US Nuclear Plant Locations (Click for large image)

Man-Made Disaster Potential Threat Maps and Info


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US Earthquake Risk Map

Natural Disaster Threat Maps

A collection of maps based on historical data indicating risk zones for different natural disasters. ¬†This collection is intended to help Preppers analyze safe places to live and to understand the hazards they need to prepare for based on where they live. ¬†Click on any of the maps for a larger image.   Earthquake Risk …

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Recent Earthquakes

Real-Time Disaster Risk Resources

Live Interactive Real-Time Global Disaster Viewer View full screen     Other Live Resources:                  

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Best Places to live

Location Based Demographic Statistics

Best Places to Live In the US Follow the link and click on the orange markers in the city of interest for all the data behind their position   City and State Ranking based on selectable demographic data   Best and worst cities to live in based on crime rates           …

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