Gardening • Re: Security help for my garden

February 1, 2017 Fullmoon 0

Do you have a fence around your garden? A family sized garden plot is easy to fence in to keep the deer away. Mine is 6′ high “no climb” type fence material and it keeps most critters on the outside looking in. I still have potato’s in the ground under 6″ of straw and dig them up as we need them.

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Stories and Fiction • Re: Homeless? Life After a House Fire.

February 1, 2017 rj5156 0

Having something to occupy my attention when I don’t feel well really helps – to a point. I have been working steadily at typing up Dad’s manuscripts as I feel like it. Given my gift of task-focus, I am absolutely oblivious to everything when I am working on something. I can literally go all day long, forgetting even to eat. I need to step back oftener and take more care to fight the bug instead of using my ability to focus to ignore its’ effects!

It’s been a good decision to work on the two I chose at the same time. Balances out some. It’s all uphill going with Clank!, but it is starting to get easier. I’ve read it before so it isn’t news but it sure is hard to see someone we love suffer… Even after the fact.

Dad had that focus too. He was, at heart, a process engineer with a marvelous gift for designing and building the things necessary to that process. He saw the ENTIRE process too, and the people who would ultimately use the machines he designed were the most important consideration in the whole thing for him. His analytical approach, and his ability to see the whole picture make for a remarkable document in Clank!.

He observed that the prison experience was unique for the innocent and most were guilty. I’m not so sure. I suspect that the whole grief process he talks of is common to all inmates and unless and until we deal with what we do TO inmates in our prisons, we are never going like what we get when we let them back out. Keeping them all in jail forever isn’t working out for us.

Remember that experiment done by a college class where they divided the class up into “prisoners” and “guards” and played out a prison? They had to end it of course, it got much too far out of hand, much too quickly, for them to be able to continue it ethically. See if I can find info about that one. I do not understand why we fail to learn from making the same mistakes that are not giving us the results we want, over and over and over – and generally at great expense.

I suspect the percentage of innocents is a lot higher than we might want to think about too. I remember one of the Bush’s was pushing to just kill off all the dirty-rotten, low-down, no-good prisoners on death row. His task force came back to him and told him they could not speed the process of execution up any more because there were far too many people on death row who were actually innocent. I don’t recall the percentage but it was staggering to me at the time.

At any rate, I’m not bored although my projects of the moment are not helping me be better in social situations. That’s ok. My contagious misery would be less popular, I am sure. I’m hoping to get through the worst of it all at about the same time. Might be resisting doing things to speed my recovery so that I can work undisturbed on things that I know will take pretty much all I’ve got? Hmmm. Ulterior motives are always a possibility. The stress of it all might also be costing me in my immune response, stress does that. There’s a pretty little tiger to hold by the tail.

Here’s the info about that prison stody. It was done by Stanford University in the 70’s.

“How we went about testing these questions and what we found may astound you. Our planned two-week investigation into the psychology of prison life had to be ended after only six days because of what the situation was doing to the college students who participated. In only a few days, our guards became sadistic and our prisoners became depressed and showed signs of extreme stress. Please read the story of what happened and what it tells us about the nature of human nature.”

–Professor Philip G. Zimbardo

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Stories and Fiction • Re: Homeless? Life After a House Fire.

February 1, 2017 rj5156 0

I want to re-visit the reason we started this thread and are continuing it. In ANY preparedness plan, mental hygiene and health are probably the most important issue – and one I have NEVER seen discussed.

While our issues are peculiar to us, the processes I am sharing about here are THE ENTIRE POINT OF THIS THREAD! The topics I use to illuminate the point are deeply personal of course, and I certainly do not always enjoy the level of success I want for me with them, but what I am really talking about is how to navigate through really rough mental and emotional waters.

If we form good habits of thought, self-awareness and discipline, introspection and honesty with ourselves, and strive to see what is really going on both inside ourselves and in any given situation, we’re a lot more likely to make it in a SHTF situation of any nature. If we have not bothered to learn these skills in easier times, how on earth can we survive a situation that depends upon them?

Unresolved issues create stress and take away from our abilities on all levels. Enough of them will kill us. If we’re interested in some sensible level of personal responsibility for our own well-being, come what may, we need to consider mental topics and gather all the tools we can before our lives might depend upon them.

