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To bray and to act no different!

August 17, 2017 gman 0

To bray and to act no different! James Walton “I Am Liberty” Audio player below! I haven’t seen such weakness in a long time. The faces carrying the torches were among the saddest and most predictable creatures I have seen in all of America. The same type that would bray about ISIS but they looked … Continue reading To bray and to act no different!

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To bray and to act no different!

August 17, 2017 gman 0

To bray and to act no different! James Walton “I Am Liberty” Audio player below! I haven’t seen such weakness in a long time. The faces carrying the torches were among the saddest and most predictable creatures I have seen in all of America. The same type that would bray about ISIS but they looked … Continue reading To bray and to act no different!

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Can a man ever have a decent vagina?

July 8, 2017 Dennis Thompsett 0

I know that what I’m about to say cold easily get me shot – since liberals are such violent, intolerant zealots – but here it is anyway: Bruce Jenner is a man. Of course he’s a former Olympic gold medal winning athlete, so he can probably kick my lumpy ass three times before breakfast – but I’ll do my little rant anyway. Then hide in the bunker. Now I’ll grant you, Bruce Jenner may be a man who sincerely believes that he is a woman. But it is only a belief. Like believing in Santa Claus or the Tooth fairy or some ancient angry god. It requires, Kierkegaard’s great leap of faith. There is no evidence to prove his belief. . There is no reason or logic to it. Quite the contrary in fact. Every cell of Jenner’s body will have male XY chromosomes. His muscles and tendons are all arranged as any other males are. His skeleton would be immediately identified as male by any forensic anthropologist after a quick glance at Jenner’s heavier bones or pelvis. Do I have to change my life because Bruce Jenner has an unprovable belief? In spite fo all the logic arrayed against him, Bruce Jenner still believes. And asks us to share that belief. Demands it, in fact. And we must share his belief – on faith alone. We must give him free reign to go into the women’s washroom. We must allow him to change his ID to register him as FEMALE. Possibly, we must also allow him to re-enter the Olympics as a woman and kick some female ass without trying too hard. (Like the Soviets used to do all the time) Putting your balls on the line for your beliefs. But as Bruce Jenner followed his belief to the operating room and had sex reassignment surgery? Frankly it’s none of my business. None of anyone’s. The fact is, however, that according to The Advocate, only 33% of transsexuals have reported getting the full Monty. Why would this be, if the belief is so strong that many argue they were born the way they are – one sex trapped in the body of another? Well, in the case of men trying to have custom built vaginas made, there are a lot of possible pitfalls. It’s incredibly difficult to make a good, working vagina. One of the biggest obstacles is cost. Insurance likely won’t cover it so it could be $30,000 and up. just for the surgery. Then there is a lot of post-op care needed. And, of course, horror stories abound. So much so, in fact, that there is a growing group of mtf surgery veterans who now regret their decision. According to the late Dani Bunton Berry, who had the surgery and regretted it, 80% of those who have a vagina custom built for them, never experience orgasms again. A woman named Jessica in the UK’s Daily Mail claimed that when they make labia out of the remains of your scrotum, sometimes the blood supply is not sufficient and those parts rot off. Many sex surgery vets experience permanent urinary incontinence and some have permanent fecal incontinence – especially if the surgery causes problems between the vaginal wall and the bowel. There will like be no natural lubrication Your vagina is often too short or too narrow to enjoy normal sex. You will have to constantly insert a distender into your new vagina to ensure it doesn’t collapse in on itself. There will likely be visible scarring Many men believe in their trapped womanhood strongly enough to do this surgery and many claim to be happy with the results. But it will never be even close to the real thing and other than catering to your belief system, I don’t think it will make you into a woman in anyone’s eyes but your own. Perhaps that is enough. But, in my opinion, the answer to the question of whether a man can ever have a good vagina? – the answer is a resounding NO.

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How Liberals still practice Eugenics.

