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September 30, 2017 Balamban 0

I was sure that there would be an economic break-down in short order so I bought 100lbs of hard red winter wheat from a farmer who grew it himself in VT. I put it into those silver bags that one buys from LDS (Latter Day Saints) with O2 absorbers. That was 2008, and there was an economic break-down we recovered. But it still amazes me too heft one of those bags of wheat, as rock solid as it was 9 years ago. Today I wonder, will it be Kim’s nuclear device, a meteor strike, the super-volcano (you may choose which one, be it Yellowstone, or one of the others that simmer) or an exponentially more significant economic melt-down. I was thinking though, man could live by wheat alone…(for quite a while even if incomplete as far as proteins go) but ugh, so I’ve bought 100lbs of Jasmine rice to pack into the correct bags. Beans, beans, you need beans, I hear. Then I started wondering. Electricity will fail, and just how will I cook those beans, especially if my vintage radiation detection devices say that we must stay deep in the cellar for a month or three. Hmm…a month or three, will I have enough time to drag down a mattress? And it will be dark and bleak, hmm…I have a brand new 12v car battery on a battery tender, maybe I can buy a 12v light and a 12 photo-voltaic array to charge it. Boredom will be an issue, now I’ve a 5T drive with plenty of 720 and 1040 videos, but I suspect that my computer would not last long on that car battery, so I wonder what is the most “electronically miserly” laptop so at least we can be entertained until that day comes when we get to leave to see all the dead folk that never prepared. All this is giving me a headache. Remind me to pack some Tylenol please. At any rate….hi!

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