Our tools might not look like yours, but we hope by showing we are searching out and using tools for mental hygiene, you might at least consider what tools would suit your needs now and also in desperate situations.

I try hard not to make it all work for you to follow our efforts. We need breaks too. This represents another important point of course. If we learn to enjoy things that might save our butts in hard times in addition to taking reasonable steps to provide for our future, come what may, well, we’re doing all we can.

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General Family Preparedness • Re: I saw that Trump’s Cabinet’ net worth is = to a third of

February 1, 2017 Lance 0
Gunns wrote:

RayMac1963 wrote:

Gunns wrote:
The top 25% pays the majority and that wage is at $98,000. Top 10% which is still a vast majority of taxes is at $200,000.

So the poor really and majority of the middle class don’t contribute that much.

What is considered middle class? A couple both making 45k to 50k each is living, but they ain’t breaking down no bank doors.

They can’t live and save on $98K. I say BS to that. Too many want the latest iPhone, latest Big screen TV, latest four wheel drive, all the trappings of a credit based society. Plus if you noticed I put in the $200K, top 10% paying the lions share.

So no matter how you slice it the middle class is not being over taxed, well any tax is over taxation. What did I just say? Ahhhhh

You…and only you…can change your station in life. There is no glass ceiling. If you are not making enough to support your life style and savings goals only you can do something about it. Step out and start a new business…add a product line…beat feet on the pavement to find more customers…get more education…or job hop regularly taking advantage of new hire make more money because of a tight job market.

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Terrorism & other Man made disasters • Re: Newly Imposed Immigration Ban

February 1, 2017 LetsPrep11 0

Ain’t that the truth! Someone needs to lock him out of his Twitter account. His lack of filter and emotional responses are detrimental to the success of his administration and causing further divide. The man needs to THINK and get good council before he opens his mouth or taps his fingers! I have never see this country in such a mess and never thought it would go down hill this fast.

If I had a time machine, I’d go back to the 50’s. :D

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Books • Re: Cyberstorm

February 1, 2017 LetsPrep11 0

Didn’t even know I had this book on my kindle but, after a search, I found it. Started it last night and am about 1/4 of the way through. I love it. The story captures your attention and it’s hard to put down. Looking forward to getting back into it, after chores! Great story!

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Prepper Fiction • Re: The Fall

February 1, 2017 Cast Iron 0
handyman777 wrote:
Keep go’in C.I. its a good read…

Thank you HandyMan.

Unfortunately I may have painted myself into a corner.

I never developed the character Dan. And now Jack asks what his story is, and I suddenly had to come up with one.
Still working on it.

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Stories and Fiction • Re: Homeless? Life After a House Fire.

February 1, 2017 rj5156 0

We are not much on “news” as the major networks use the term, but we are trying to figure out what sources might offer us accurate, fact-based information from an objective or multiple viewpoint, about current events. The decline in journalistic research and accountability depresses us.

The New York Times, The Washington Post, and Reuters come up consistently as highly rated sources. We like to check out several and compare. Brian has found a talk radio program that works hard to represent all sides of a matter and let listeners draw their own conclusions, which would be our preference.

Anybody got a news source they have bothered to check out and know is a good one? We don’t often do TV, nature and nova once a week is about our speed and we rarely manage that. We do not have enough bandwidth to stream video. Print works for us.

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Stories and Fiction • Re: Homeless? Life After a House Fire.

February 1, 2017 rj5156 0

Looking good! BBQ, peppers and onions with cheese, baked in a hot oven until hot and crispy.


Celery for Syd. She does not like BBQ.


Trying to save room for dessert… Of COURSE I ate my celery! Peeled the strings and played with it for cockatoo entertainment too. I like celery, had four stalks with my BBQ. Syd ate a lot of hers. Whole stalk is a lot for a little bird.


Black walnuts and a drizzle of hershey syrup (canned. It is so much better) topped it off perfectly!


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Gardening • Re: Security help for my garden

February 1, 2017 handyman777 0

I use a browning dark ops. It has the no-glow IR flash.
Colored pictures for day and black and white at night, it takes pics. out to 70 ft +/-
It worked great for night time surveillance, play the card back in my tablet and save the pics. I needed.
Whats nice is you can set this in different locations, where you think you may need it..small, compact and easily concealable. not like a permanent set up on your home and if you have an intruder they may be able to pick up on your surveillance system attached to your home.
Both are good but a trail cam is mobile.