July 8, 2017 Dennis Thompsett 0

Throughout history, liberals have always backed some kind of loopy faux science that they claim must be followed religiously or the sky will fall, civilization will end or, perhaps even worse for them, common sense will prevail. Why Liberals dropped communism and picked up Eugenics. In the early 1900’s Communism was the thing. Every progressive believed in it. The salvation of mankind. The end of the inequalities of that evil system capitalism – which unfairly required merit to succeed under. Then Stalin’s excesses became public and liberals quickly dropped communism. Then, desperate for a ‘world will end’ cause, they picked up Eugenics and ran with it. Eugenics was the idea that, if we don’t want civilization to collapse, we must constantly cull the herd of humanity and make it better – get rid of the ‘undesirables’ – all those with physical and mental traits that are tainting humanity and pulling us down. (Undesirables pretty well being defined as all non-liberals). We have to sterilize them, or get rid of them so they can never pass on their bent genes. If we didn’t, of course, civilization as we knew it, would end. The sky would fall. Humanity would become a species of drooling idiots, eating insects with our fingers and living, dirty, among the ruins of our late, great civilization. And who in their right mind would want that? Suddenly there were international Eugenics conferences. Eugenics was taught in liberal arts universities and, at the direction of liberal appointed Eugenics tribunals who chanted slogans like “Democracy was not meant for degenerates” thousands of people judged to be ‘undesirables’ were sterilized and imprisoned. How Hitler became too good a Liberal Hitler, a very committed liberal himself, (Can you say “National Socialists?), bought into this Eugenics faux science wholeheartedly, like every good liberal at that time did. However he took it to out it’s natural conclusion. Putting typical German efficiency to work on the Eugenics program, Hitler started the industrial strength slaughter of all the undesirables in Germany like those pesky Jews, homosexuals, and gypsies. Suddenly, as the world watched in horror, progressives figured out that Eugenics, while still a good idea, might actually not be something they would want to be publicly linked to anymore. So overnight, Eugenics seemed to have disappeared. But it’s an idea that is dear to the hearts of all liberals – a faux science that claims to prove that some are more equal than others. It’s part of the liberal mindset – we are smarter than you. Which is why democrats were the main slaveholders in the US, why they lynched so many blacks in the southern states, why they started the KKK, why they enacted and enforced Jim Crow laws, why they resisted civil rights laws so violently and why they created the black underclass in today’s America. Liberals have no new ideas so they have recycle the old ones Once liberals get an idea – and it happens seldom enough because they are mostly humorless, stupid followers – but given an idea, they will never let it go. For example, if you were to survey university professors in America, as professors Joshua Dunn of the university of Colorado, and Jon A Shields of Clermont McKenna College did, you would find that 18% of social science professors self identify as Marxists. Even though Marxist Communism has proven itself to be brutal, deadly, and an abysmal failure everywhere it has been put into practice. Imagine if 18% of college professors self identified as Nazis? (Who, in comparison with communists for body counts and suffering, were actually quite tame) Or take your old liberal favorite – faux Science applied to a modern issue. Every liberal worth his or her salt today believes religiously in man made global warming (although they keep changing the name as each new silly name is disproven) – based on no evidence whatsoever – and demands that vast changes be made in everyone’s lives and property or the world will end. (Supposed to have ended already according to many global warming alarmists – but like preachers pinpointing the date the faithful will be taken up to heaven, the end is…well…flexible, so long as the collection plates remain full.) Yet there is no solid evidence that man has any significant influence on the global climate or that carbon taxes, inefficient green technologies or loopy international Paris Accord type agreements will make any changes at all – except in people’ lives. And then always for the worse. Like a horror movie monster, Eugenics will not die. After that fun little romp, lets get back to Eugenics. The faux science of culling the human herd of undesirables. I believe that liberals never let this one go completely. They have it up and running all over western civilization. But it’s totally disguised, like most of the liberal agenda. They don’t get rid of the undesirables in the showers anymore. they do it in the womb, instead. Undesirables are now flushed out of the womb right up to the third trimester. and beyond. Universal abortion on demand is just Eugenics – by another name. That’s why the liberals embrace it so fervently. Liberal’s modern Eugenics have killed over 59 million Hitler was considered a monster for using the faux science of eugenics to kill 6 million or maybe even 8 million undesirables. Abortion on demand – the modern Eugenics program, has killed over 59 million undesirables in the US alone since Roe Vs. Wade in 1973. Over a billion and a half world wide since 1980. Over 39,000 a day worldwide. ( Of course this is only my humble opinion. I could be totally wrong. Maybe Hitler killed 10 million?

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The gender wage gap – Myth? Lie? Or BS?

