bunker.” A phone call made the decision. They’d leave at noon and and have a Twister Party at Aunt Betty Wilson’s place, too. Bobby loved his cousins there and they loved him back, especially he’d saved Uncle Ollie beloved hunting dog, where it was attacked by a coyote too. Mary Ann remembered that morning.

Because she had an 11:00 a.m. allergist appointment for a sinus infection, They had stayed the night. Aunt Betty was cooking breakfast, while Bobby helped Donald get the chicken eggs in. THey had just finished that detail when a Commotion from outside. “COYOTES ATTACKING DOG!” Everybody scrambled for revolvers and sporting guns. Bobby snatched up a sledgehammer instead and raced outside. Queenies agonized yells meant she was getting plastered by the Scum, as the Bobby labeled coyotes.

WHAM! CRUNCH! HOWL! Bobby ‘s first swing broke the back of a coyote. A second coyote died of a skull fracture when it rushed Bobby. The rest of the pack fled as Bobby beat the remaining attacking coyote dead. A volley of gunfire from the house got the rest of them. Aunt Betty fired fired a mercy kill shot from her .41 magnum revolver into the survivors.

from a fanny pack,Bobby was already bandaging Queenie’s wounds. “SHE”S STILL ALIVE, TAKE HER TO THE HOSPITAL!” He yelled as he scooped Queenie and ran to Uncle Ollie’s pick up truck. The roared to Bullard’s whereupon Queenie was rushed into emergency surgery. A nurse at the desk noticed Bobby was bleeding. “THey got you, too.” A first aid kit was produced and Bobby ended up in the ER with a leg with a blood soaked bandage.

Bobby had to take rabies shots, sutures, antibiotics and pain pills. “You were very brave back there.” “I couldn’t let those trash kill a helpless dog.” Bobby told the doctor as he finished treating him. “Have you heard any update on the dog I saved?” Mary Ann entered the room. “Queenie will live.” She hugged Bobby and they went home.

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Guns • Re: Taurus Judge

February 11, 2017 Major French 0
rj5156 wrote:
Lot of helpful information here. I appreciate it. I ran a search and did not find any threads on the Taurus Judge. Hope I did not miss one?

Thinking about getting serious about a Judge. Lot to like about it. We’ve got wild pigs, mountain lions, coyotes and poisonous snakes here now and while the judge might not be the best for any one of these, it is the only thing I would actually carry around, that might get me out of a jam with any of them so long as I keep my cool. I’m not interested in shooting the unless it is necessary. Well. Maybe the pigs, we like pork!

I’ve done some research, I like the 3 inch cylinder and 6 inch barrel. Looks like alternating .410 buckshot loads with .45 long colt rounds would be about right. It weighs in at two pounds, not a lot different than the government 45 I’ve been dragging around.

I like that it can share ammo with my .410, make reloading simpler. Hubby Brian is interested in a couple things that use the 45 colt rounds, so he would have a fine excuse to buy one of those!

Anybody got one? Do you like it? Pros / cons? I’m interested in gloves to help with recoil too, if anyone has used them? Kind of like ear plugs, I know I won’t have the on if I ever need to use it but why do any more damage than necessary?

Might be time to take a field trip to Knob Creek shooting range. I’ve always wanted to shoot some of the really big guns! See if they’ve got a Judge I can run some rounds through.

Stoke that baby with three-inch buck shot buckshot and it’s an awesome scorpion/snake/home invasion crew gun at room length range. What speed loaders are you planning on using with it, too.

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Guns • Re: My ‘from the box user ready’AR-15 thread

February 3, 2017 Major French 0
Dirk Williams wrote:
Lipps, that was my point. I know nothing of the rifles named by our new friend, I’m not knocking then, trying to learn. When you can pick amycolt up for a grand or under, it’s a awesome deal.

Every rifle on the market aspires to be a colt. Zero upgrades required, everything is done right. The colt is the Standard for any AR.

I build high end ARs for fun, and out of being board. Like 2500.00 apiece rifles. I stopped and started to purchase Colts again. I do change some stuff out, but those are personal preference things, like flat triggers.

My favorite Colt is the 6940 monolithic upper, in the 1400.00 range but in my opinion that extra stiff upper makes for a better shooter, accuracy is noticeably better.

So back to my question for our friend Mr. Major. What makes these other rifles better? They have reliability enhancing features not commonly on most affordable AR-15s, too.

As for the M1a, rumor has it, I’ve got a couple, also a socom m14 a Berretta 59 and a 62. These are italian m-14s for their mountain troops, they use a different 20 round mag, which is difficult to,source.

. My favorite is a real M 14 E with the switch removed, for semi only. One of my builds next fall will be an ART-21 system. Using the Krieger barrel.