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Stories and Fiction • Re: Homeless? Life After a House Fire.

February 1, 2017 rj5156 0

I know I have not been able to NOT speak my piece any time I’ve had the opportunity. It was extremely helpful to me when I got the chance to speak to the (now) Judge who suppressed evidence that I can prove he had, that would have cleared my Dad before he even went to trial.

I had been called for jury duty a few years ago, and I’m not sure who was more surprised to see the other, him or me. He was so gobsmacked to see me again in public that he was not able to collect himself fast enough to stop me before I got out what I wanted to say. I’d begged him to do the right thing in his office, in private, at the time he could have spared my Dad, years ago. He told me then to leave or he’d call the cops.

I got to bring this up in his court. I told him that I figured restitution was only fair, and investing that in our community would be acceptable to me. I didn’t know if he was threatened or involved and I didn’t care. There is almost ALWAYS a way to do something to mitigate the damage. I added that due to my previous experience with the Judge’s failure to do the right thing and uphold the law I did not feel I could serve in his courtroom and since I held proof of our law enforcement manufacturing evidence, I was quite sure I was biased and could only consider them all liars.

EVERYONE present knew exactly what I was talking about. They were all in shock, I actually had all the time I wanted to speak my piece. I felt much better having done so. Once they recovered, they hustled me right on out and told me I would be excused. I have not been called for jury duty since either…

I do not know if it is about feeling less like a “victim”? Taking control of a situation so we don’t feel completely powerless? Facing our demons? For some folks the act of confronting their darkness gives relief. Others are able to look forward and move on without doing this? I cannot know about that because I’m the sort who HAS to speak out and I always prefer to say it to the person whenever possible. I cannot NOT speak about it either. Not sure what is wrong with me.

I thanked my friend for bringing it up. I think I will be thinking about it and this might help me to do more good for the children in the end.

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Stories and Fiction • Re: Homeless? Life After a House Fire.

February 1, 2017 rj5156 0

A friend on another forum asked why the kids would want anything to do with the guy who killed their Mom.

There are a few people in our history I’d like to speak a few words to… I think it is a closure thing? I know it is a lot harder if we can’t be there to see a trial.

It might be enough for them to know they COULD if they wanted to? I doubt it though. Remember they KNEW this guy. He was part of the family’s life for many, many years. I expect they want to holler at him but won’t. Mostly I think they want to know why and I doubt Gene can even answer that question to himself…

There were some experiments and studies done in a Vermont prison many years ago. Child molesters were put into therapy WITH the children they abused. I know this because my roommate at my first station in the military participated. She was older when she participated, number of years after the fact.

It helped her TREMENDOUSLY, according to her own evaluation. Studies showed that this is the ONLY thing that helped these offenders too. It actually cut down on re-offending rates and dramatically. That wouldn’t apply here of course.

Based on this I do think that seeing this guy might possibly help the kids. I am quite sure he is sorry on every level. Hearing him say it, if he can, seeing that he suffers, might be some very small comfort to the kids? One of the kids DID speak on the last day. He told Gene he should kill himself and do them all a favor.

I think it can be an important part of our ritual of justice – and I do think it just that the boy was allowed to speak his mind. He gets to know Gene wears his dead mother’s teeth prints in his arm and I have a feeling he will never forget that as long as he lives… He wanted to add his bit to the punishment, and I am quite sure it hit home.

Not very Christian of me but I am glad he got to speak because I saw that it hurt Gene. I am not convinced that allowing citizens to escape the consequences of their actions is Christian either.

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Standard Catalog of Winchester Firearms

February 1, 2017 Prepper Bot 0

Price: $20.17Standard Catalog of Winchester FirearmsAuthor: Joseph M. CornellBrand: Gun Digest BooksLabel: Gun Digest BooksManufacturer: Gun Digest BooksPublisher: Gun Digest BooksStudio: Gun Digest Books

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Gardening • Re: Security help for my garden

February 1, 2017 DR1VENbyKNOWLEDGE 0

Hmmmm….Greenery Grabbers! Rhubarb Robbers! Tomato Thieves!!! Pumpkin Pullers!….I could go on, but wont. :p

A security camera system is never a bad idea…There are hundreds out there with the different recording options and cost.