July 8, 2017 Dennis Thompsett 0

Here’s a quick word association test – how big is the gender wage gap? How much less are women paid for doing the same work? You might automatically say 30% less. Or 25% less. Or even 21% less. These are all common figures, all used by various experts, celebrities and even heads of state. Yet they are all totally and tragically wrong. There is no gender wage gap. It is a complete myth. Say it ain’t so. The gender wage gap simply cannot be a myth. It is common knowledge. As carved in stone as 365 1/4 days in a year or 5280 feet in a mile. You don’t even have to think about things like this. That, of course, is the problem. You don’t think about it. You got your information about the gender wage gap from a reliable source at some point in the past and have had no reason to think about it since. What a bit of thinking does to the gender wage gap BS If you did think about the supposed gender wage gap, however, it would be quite obvious that there were serious problems with it. The fact is – and you know this already – if a man and a woman worked in adjacent cubicles doing exactly the same work, then they would get exactly the same pay. Their cubicles would be exactly the same size. And there would probably be exactly the same number of steps to the washroom and to their parking spaces. Because if that were not the case, it would be against the law in any western country. The company would be charged with discrimination and forced to pay a huge fine. Furthermore, the woman would sue the company – and win – and get a huge settlement. In addition the resultant bad publicity could actually force the company out of business. So no company would pay men and women differently for the same job. They simply would not dare to take that much risk for such a small reward. Another, humorous side of this argument is made by Christina Hoff Somers – who calls herself The Factual Feminist. She says that if women really could be paid a lot less for the same work, then every company would immediately fire all of its men and hire all those low paid women to do the same work. ( But, of course, they don’t. So it’s pretty clear when you do think about it – a gender pay gap for the same work simply does not and could not exist in today’s workplace. Why then does this obvious lie persist? Why do many modern feminists continue to claim such a pay gap for the same work still exists? Again, Christina Hoff Somers suggests that it is agenda driven. Feminist goals of equal pay, equal access, and equal opportunity have already been won. They already exist for women. The fight is over. But today’s radical feminists need women to be constant victims, oppressed by the evil patriarchy in order to have still something to fight against and thereby justify their existence. So they keep using the gender pay gap as a trigger to get people riled up. In fact, if there was an evil patriarchy oppressing women, why would it let more women into universities than men, allow more women than men to graduate universities, give women advantages in private sector job hunting, as well in criminal and in family courts? Pretty inefficient patriarchy. Where does this kind of BS come from? If they are so patently wrong, then where did these pay gap figures of 30% less, 25% less and 21% less come from? Benjamin Disraeli once said there are three kinds of lies. Lies. Damned lies. And statistics. And that’s exactly where the discrepancy figures come from. Milo Yiannopoulos, the Conservative speaker, who recently billed himself as The Dangerous Faggot on his tour of American Universities, says the figure comes from bad math and bad economics.  If you take the earnings of all women who work and compare it to the wages earned by all men who work, there will be a gap. But it’s certainly not a gap in pay for doing the same work. It’s a statistic and one that lies, because it doesn’t take into account the life choices women make – to have a more balanced life, rather than to spend every waking moment at work. ( Dr Jordan Peterson, a Psychology Professor from the University of Toronto expands upon this idea, saying that competitive places, like top law firms simply cannot keep their female lawyers after age 35, because there are innate differences between men and women, and at that age women generally decide that they simply do not want to spend 80 hour weeks working and every waking moment in the office. They’d rather have a more balanced life. ( If it’s so obvious, why didn’t you see it? What’s wrong with you? The point is, with a little research and a bit of thinking, it’s obvious that there is no gender wage gap for the same work. It’s a myth. It doesn’t hold up to even superficial scrutiny. The question, of course is, why don’t more people question it? Why didn’t you? The truth is, like most of us, you probably don’t have lot of spare time. What little you do have you don’t want to waste on things like calculating how many feet in a mile. Or how many days in a year. You simply take the figures for granted. This exercise illustrates not so much about the agenda of modern feminists or about the mythical gender pay gap, but rather a phenomenon that Tom Peters in the Search for Excellence books defined as a “blinding flash of the obvious”. Maybe you need to reorganize your life so you do have more time. More time to think. Time Freedom to spend with your friends and family. More time to relax and enjoy life. The path to this state of being is probably to become your own boss – which the internet let’s you do now with little to no investment and a lot greater job satisfaction and a lot more fun. Could these easy internet ideas make you rich? Happy? Both? For example, you could set up your own website quite affordably and write out a blog every week or every day. It could become very popular very quickly and begin attracting advertisers and paying you, in some cases, even more than you earn now. If you have a lot of opinions you’d like to share, this is something you can do easily, from anywhere in the world. Here’s an idea how to get started. ( Another exciting possibility is making a regular podcast. You can do this in audio alone or audio and video. All you really need to do this is a smart phone with a camera. Once you’re done you upload your podcasts, which can contain your opinions on big issues, your take on breaking news and even your conversations with your friends. It could be serious. It could be comedy. It could be dramatic. But it’s said to be the most fun you can have with your clothes on.  All sorts of people, just like you, are doing this kind of thing and having fun. Many have been able to monetize their podcasts and make enough money to retire and do only the podcasts. You upload your finished productions to YouTube and when your unique brand of entertainment catches on, you can make millions from advertisers or from viewer contributions. Thousands of people are doing just that right now, and more are coming on-line every hour. Here’s an idea of how to do a podcast: ( If you don’t have strong opinions or you don’t want to put yourself up front as a target, however, there’s an even more comfortable way to be your own boss on the intenet and make the money you need to take care of things. Selling. This is far beyond selling a few things out of the garage on eBay. This is serious business. Internet millionaires can teach you how to join their exclusive club and show you how to sell pretty well anything to anybody and make a big profit on the transaction. One way to learn this skill is here: ( All of these exciting internet possibilities can be tried out without giving up your day job. See what works for you before you make huge changes in your life. But start working towards a future that gives you more control, more spare time and quite possibly even more money. The Gender wage gap is a myth. And so is the idea that you have to work long hours for someone else. You are the author of your own novel. Make it into an exciting story, starting today. Write on.

