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General Energy Discussion • Re: Electricity

January 2, 2018 JoyDog 0

John Galt 1 wrote:JoyDog wrote:How do we find people kike this?People like what? who know about power production or hermits? As far as the hermits go Jeff was on his bike and just swing by my shop for some water.The hermit! Everyone we meet wa…

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Solar • Survivability of Solar Panels after HEMP Event

January 2, 2018 JohnEE 0

Hello All,Does anyone out there think Solar Panels would survive a HEMP without being in a properly constructed Faraday Cage? I wrote a few paragraphs on this subject, but the post seems to have disappeared. I was reading posts and some people here se…

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Introduce Yourself • Hi y’all

January 1, 2018 SouthernSon 0

Hello from Kansas. I am new here, and wanted to say hello.I was born and raised in Dixie, near Nashville TN. I moved to Kansas so my wife could be with her kids. It’s great to see such a large group of like minded people who are willing to share know…