Are you sure you need that level of security just from the garden incident or do you want whole house coverage anyways?

There’s always a trail cam to just keep an eye on things…..You can put it up at night and leave it, not drawing attention to the location until you notice your next Artichoke Abductor(couldn’t resist :p ) and then pull the card to see if you know the perp. It’s most likely a local resident if happening repeatedly…..If it was just a one off situation the trail cam will cost you much less…

I had a brand new lawn that kept getting dug up in the middle of the city here in CA and large clumps of the new sod being left on my rear patio…strangest thing…..Couldn’t figure it out for weeks. Got the camera, watched the lawn, checked the card, and WHAMO…Critter ID’d. Raccoon’s were coming out of the sewer and digging up grubs….lol…Made for some pretty funny images actually. Then I approached it and solved it from the right direction knowing it was the raccoon I had to target.

Here’s the 2016 reviews and cost you might want to consider…

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Gardening • Re: Security help for my garden

February 1, 2017 Illini Warrior 0
lowan1 wrote:
Hello guys,I have a garden at my home.I love gardening and would love planting small flowering plants and vegetables.Two days back when I got up in the morning I came to see that my garden was clumsy.Some of the plants were cut down and I feel so sad.But somehow I manage to keep my garden in the original state and I don’t know who have done this.So now I am thinking of installing a outdoor camera so that I would monitor the garden.I heard about hope it would meet my requirements.I would like to get a lot more suggestions on this.Any insight on this would be great.Thanks in advance.

????? … what was cut down in an Iowa garden in February? …. what’s to mess with?

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Wilderness Survival • Re: For a challenge try this out

February 1, 2017 Photon Guy 0
oldasrocks wrote:
I’ll go as long as there is a place to park my motorhome.

You can drive your vehicle to the school location I believe and I would think that would include motorhomes but if you take a BOSS field course you are going to be out in the woods for 7, 14, or 28 days depending on the course you’re taking. You will be deep in the woods, you will hike for miles every day, and you will be far away from any vehicles, motor homes, or other signs of civilization.

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Guns • Re: My ‘from the box user ready’AR-15 thread

February 1, 2017 handyman777 0

ajax-get the tools you need for the job…barrel wrench, torque wrench(for barrel nut)…etc. , and a good schematic for the build. Its easy and a good learning experience.Watch some you tube videos.

I’ve made special tools-“that 5/64 roll pin on the front sight for the gas tube is not easy to install”, same with that little C-clip on the rod for the dust cover door. If you have old eyes get a pair of 3X glasses.

So over time I’ve made a few tools to make the job easier.

My last “upper” build, and this was completely stripped (lots of parts)…I went “old school”-used an A2 upper (permanent carry handle-not flat top). Barrel- m4 1:7, 16″ mid-length gas block and iron sights–interesting rifle — old tech – met – new tech.
Only problem I have found with this build was the m4 feed ramps did not want to work with the A2 upper (hit and miss – feeding issue) so I used some small round jewelers files and round stones and opened up and polished the feed ramps on the receiver. some mags worked some didn’t and i want every mag to work. Seems to work on a dry run still have to check under fire.

I know some people don’t care for the (a2 style – carry handle but this was something I wanted…nice lite rifle,just over 6 lbs.

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Terrorism & other Man made disasters • Re: Newly Imposed Immigration Ban

February 1, 2017 dmwalsh568 0
Illini Warrior wrote:

BK in KC wrote:

RayMac1963 wrote:And the’re getting motivated. IF you could accomplish the same thing without energizing your opponent then why not take tactical advantage and do so, unless part of your motivation is to outrage them and egg them on.

Absolutely egg them on! How many people whose travel plans were disrupted by these jackholes protesting at airports have decided to support their cause? Not many. They do their cause much more harm than good and their violent intolerance is on full display for everyone to see. Trump comes off as the adult against spoiled children. They are losing and they are losing badly. Two more years of this and Trump has a 60 seat majority in the Senate.

it’s totally understandable why some of these dissenters are sooooo freaking stupid & acting childish …. just watch the various DC press conferences – it’s just amazing HOW freaking stupid these newspeople really are … it’s been stated hundreds of times that it’s not a “travel ban” – first dumbazz female up with a question comes out with it again – at least didn’t call it a “muslim ban” – had to explain it ALL over AGAIN – just amazing ….

