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Preppers as Future Leaders

October 29, 2019 James Walton 0

Everyone loves a good underdog story. It’s one of those quintessentially American tales where the hero starts out lost, mocked and failing only to hit the bottom and rise up like a phoenix. I often wonder if this has to do with immigration. Every…

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Prepping Faster: Lifestyle, Food, Energy and Numbers

October 17, 2019 James Walton 0

Times they are a-changing! People have a better hold of the world than ever before. There are people who once looked down on prepping because of things like religion and political affiliation that are now interested in prepping and prepping faster. Lis…

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4 Facts You (Probably) Didn’t Know About The AR-15

October 11, 2019 James Walton 0

This is a guest post about the most misunderstood firearm of all time. 4 Facts You (Probably) Didn’t Know About The AR-15 The AR-15 is the holy grail of rifles.   It’s rugged, versatile and accurate — especially if you add an optic to your AR-15. …

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The 2020 Election Preparedness Campaign

October 2, 2019 James Walton 0

The 2020 EPC is off and running. We started yesterday and we will run for the next 51 weeks with topics, videos, and challenges to prepare yourself for the coming year. You will receive a transmission each week from our newsletter so be sure you sign u…