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Economic Disasters • Re: Recession

March 6, 2018 John Galt 1 0

Blondie wrote:SSDDWhat no one mentions is countries like China subsidize their products with tax dollars. How does an American company compete with that?I’ve slightly followed Chineese steel for over a decade. What happened is the Chineese gover…

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Meetups & Events • Re: BEST location inside the USA

February 28, 2018 John Galt 1 0

hancockcounty wrote:BUT, maybe you for some reason want to chat as you have been seeking a safe place but have many doubts and just don’t know what to do or where to go or how to go about it and it just seems hopeless… Well, that is where I would be…

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A.N.T.S. • Re: Massive CME

February 23, 2018 John Galt 1 0

From what I understand scientists and astronomers will be able to give us 1-3 days warning that a massive CME is approaching. Even with a ICBM coming in to the contental US we’d probably receive a text about 30-60 minutes before it got over the U…

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A.N.T.S. • Re: E-Books

January 25, 2018 John Galt 1 0

I just prefer a paper book. A thought, If you ruin a paper book you’ve lost that one book. But if you damage the E-Book reader you’ve lost all of your books.and…. if you want to loan a paper book out you can.Statistics: Posted by John Ga…

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Solar • Re: Solar home work 4 all

January 23, 2018 John Galt 1 0

LDSreliance wrote:I agree with almost everything you said. You have gained some wisdom over the years with your system for sure.Only thing I would slightly disagree with is off grid with batteries can pay for itself in the right conditions. You have…


January 19, 2018 John Galt 1 0

mkcr5921 wrote:My question is, how does the State’s Public Health Dept notify citizens of when to take the tablet? .I doubt that the CDC would tell you to take the tablet, instead they would probably tell everying to shelter in place, even people wh…

General Homesteading Topics • Re: Co-op Farming

January 13, 2018 John Galt 1 0

Hardship feelings will develop,,, and that’s assuming they the city slicker doesn’t tear out the corner of your barn with the scrape blade. Seen that and worse before. Even worse with a set of forks on the front of the tractor.I still cringe wh…

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Guns • Re: reloading question

January 7, 2018 John Galt 1 0

Defcon09 wrote:I guess someone will correct me if I’m wrong on this! A couple decades since working with lead.Commercial loaded lead is harder and mostly used in revolvers. Softer lead will collect on the ramp of a semi and leave more deposits in the …