News reporter asked that question because our fearless leader used the word ban in a tweet. Words matter when you’re the president. Lack of precision can lead to misunderstandings or worse.

While I’m nervous about trump, I could get behind him if he’d just stop tweeting. Let his minions do the outreach, but his off the cuff tweets are ulcer inducing.

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Gardening • Security help for my garden

February 1, 2017 lowan1 0

Hello guys,I have a garden at my home.I love gardening and would love planting small flowering plants and vegetables.Two days back when I got up in the morning I came to see that my garden was clumsy.Some of the plants were cut down and I feel so sad.But somehow I manage to keep my garden in the original state and I don’t know who have done this.So now I am thinking of installing a outdoor camera so that I would monitor the garden.I heard about hope it would meet my requirements.I would like to get a lot more suggestions on this.Any insight on this would be great.Thanks in advance.

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Disaster Prep Guides Inaugural Show!

February 1, 2017 gman 0

Disaster Prep Guides Inaugural Show! John Smith “Disaster Prep Guides” Audio in player below! On this first episode of Disaster Prep Guides, we go over different scenarios from different disaster events and what could happen when different variables are introduced. Imagine if you were hiking in the woods and got lost on the trail? What would … Continue reading Disaster Prep Guides Inaugural Show!

The post Disaster Prep Guides Inaugural Show! appeared first on Prepper Broadcasting |Network.

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Introduce Yourself • Raymond in West Texas

February 1, 2017 Raym0nd 0

Howdy folks. I found this site to continue reading some of the great PAW fiction. But I am amazed how much other factual stuff there is to read about. Thank you for being here.
I’m an old fart. Retired once and am still working for 13 years full time in my hobby which is ‘locks’.

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Prepper Fiction • Re: ‘The Worthless Hills’-Chapter Two:

February 1, 2017 Major French 0

She knew war was coming. The Coleman family was totalyl beyond control. The state troopers were the only real law in this end of the county, the socialist pig of a sheriff.simply gathered revenue, and the higher ups liked their cash fix, indeed. The dirt bag liberal authoritarian family law court gave custody to her dope addict mother. Never mind, she loved her Dad, whom was always there for here, the feminazi judge was a devout yellow dog Democrat. Her verdicts consistently showed her party loyalty by her ongoing jihad by verdict to destroy western civilization.

Fueled by vodka and pain pills , Beverly Pullman’s mother hallucinated she had forgotten to take the garbage out. Beverly had just finished mowing the lawn and was getting ready to go to work. In a psychotic rage, she’d rushed Beverly. Beverly maced her, and Sarah Jo fell and smashed her head on one of the two cinder blocks upon which her prized $77.50 Best Buy TV set rested. Miraculously, the TV set escaped damage. Beverly went to work at BAXTER’S sporting goods and waited until she returned home to call the ambulance. Sarah Jo’ Pullman-Obedson was taken to the county hospital. She died at 6:37 p.m. that night.

Sarah Jo was such a humanoid nuisance animal equivalent, and the hospital wrote the death off as natural causes. By 9:00 a.m. she was dumped in a cardboard box in a pauper’s grave. Sarah Jo had faded into oblivion as the worthless mutant she was, too. Happily, Beverly had gotten her to put the checkbook in both their names, too. Beverly’s income blossomed. Because her Dad was a defense contractor, he would not be able to come and get her until next summer, too.

But Beverly had hidden her Dad’s SIG SAUER P226 9mm and her own .25-06 Remington hunting rifle with which she deer hunted underneath her bed. She loved shooting Dad’s 9mm, but she would do nothing to potentially to get him trouble. But how to prepare? She thought. as she munched dinner ‘Oh, 6:27. Newstime’. She watched the FOX news, and then the 7 p.m. local newscast on Channel 6.

