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Economic Disasters • Re: Recession

March 4, 2018 cellengrac 0

I saw this this morning. What do you think? I told my husband we are officially hunckering downAccording to Bloomberg’s latest report… America could be heading for an economic disaster that would rival the Great Recession. Billionaire Ray Dalio’s…

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Meetups & Events • Re: BEST location inside the USA

February 24, 2018 cellengrac 0

Your A- sounds like Morgan Co TN. That is where my dad is from. Still have family and friends. My dad grew up on the Rome Rd closer to Sunbright and Lodge something I have family there too. Land has gone up since the oil companies are leasing miner…

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General California Discussion, News and Weather • Re: Well, are you stocking up??

August 10, 2017 cellengrac 0

Yes. Plus I read the 4th turning. Which has a compelling argument for a collapse around 2020-2025. I also found a website that was interesting. Of course I am still trying to see if it’s legitimate but supports the generational thought. I noticed the 5 countries that started the bank in 2016. China Russia India South Africa and Brazil all seemed to fair well during this time. Anyway. Would like someone smarter than me to comment.

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General Preparedness Discussion • Re: MARCH 2017 – What Did You do To Prep This Week/Month?

March 3, 2017 cellengrac 0

I started my seeds and took y’alls advice about terracing. I am going to use logs from the tree we cutdown a make shift hugelmound Sorting the rabbits to butcher this weekend. This will be my first time for that. Took the stray living on my front porch to the vet. He will get the snip snip next month.

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Gardening • Re: Garden 2017

January 27, 2017 cellengrac 0

I carried my little rabbit garden gifts down to the planter box yesterday. This will be my third year in our stepping stone house. It is on a steep hill have had a lot of problems figuring out how to garden on a hill. I am relocating to the front yard this year which isn’t as steep. I am ordering some peet pellets to start next week. I am also ordering some extra to use next year.
I tried the potato cage last year using wheat straw and it didn’t work either. After if listening to The video on the other post this may be my forever house. Any tips on gardening on a hill would be very much appreciated. I have always had a level to gently rolling yard. After tilling the first time most of my good dirt washed over the cliff so I am saving all my animals gifts kitchen scraps leaves and what not to compost but that will be another year before I have enough.

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