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February 21, 2017 Drakenstead1 0

Interesting find
There’s a traditional soup that uses this stuff (Kvass) as a base!
I’m on the trail of the recipe & will share it when I find a good
one. I’ll test it before I post as I think it’s creepy just to post
without the experience and taste of a do it yourself test

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February 17, 2017 oldasrocks 0
rebnavy1862 wrote:

oldasrocks wrote:Kool! I’m going to try this.

Oars, if you drink too much kvass, you’ll kvack like a duck.

Is this knowledge from first hand experience ?

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Recipes • Kvass

February 16, 2017 Drakenstead1 0

Kvass is a slightly fermented drink from the steppes of Eastern Europe and West Asia. There are many recipes that use things as simple as toasted rye bread and raisins to beets or fruits. It has a slight alcohol content and is fizzy making a refreshing fermented drink. WE tried is and found that the basic rye is very good as a thirst quenching beverage. There are those that claim health benefits. There are also those home brewers who add things like malt & malt syrup using beer yeasts and hops that result in a higher alcohol content and longer storage life. Here’s the basics:

5 slices dark rye bread
2 TBS raisins
1 tsp caraway seeds toasted
2 TBS honey
1 tsp fast action dried yeast

As with anything of a fermented nature make sure all utensils and surfaces are clean and sterile

Day 1: Toast the rye bread but don’t let it burn. Darker colour provides for richer and deeper flavour
Boil 6 cups water to a boil. Remove from heat and add toasted bread, raisins and caraway seeds
Put a lid on it and leave to steep overnight

Day 2: Pass the mess through a strainer lined with a couple of layers of cheese cloth. Do not squeeze but
let it drain naturally. Discard the solids when drained.
Heat the liquid to blood heat (98 Degrees F) remove from heat then stir in the homey and yeast
Cover and let stand to ferment for a day or so.

Last Day: Skim off the foam that has formed and decant into sterile bottle or bottles with a few raisins
tucked into the bottle. Seal and chill. The kvass should be ready to drink in a day or so.
It should keep for about a week caped and refrigerated.

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Recipes • Re: eatin’ leafy greens

January 19, 2017 rj5156 0

Fantastic thread! Thanks for all the recipes and ideas, I’ll be saving them and trying them out.

I like dandelion buds, picked while they are still closed tightly and sauteed in butter. They taste a lot like mushrooms to me, some agree and other’s don’t on that. If you find them bitter you could probably soak them in a round or two of cold water, throwing the water out and draining them in between?

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January 17, 2017 arkieready 0

Check out green dean’s website, eattheweeds. Very good. I get a news letter. He has foraging classes in Florida, heads ups Floridians.
This last newsletter had chickweed. I can now tell I have been calling spurge chickweed. Would have been bad if I ate it.
I do like lambsquarters. Have to try dandelion again. Didn’t like it as a kid.
Cleavers are edible, but I haven’t tried them. I need to, I get a lot in my asparagus bed.

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