I like guns, keep up the chit chat!


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Guns • Re: My ‘from the box user ready’AR-15 thread

February 3, 2017 Major French 0
Dirk Williams wrote:
Regardless of your choice of the week, just do yourself a favor and use quality parts. While I like JP stuff, a lot of its proprietary, meaning only functions in their rifles.again good stuff, just determine which parts are interchangeable parts.

Enjoy your building, it’s a lot of fun, and really not a difficult task.

Best to,you.


Wisdom worth following, indeed.

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Prepper Fiction • Re: ‘The Worthless Hills’-Chapter Three:

February 3, 2017 Major French 0

Beverly Found the ‘Happy Hunter’ gun shop across the street from Tudor’s. She entered it just as it opened. While the handguns were not junk, but the days of a Ruger P85 MKII stainless being as good as a SIG SAUER P226 were long gone, also. The shotguns were blase’, too.
But the Sport-Utility rifles were indeed promising, as were the semi automatic machine pistols, too.

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February 3, 2017 Major French 0

While no place is totally free of tornado risk save Antarctica, but there at least 5 tornado alleys in the America, and not just the notorious ‘Dixie Alley’, too. Mass relocation of tens of millions of people is not feasible. A better solution is to require communities to allow above ground tornado proof igloos in people’s back yards, too. Additionally, trailer parks should not be exempt from this requirement, too.

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Guns • Re: How I pimped my M&P 15 Sport II:

February 2, 2017 Major French 0

Donba, actually, think your .308-armed bud doing long distance work while you use the an AR for for under foot ball field-length threats, too.
I hope some day to add a .280 or 7mm Mauser to my collection. AK, AR and handguns for now.

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Prepper Fiction • Re: ‘The Worthless Hills’-Chapter Two:

February 1, 2017 Major French 0

She knew war was coming. The Coleman family was totalyl beyond control. The state troopers were the only real law in this end of the county, the socialist pig of a sheriff.simply gathered revenue, and the higher ups liked their cash fix, indeed. The dirt bag liberal authoritarian family law court gave custody to her dope addict mother. Never mind, she loved her Dad, whom was always there for here, the feminazi judge was a devout yellow dog Democrat. Her verdicts consistently showed her party loyalty by her ongoing jihad by verdict to destroy western civilization.

Fueled by vodka and pain pills , Beverly Pullman’s mother hallucinated she had forgotten to take the garbage out. Beverly had just finished mowing the lawn and was getting ready to go to work. In a psychotic rage, she’d rushed Beverly. Beverly maced her, and Sarah Jo fell and smashed her head on one of the two cinder blocks upon which her prized $77.50 Best Buy TV set rested. Miraculously, the TV set escaped damage. Beverly went to work at BAXTER’S sporting goods and waited until she returned home to call the ambulance. Sarah Jo’ Pullman-Obedson was taken to the county hospital. She died at 6:37 p.m. that night.

Sarah Jo was such a humanoid nuisance animal equivalent, and the hospital wrote the death off as natural causes. By 9:00 a.m. she was dumped in a cardboard box in a pauper’s grave. Sarah Jo had faded into oblivion as the worthless mutant she was, too. Happily, Beverly had gotten her to put the checkbook in both their names, too. Beverly’s income blossomed. Because her Dad was a defense contractor, he would not be able to come and get her until next summer, too.

But Beverly had hidden her Dad’s SIG SAUER P226 9mm and her own .25-06 Remington hunting rifle with which she deer hunted underneath her bed. She loved shooting Dad’s 9mm, but she would do nothing to potentially to get him trouble. But how to prepare? She thought. as she munched dinner ‘Oh, 6:27. Newstime’. She watched the FOX news, and then the 7 p.m. local newscast on Channel 6.

ClICK! “Tonight’s lead story… President Trump signed the 2017 Gun Reform Act into law. Effective immediately, all federal gun control laws are abolished, save for those adjudicated mentally incompetent by a judge after psychiatric examination.” Beverly knew she

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Guns • Re: My ‘from the box user ready’AR-15 thread

January 31, 2017 Major French 0
Dirk Williams wrote:
Major, WOW-just WOW, is all I can say. I’ve learned something new today.

Thank you Major.
are you like retired army , perhaps Salvation Army?

Can you advise our friend Contrarian regarding the proper ar lower for his 308?

Big D
Little irk..

Sorry, I don’t know anything about .308 AR lowers. But I did do research for , both user interviews and online, before I decided to add to AR to to my collection, 3rd team leader for Kanawha Valley Communications Team[KVCT]. We did armed civilian search and rescue, too.

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Medical Experts • Re: SHTF Pain Killers?

