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Introduce Yourself • I am new, but I belong to the past at the same time

June 1, 2017 Anijen 0

Hi. My name is Jeff, but I like to use the moniker Anijen (to maintain a little bit of anonymity). I have been prepping for 20 years. I had the the blessing of using up a little over a years worth of preps about 12 years ago when I lost my job (this was when I had a family of six in the home). Thank goodness I was prepared. I have since went back to school and received a duel Bachelor of Science Degree (History and Anthropology) and I recently just earned my Jurist Doctorate [Law Degree]. I started my own business in 2005 and now I own four franchises. I am not rich, but I have been blessed that there is food on the table and the bills are getting paid.

I love to read history, law, prepping, and survival books. I love to work. I love to work hard. I am very religious (Christian). I am a registered Republican, but I lean Conservative and Libertarian. Presidents; Washington, Madison, Lincoln, and Reagan are my favorites. I like to discuss History (with a focus on United States and Religious History), Archaeology, Politics, Religion, Prepping, the Constitution, and whatever else might float my boat at the time. Sometimes I can be controversial however, I am always polite and respectful. I live in Northern Nebraska but I am looking to move to Idaho, Wyoming (Western), or the Utah area, to be closer to family and friends. I am looking forward to this discussion board and to getting to know you better.

Drop me a message and I would love to chat and get acquainted.
“belonging to the past” = old

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