PVC Survival Time Capsule: How to make one

February 8, 2015 aprepper 0

  Watch the Crazy Russian Hacker demonstrate how to make a PVC survival time capsule.  This is a simple yet very useful prep item to make.  It can be used as a bug out bag or as a survival cache to bury.  When it comes to a survival cache like this, there is no one size […]

How to make a laser sighted blowgun

January 30, 2015 aprepper 0

  Watch Grant Thompson demonstrate how to make a laser sighted blowgun.  He did this project for under $3 but don’t let the cost and simplicity fool you.  In this video you’ll see how you can make a powerful and deadly accurate blowgun.  Just a word of warning:  Blowguns are not toys. They are dangerous and […]

Breathing Mobile Washer Review and Demonstration

January 25, 2015 aprepper 0

  Washing your clothes manually doesn’t have to be as difficult as you would think. Watch as MissRandie shows you how with the breathing mobile washer.  As a matter of fact, you can wash your clothes much quicker and more efficiently than even compared to top quality electric washers. The mobile washer works differently than a […]

Electric Assist Bicycle Trailer: Solar Power With Popup Tent

January 25, 2015 aprepper 0

  So you are planning a cross country tour by bicycle, but you have a lot of gear to bring along.  How are you going to make it up those long mountain grades?  With an electric assist bicycle trailer of course!  And where are you going to get that electricity?  From the sun! Watch as […]

Culticycle Pedal Power Tractor

January 13, 2015 aprepper 0

  Watch as Farmhack demonstrates their Culticycle pedal power tractor.  This is quite simply one of the coolest Farm inventions I’ve seen in a while.  Alternative energy enthusiasts will love this.  Maybe the culticycle could be a solution for farming in developing nations. Survivalists may want to consider building one as a post economic collapse method of farming. Whatever […]

Secret Hiding Place In A Towel Bar

January 8, 2015 aprepper 0

  Watch supergokue1 show how to make a secret hiding place in a towel bar.  Ever hear the term “Don’t put your eggs in one basket”?  For those of you who prefer keeping cash, but don’t want to hide it all in one place, here is an idea for a secret stash. It’s good to have […]

Bottle Tower Garden: DIY instructions on how to build your own

January 8, 2015 aprepper 0

  Watch Willem Van Cotthem demonstrate how to build a bottle tower garden.  These are really great because not only are you recycling the plastic bottles and keeping them out of the landfill, you are also building a sustainable garden.  By being vertical the garden saves space and can allow you to grow vegetables even […]

Sustainable Grow Tower: Instructions on how to build your own

January 8, 2015 aprepper 0

  Watch MIgardener demonstrate how to make your own sustainable grow tower.  Vertical tower gardens are great because not only can your vegetables be grown in tight spaces, but they also conserve water and nutrients.  Plus a sustainable grow tower is much easier to maintain, manage pests and eliminates the need to pull weeds. Other Resources Vertical Gardening for […]

Melting Soda Cans With A Mini Foundry

January 8, 2015 aprepper 0

  Watch Grant Thompson as he demonstrates melting soda cans in his homemade mini foundry.  Please read the warnings and background info from his youtube page before attempting to try this yourself.  Watch how to make your own Flower Pot Foundry here.   Other Resources The Complete Handbook of Sand Casting The Charcoal Foundry (Build Your […]