January 31, 2017 Major French 0

Thank you for recipe, sageprice!. According to special forces preppers, stating fluid is safe unless contraindicated by throat, brain, and stomach trauma OR respiratory and cardiac conditions preexisting in the patient, too.

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Guns • How I pimped my M&P 15 Sport II:

January 31, 2017 Major French 0

Due to bizarre financial circumstances, I ended up with an M&P 15 Sport 2. A series of modifications was done by my before I even test fired this same rifle, also. Why? Because I See the M&P 15 Sport II in the same I see an Anderson, and it is best used as a platform for an upgraded parts assembly.

My mods:
A. Hogue grooved finger pistol grip.
B. COBRA TAC Black Adder V2 Charging handle to improve extraction and feeding, both.
C. MAGPIUL Adjustable stock.
D. One point sling converted to two point sling.
E. Metal interior heat shielded plastic handguard. This avoids heat stress jams.
F. HEXMAG Series 2 thirty round magazine. Because an AR-15 magazine is not strong a steel AK magazine, I load 25 rounds for increased reliability.
G. M-Pro 7 Gun Cleaner. Works just fine for both cleaning and lubrication.
I Blitzkrieg Components neon green chevron front sight post. Lines up just fine with my rear sights.
J. I use only non-Combloc ammo in my AR. Additionally, I donot use ball ammo because of the over penetration risk. JHP[Jacketed Hollow Point], SPIRE[Spire Point}. SP[Soft point]and VMAX. American Eagle, PPU, Hornady, and Fiocchi. Does anybody here know of any equally cheap but good quality expanding-type ammo that is AR-15 friendly.

While my AK is for heavier stuff, my AR fills the role of the M1 carbine quite nicely. It’s a home defense/patrol rifle. I’ll use it to guard Dad and dogs both while he calls the cops when the Ashley-Bashleys are thought to be lurking outside.

***NOTE**** ASHLEY-BASHLEY burglarized our trailer and stole Dad’s TV set. He got it back, but Ashley Nicole Graham also stole checks and credit cards from Dad. She also had her baby taken away for emotional exploitation, too. This Creep is now out of prison AGAIN…

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Guns • Re: My ‘from the box user ready’AR-15 thread

January 31, 2017 Major French 0

THe have so many good features that they caqn be trusted from the get go to run well as is. My M&P 15 Sport, I chose to pimp royally before even shooting the thing. Runs 100% so modified. The SP-1 is the semi-junk AR-15 that gave the Civilian AR-15 a bad name.This is totally from the Vietnam M16 ammo failures that got people killed. with jammed weapons. In 1982 However, Eagle Arms introduced today ‘s AR-15. A sturdier and much more reliable weapon that changed many minds-mine included about Armalite.

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Prepper Fiction • ‘The Worthless Hills’-Chapter One:

January 30, 2017 Major French 0

Flat lands.His wife looked nervous at their new home. George couldn’t blame Mary Ann. She’d lived in the mountainous part of Dixie Alley. Flash floods, Wild fires, Obama, Tree huggers,meth, opiates, and two annual vicious twister seasons meant there were few benefits to living there.

But his son was happily thriving in their new enviroment. He had found out rapidly the new advantages of the semi rural town. Bobby had found out where the animal clinic, animal emergency, discount gun store, and like useful things were. The bus passed their house bi-hourly M-S, and hourly on on Sunday. Bobby had been there less than a week and already he’d gotten a job at the local gun shop. THe boss liked his work ethic. Brian was rapidly their most effective sales man, too. He simply sacrifced his commission, too. Due to the vast material he moved, his boss paid him $600.00 a week for a thirty hours week.

But then Bobby was industrious. When Bobby was in the fourth grade, a jock coach told George that boys only went to high school to further the school’s sports programs. George then allowed Bobby to get his GED, which he passed. He then went to work for $375.00/week running a log splitter in a neighbor’s firewood camp. Monday through Thursday 7-2:30. Bobby put $75.00 a week into his savings account and $75.00 more into a Christmas Club. $75.00 more into a money jar weekly as a form of socialized medicine for his cat and dog. Because his parents allowed him indoor pets, he seldom had to mobilize it. The rest went to a money box for which he ran his life.

Within months, it was benefiting his parents… and in ways not anticipated, too.”Money’s is just to help your family. It’s not supposed to be a god. That’s what the Bible says of the Love of Money.’ He noticed as his mom looked frightened. “Mommy. what ‘s wrong?” Her face contorted before she burst out, shaking. “Israel Coleman say he’d kill you and your father both if I didn’t sleep with him!” “I have heard of this evil man while talking with my work crew. As a juvenile, he never got caught. He raped fifty girls and women. He murdered several men and older boys whom stood up to him. His punk family bullied their families into silence, too. There’s of suspicious fires and disappearances associated with that man. He joined the Marines and got his record officially cleared afterwards, too. And his evil has now returned, too.”