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Renaissance Man introductory show economy and more!

May 28, 2017 gman 0

Renaissance Man introductory show economy and more! Ray Becker “Renaissance Man” Audio in player below! On this, my first show with Prepper Broadcasting Network, I will start off with a brief introduction about me and some of the information that I will be covering. We will then look over some economic indexes and any key … Continue reading Renaissance Man introductory show economy and more!

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Politics • Re: Obamacare On The Chopping Block Again

May 4, 2017 IceFire 0
It appears Obamcare will be voted on again. Its already a dead deal and barely holding on. Lets hope the President takes it out once and for all!
Perhaps someone can direct as to how to post this on a politics or medical section. Why is so many sections ” LOCKED”? Issues such as this need publicity from normal folks like this forum. I didnt realize so many sections were shut down before logging on. Thanks!

I’ll move it to the politics section.

Statistics: Posted by IceFire — Wed May 03, 2017 7:58 pm

Why Clinton?

April 7, 2017 admin 0

Originally posted 2016-07-20 11:46:50. Last night I had a long conversation with a friend about how times have changed since I was young, yeah it made me feel really old. One of the things that came up was the fact that we in western civilization have gone through some recent…

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Why The Green Party is a Bad Choice

April 6, 2017 admin 0

From The Archives: 2013 Most of my long time friends know that I use to support the Green Party of Canada, they also know that I no longer do. But the reasons why are so long I haven’t posted all of them, and the main reason for that is that…

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Communist Attack on Self Reliance!

March 16, 2017 gman 0

Communist Attack on Self Reliance Host: James Walton “Visit I Am Liberty” Audio in player below! Can we get a little historic? Can we look at some of the early communist teachings? Not in the black board and chalk method ‘a la Glen Beck’ but from the prepper stand point. As an American its pretty … Continue reading Communist Attack on Self Reliance!

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Fake News, Real News & Soaring Eagle!

February 23, 2017 gman 0

Fake News, Real News & Soaring Eagle! Host: James Walton “I Am Liberty” Audio in player below! There has been so much talk about fake news lately that its been a bit overwhelming. On this show I would really like to explore the idea of fake news. You see fake news in and of itself … Continue reading Fake News, Real News & Soaring Eagle!

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After Casual Communism, Racial Division & Angst!