ClICK! “Tonight’s lead story… President Trump signed the 2017 Gun Reform Act into law. Effective immediately, all federal gun control laws are abolished, save for those adjudicated mentally incompetent by a judge after psychiatric examination.” Beverly knew she

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Guns • Re: My ‘from the box user ready’AR-15 thread

February 1, 2017 ajax727 0

There was a question about 308 in AR platform . All I can say is check out DEL-TON .
Now my question what twist do y’all like in the 556 ?
I have been purchasing parts for a build one part at a time for a little while but times 3 – I like spare parts . It may end up to be three builds because I picked up 3 different twist barrel 1×7 1×9 bull barrel 1×9 the other day . I do know one fact there are a lot and I mean a lot of little parts . I do have a friend that builds them so when I get all the parts we will assemble one or three . Also i picked up the drop in one piece trigger set 2lb and I think 3 or 3,5 both curved I have had them a while . I know i could have just purchased a kit and been done but by building one one piece at the time will give me the knowledge needed .

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Wilderness Survival • Re: For a challenge try this out

February 1, 2017 terrapin 0
Photon Guy wrote:

terrapin wrote:

Photon Guy wrote:If anybody wants a good challenge and wants to learn good skills about surviving in the outdoors, if I get any responses to this thread where somebody says they’re interested I will post the link.

I accept the challenge.
On one condition…
You and I do it at the same time, same place, same conditions.
How’s your schedule? Mine is very flexible.


Alright we can take a course together. We can find one which we can both attend. Although we both have to pay our own way.

That seems fair enough to me.

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Guns • Re: My ‘from the box user ready’AR-15 thread

February 1, 2017 Dirk Williams 0

Lipps, that was my point. I know nothing of the rifles named by our new friend, I’m not knocking then, trying to learn. When you can pick amycolt up for a grand or under, it’s a awesome deal.

Every rifle on the market aspires to be a colt. Zero upgrades required, everything is done right. The colt is the Standard for any AR.

I build high end ARs for fun, and out of being board. Like 2500.00 apiece rifles. I stopped and started to purchase Colts again. I do change some stuff out, but those are personal preference things, like flat triggers.

My favorite Colt is the 6940 monolithic upper, in the 1400.00 range but in my opinion that extra stiff upper makes for a better shooter, accuracy is noticeably better.

So back to my question for our friend Mr. Major. What makes these other rifles better?

As for the M1a, rumor has it, I’ve got a couple, also a socom m14 a Berretta 59 and a 62. These are italian m-14s for their mountain troops, they use a different 20 round mag, which is difficult to,source.

. My favorite is a real M 14 E with the switch removed, for semi only. One of my builds next fall will be an ART-21 system. Using the Krieger barrel.

I like guns, keep up the chit chat!


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Guns • Re: My ‘from the box user ready’AR-15 thread

February 1, 2017 BK in KC 0
Cast Iron wrote:

danthman114 wrote:And yes, I would take my m1a over my AR 15s any day..

Dan The Man,

Well of course. It is a better rifle all the way around.

It’s heavier and you can’t carry as much ammo so I would say it all depends on what you’re using the rifle for as to which is better. But I’m an AK guy so what the heck do I know.

Statistics: Posted by BK in KC — Tue Jan 31, 2017 9:03 pm

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Livestock and more • Re: Having livestock and no plan!!

February 1, 2017 IceFire 0

I understood exactly what you were saying, Farmer. As to the cows, you saved the three, and saved the fourth from a slow, painful death. A quick bullet to the head is MUCH more merciful. Something that city people and the “PETA” types do NOT understand. Another thing that the city folks don’t understand is the “carrying capacity” of the land, for stock density. Also, the carrying capacity in one area will be different than the carrying capacity in another, due to factors such as soil fertility, water availability, native vegetation etc. People are idiots. I much prefer animals.

Statistics: Posted by IceFire — Tue Jan 31, 2017 9:00 pm

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Personal Safety and Home Security • Dakota alert

February 1, 2017 hancockcounty 0 … FsxavkrI2w

Thought id share this. Its essentially a game camera that doesn’t take a picture but notifies a walkie talkie with a 2 mile range. It will also work in tandum with 4 units telling you if someone crosses path 1, 2, 3, or 4. I think that this will be extremely helpful for small groups defending themselves. Don’t forget to get plenty of rechargable aa batteries or they wont work 8)

Statistics: Posted by hancockcounty — Tue Jan 31, 2017 8:57 pm