“Mommy , I’ll help you”. A phone call found a Trump victory sale at Cabela’s. They left home 2:55 p.m. The bank cashed his Christmas club and they were at Cabela’s by 6:45 p.m. Two Saint 15 AR-15s were purchased, along with G3 P MAGS, ammo,slings tac gear,cleaning kits and two Blitzkrieg Component neon green Chevron front sight posts. The store did install the latter, too. $2200 wisely spent.Two free slings were also included. George was not surprised. “Well, I’ve been saving to buy a .45 auto, what with things getting so crazy
lately. I want a Commander, like the Ruger that uses the regular barrel bushing. “Daddy, I can look up where to get it the cheapest at, too.”

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Guns • My ‘from the box user ready’AR-15 thread

January 30, 2017 Major French 0

The follow AR-15s I can in good conscience recommend for immediate usage unmodified:
A. Springfield Armory Saint
B. Civilian Force Arms Xena 15
C. Ruger AR556

These each have so many good features that they rank ‘superior’ in the quest for budget, quality AR-15s. Cheap should not mean garbage.

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Okie’s Law • Re: Protection from Rogue Officers

January 29, 2017 Major French 0

Think Like a German U-boat Commander. All windows tape so no light can leak. All noise making devices shut down. Doors locked, outdoor pets crated inside. You can use children’s benadryl squirted by syringe down the throat to keep pets sedated. Furthermore, vrsting makes dogs feel secure because it’s denning-naturally hiding in a cave. Less liable to bark that way. If you cannot function without a blare of music. practice it now.

Donot answer the door if they knock. hide in windowless rooms. If you must in windowed room, get in the closet or lie in the floor flat, lights and noise off. Keep weapons handy, but engage the enemy as a last resort. If you must kill a renegade LEO, strip the body nude and make sure its electronics are off too. Keep the radio to track any cop movements. Stuff the corpse in a sewer after dark. WIth societal chaos, it will be months or decades before it’s found. Burning or burying could get risk. drone attention. cut it up its uniform and ditch them after dark in different place. If you can, spray paint the badge a neon color, so as to make it toy-like but hide it still. If it has a tactical vest, remove it’s ID marks and make it you’re own if that’s feasible. If not, hide it in a closed room, but then dispose of it quietly after the disaster has passed. Think swamps, flea markets, quicksand…

Weaponry isn’t difficult to hide. Many smaller PD and some State police forces use symbols embedded in the grips of handguns to mark ‘s tape them as police property. Use electrician’s tape to hide the grips and later replace them with standard replacements. If the frame isn’t marked for cop useage; you got a free pistol, too. If the frame is marked for cops usage, hide it and later hide in a vehicle at a car crusher’s. OR sell it a flea market, preferably out of state. Long guns can hidden until you can finish the cop ID[not the serial numbers!]and then you can either use them your self or pawn them off at a pawn shop you don’t commonly use, too.

Jewelry can be pawned off easily. It’s best to use at least an out of town pawnshop , too. Eye glasses can be given to eye glass donations booths at the Lion’s club and the shoes can be donated to Good Will. Clean up the shooting with paper, because you can easily destroy when it safe to do safe.

Vehicles turn off their electronics and quietly drive them to a remote place and abandon them. preferably at least large rural brush. cars have so remained hidden for decades.

While my ways may sound grim, the rogue cops committed the sin of Home Invasion when they entered without your permission. THey chose their own deaths.

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Natural Disasters • Re: 12 hour notice sun flare. what would you do?

January 29, 2017 Major French 0

Would the following tactic to protect electronics? A. Unplug electronics B. put them in ziploc or plastic bags to protect from moisture, C. Put in a cellar, basement, storm bunker, safe room, or fallout shelter until the danger is announced over radio to have officially passed. Cheap analog transistor AM/FM radios could prove invaluable in this scenario, too. Why risk a $500.00 TV or a $300.00 computer when you could use a yard sale transistor radio instead?

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Introduce Yourself • Checking in from the Central WV sector:

January 29, 2017 Major French 0

My handle comes from the Twilight Zone Episode ‘The Old Man in the Cave’. Born Again, two small dogs, and an elderly amputee Dad. 1 1911a1, one modded WASR-10, One Canik 55 TP 9, One heavily modified M&P 15 Sport II. Disabled, but I refuse to let that stop me. Former Kanawha Valley Communication member, secretary, radio operator and third team leader. Armed civilian search and rescue

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