January 22, 2017 gman 0

After Casual Communism, Racial Division & Angst! James Walton “I Am Liberty” Audio in player below! On this special edition of the I AM Liberty Show we are going to celebrate the peaceful transfer of power in the United States. In straight forward terms we are celebrating the end of the Obama age. Let’s be … Continue reading After Casual Communism, Racial Division & Angst!

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Inauguration, rebellion, and Samuel Culper on Intel!

January 21, 2017 gman 0

Inauguration, rebellion, and Samuel Culper on Intel ! Forrest & Kyle “The Prepping Academy” Audio in player below! On this week’s show in player below we will be changing up gears. Obviously January 20th is a much anticipated day. President Elect Trump will be sworn in and we will be saying farewell to President Obama. … Continue reading Inauguration, rebellion, and Samuel Culper on Intel!

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Are We Already Living In Anarchy? If So, How To Proceed?

September 19, 2016 Libertarian Survival 0

Article by: Paylie Roberts I tend to think a lot, and write not based on deadlines, but based on inspiration. My “real” careers don’t allow for writing deadlines, unless someone wants to pay me a considerable sum of silver or platinum coinage to do so. Thus, I don’t make a living writing, but instead, I hope to influence the course of thinking within human civilization (or at least the liberty and prepper movements) with my writing. This article involving Anarchy is one such a case. While there are many well thought out and articulated definitions of “anarchy” among political philosophers, to the indoctrinated and propagandized common person/sheep the word tends to be defined rather simplistically, and in my opinion incorrectly, as “chaos and disorder”. Ideally it might mean “without rulers (not without rules)”. But for the purpose of this article let us define it a little differently as “the absence of the rule of law”. To many Constitutionalists, Conservatives and Libertarians the rule of law is rather important, and rightly so unless you are living in an honest anarchy, in which case there will be morals, but not necessarily “laws” per say. However I have noticed a common misconception among all of these groups, and that is that advocates of anarchy tend to think that we don’t live in anarchy already, and the Constitutionalists, Conservatives, and Libertarians harbor the illusion that things still run on some basis of “rule of law”. Both of these views, I would argue, are not reality, and in fact are nothing more than mass hallucinated fictions created by the giant propaganda matrix/machine known as the “mainstream media”. Reality, as I see it, is that currently there are two sets of rules or standards. One rule applies to the globalist, elitist (not elite), sociopathic, megalomaniac oligarchs, and another set to everyone else. The rule that applies to the first group is “do whatever you want, just make sure you get away with it”. The rule that applies to the second group is “be obedient sheep and do whatever you are told no matter how onerous, ridiculous, or oppressive”. In fact, there are so many rules on the books now that apply to the second group of we the plebeians that just about everyone has “broken” some “law” or committed some supposed “crime,” and could be prosecuted for such, whether they know it or not. This allows the first group to engage in selective enforcement and prosecution based on their political agenda. We have already seen this with IRS targeting of specific groups for non-crimes, and also in the non-prosecution of many elitist oligarchs for blatant severe crimes. “Did you really think we want those laws observed?” said Dr. Ferris. “We want them to be broken. … We’re after power and we mean it… There’s no way to rule innocent men. The only power any government has is the power to crack down on criminals. Well, when there aren’t enough criminals one makes them. One declares so many things to be a crime that it becomes impossible for men to live without breaking laws. Who wants a nation of law-abiding citizens? What’s there in that for anyone? But just pass the kind of laws that can neither be observed nor enforced or objectively interpreted – and you create a nation of law-breakers – and then you cash in on guilt. Now that’s the system, Mr. Reardon, that’s the game, and once you understand it, you’ll be much easier to deal with.” [Emphasis added.] –Ayn Rand, Atlas Shrugged   There are numerous data points that also support this view. For example, it is clear from considerable evidence that the actions of Hitlary Clinton certainly rise to the level of treason against the so-called “US”. The worst of this is her selling of the office of the Secretary of State in exchange for donations to the Clinton Foundation (clearly harmful and “illegal”). Yet there are no consequences for these acts. Similarly, John Corzine stole…, er, “lost” billions of dollars of account holder deposits while CEO of MF Global, and there are no consequences to him either. But he is “really sorry” about it. I could go on and on and on about the many numerous examples that there is no rule of law applied to the well connected globalist elitists. Yet I know someone who went to jail for irrigating crops without a permit that he didn’t know he even needed. Bernard von NotHaus went to prison for creating the private currency known as the liberty dollar based on precious