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Survival Shelters • Re: Tarp Tents, your thoughts?

March 26, 2017 OMark 0

I’ve used a tarptent brand before and have found them to be overall great. For the size of the 2 person tent it is very light, and once the seems are impregnated it’s pretty much water repellent. Not as durable as your typical backpacking tent, but for a lightweight option to keep as backup, it’s a great option.

Statistics: Posted by OMark — Sun Mar 26, 2017 5:03 pm

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Survival Shelters • Re: Steel Cargo Container

March 18, 2017 off the x 0

i have buried three 53 footers side by side everyone needs to be sand blasted patched if need then use a hull epoxy paint but these thing were readily available to me the tops of all had 1/4 inch steel plates welded one then four inch Ibeams welded across the top in between the containers an around the outside used concreate footers run the same four inch ibeams from footer to ibeams across the top an welded them an to the sides then sprayed with the hull epoxy 6 or 7 times an it has been 8 feet in the ground since 1997 make sure you have good ventilation an over pressure valve

Statistics: Posted by off the x — Sat Mar 18, 2017 11:18 am