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Personal Safety and Home Security • Re: Prepper Clothing

January 14, 2017 arkieready 0
oldasrocks wrote:
Just wear a Kilt.

Oh yeah! I know men who do wear a kilt. One is an old biker guy. One is in an unlikely trade to see a kilt. (Construction). One bad thing is, some billy-bad-arse is gonna have a beer too many and wanna fight the guy in a skirt. On the other hand, the ladies may be quite intrigued. Personally, I like it. Oh my gosh, isn’t it much nicer than skinny jeans. Gag.

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Just Me and My Dad (Little Critter)

January 14, 2017 Prepper Bot 0

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Curious George Goes Camping

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General Family Preparedness • Re: I saw that Trump’s Cabinet’ net worth is = to a third of

January 14, 2017 Lynda1 0
RayMac1963 wrote:
I’m not quite sure how i feel about that statistic. I mean, if you’re looking to hire successful “get her done” type people, then he has done it. (if money is your measurement). Part of me is scared that people the amassed that kind of wealth may be greedy bastards and really screw us all over for their own benefit. Then on the other hand, how do you bribe a billionaire? I mean these folks have so much that you can’t sway them with partnerships and offers. It won’t change their life. So the may be immune. Honestly a lot of people go into these positions knowing its 4 years (8 at best) and they plan own feathering their nest and lining up stuff from day one. They want to get where these people are already.

For example, what can some text book or educational computer company offer Betsy DeVos? Not a d@mn thing. She has spent millions of her own money fighting to fix education outside the system because the system wouldn’t respond. Heck, she can drop the whole charter school thing now, because she IS the system. She runs the whole shooting match. You want her support, you better come correct with something that works. What is a real-estate developer going to offer Ben Carson. That dude wants to write his name on another page in the history books. Money won’t do it.

This could be very interesting.

I can’t see why this is relevant in terms of running a country. I’d guess the average lawmaker makes more money in a year than any of us, or most of us. Whether it’s a few hundred thousand or a few million or billion it’s still not within our financial reach, is it? How is this any different than the original Founding Fathers and representatives who, by yesterday’s standards, were wealthier than your average citizen?

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For Sale & Trade • Excellent service for college students.

January 14, 2017 Danielsmith12 0

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