metals. How ironic that he was prosecuted for “counterfeiting” of all things. These are examples of a totalitarian society suffering from moral and logical inversions (down is up and wrong is right). These contrasting examples also show that there is no longer rule of law. There are merely those who control the reins of power and use it to squash what they don’t like, and everyone else, who is potentially subject to being squashed. This phenomenon is not limited to the US, but is currently present in most so-called “countries” around the world today. I am only focusing on the US, as I am most familiar with it. An additional important point to make is that there are only a few reasons a “government” can really have any “authority,” let alone legitimacy. These are: The Social Contract theory. The Consent of the Governed theory. The brainwashed masses approach. And The “they have more guns” approach.   Regarding the Social Contract theory, several philosophers have pointed out the flaws in this approach, most notably Lysander Spooner. The problems here could be simply stated that almost no one has ever actually agreed to any such contract (nor knows what is in it), and for contracts to be valid (legitimately binding) they have to entered into knowingly and voluntarily. In addition, changes in contracts have to be agreed upon by all parties to the contract, and can not be changed ad hoc by certain parties. Yet changing the contractual terms ad hoc by certain parties is exactly what the current political process does, since currently the principle of FUNDAMENTAL UNALIENABLE RIGHTS (free speech, property rights, self ownership, the right to defend oneself, etc. etc.) has been burned at the stake. Furthermore, even if someone wants to argue that the US Constitution is the “social contract” of the US, then the supposed “Federal Government” is in breach of contract, approximately 90% of the time. Any common sense (rather than legalese butchered) reading of the US Constitution would clearly show that 90% of what the supposed “US Federal Government” is doing, the Constitution provides no authority for them to do those things. So on at least two counts #1 gets a fail. Regarding the consent of the governed, I know plenty of people, at this point perhaps even a majority of Americans, who no longer consent to the actions or decisions of the people who call themselves the “US Federal Government”. And it is entirely easy for anyone who disagrees with “policy” to withdraw consent. Simply stop accepting that those people have any LEGITIMATE authority, or that they represent you in any way. Because they certainly do not. The politicians only represent themselves, and their globalist puppet masters. Regarding the brainwashed masses approach, well this is true. Sadly, a large number of Americans are still brainwashed sheep and are consenting to tyranny and their own destruction without knowing it. Sometimes they even cheer for it without realizing what they are actually supporting. An important part of the deception here is that the elitists pretend to allow the populace to have a say, through the circus spectacle of “voting”. But in reality this is another matrix-like false narrative to placate the masses. Your vote NEVER affects policy and it rarely affects the outcome of elections.  Electronic voting machines with back door software, a controlled and complicit mainstream media, massive amounts of money for bribes and media, “old fashioned” vote fraud like dead people voting, or missing ballots, etc. etc. Voting is a rigged sham. Total. PERIOD. If the DHS takes over the voting system as threatened, the rigging will be complete. Continuing to believe in fairy tails does not make them true, and it only dis-empowers those who believe in them. People ought to open their eyes to the brutal reality of the matrix, but likely they will not, because it is just too painful. That old Jack Nicholson movie line of “YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH!” is sadly very true for many Americans. But just because one segment of the population is ignorant and headed for self destruction does not mean the rest of us should be doomed to the same consequences due to their ostrich-like behavior. Finally, the “they have more guns” approach. As Chairman Mao said “Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun.” That is the point that the US, and most other countries, has/have now reached. Do what they say or they kidnap, cage, or shoot you. But in reality, that is no different than a mafia, and it is definitely not the basis for any legitimacy. In reviewing the briefly presented (but in reality much more extensive) evidence on these topics, I can only come to the conclusion that we already, in practice, live in a state of anarchy. It just so happens to be that the present anarchic situation happens to be dominated by numerous large and oppressive mafias known as so-called “national governments” – the “Federal Government” and “State Governments” in the “US”. And they have good public relations divisions known as the “mainstream media”. In the US this mafia could more accurately be described as the “Deep State” and the merger of associated political, military (Military Industrial Complex), banking (central banks and major Wall street banks), and corrupt crony corporate power elitists. It also just so happens that a majority of people have been indoctrinated and propagandized into believing that the current rules are somehow legitimate. In reality these “laws” largely serve the deep state globalist oligarchs. The law as it currently exists, is an extensive abuse of language. As Lewis Carroll so accurately wrote in Through The Looking Glass:             “When I use a word,’ Humpty Dumpty said in rather a scornful tone, ‘it means just what I choose it to mean — neither more nor less.’ ’The question is,’ said Alice, ‘whether you can make words mean so many different things.’ ’The question is,’ said Humpty Dumpty, ‘which is to be master — that’s all.”   Our language has been turned against us to convince us to be serfs. Those who define (and redefine) the language of “the law” get away with everything. Those who have been convinced of the legitimacy of any language presented to them, allow themselves to be unknowingly coerced by this mafia into doing everything they are told, by anyone within this mafia who claims alleged “authority” of “the law”. George Orwell tried to warn us about this in his book 1984 with his concept of “newspeak”. In reality, most of the language used in the mainstream media and by politicians is newspeak. It is crucially important for anyone and everyone seeking freedom, peace, and prosperity to realize that this mafia is destroying the rights and liberties or all Americans, along with those of many people worldwide. It is a deadly parasite to human civilization, and as Orwell described in 1984, it is the “boot stamping on a human face – forever.” This mafia we have now, it is not “government” representing the will or interest of the people it claims to represent. They only pretend to serve the public, and put on as much of an act as they need to to convince a majority of the public of that. In reality it primarily serves the wishes and interests of a small number of sociopathic, control freak, criminals. These people are not intent upon advancing human civilization – they are intent upon destroying it for their own benefit. The people involved in this mafia are in fact guilty of crimes against humanity and need to be viewed and treated as such. Here are a few choice quotes that explain exactly who we are dealing with:   “The Party seeks power entirely for its own sake. We are not interested in the good of others; we are interested solely in power, pure power.” –George Orwell, 1984   “Power is not a means; it is an end. One does not establish a dictatorship in order to safeguard a revolution; one makes the revolution in order to establish the dictatorship. The object of persecution is persecution. The object of torture is torture. The object of power is power.” –George Orwell, 1984   “Kill one man, and you are a murderer, kill millions, and you are a conquerer, kill them all, and you are a god.” – Jean Rostand, biologist/philosopher (often mis-attributed to the band Megadeth)     With all that said, how to proceed? I always try to maintain a solution oriented focus in what I write. Thus it becomes even more important to realize and understand what you can do about it. The first thing to recognize is that this “government” mafia is illegitimate. You are under no moral obligation to comply with their rules, so long as you are not harming anyone else or the legitimate natural rights of others in the process. Further, realize that obedience to evil is not a virtue. To paraphrase Thomas Jefferson, ‘disobedience to tyrants is obedience to God’. In theory it is actually quite easy to free your mind; in practice it seems to be much more difficult for most people. But only you can free your own mind from the chains that have been placed on it since birth. “Free yourselves from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our minds.” – Bob Marley. The solution to the Gordian knot of the current political situation is just as simple as cutting the Gordian knot with a knife: stop accepting and validating the legitimacy of a mafia and their propaganda. Change your thinking. Accept that this mafia has no legitimate authority. The way to do this is to accept the responsibility that you are free by nature, and are responsible for the morality of your own actions. Government laws do not dictate morality any more than they dictate the behavior of gravity. I realize this is a sea change of thinking since people have been conditioned to think that “the law” = morality and “illegal” = immoral. But this is quite bluntly a far too simplistic and indoctrinated worldview. Legality and morality sometimes overlap but often they do not. The more “laws” that exist the less they overlap with morality; thus we need to reestablish some basic principles.   In reality there are very few rules needed for an advanced civilization to function. These include: The non-aggression principle. Do not engage in physical aggression or harm/destruction against other people or their property. Uphold contracts. Do what you say you are going to do. Your word is your bond. Live and let live. Live your life freely as you choose and let others live their lives as they choose, so long as no one is harmed and the natural rights of others are not violated. For some reason people ‘get’ the first two but have a terrible time with the third one. Too many people are busy bodies who think (incorrectly) that they have a right to dictate how other people should live. This is immoral, and if you want to maintain a functioning society, it never works. It also divides people against each other (divide and concur by the elitists using “wedge issues”), rather than uniting people to build freedom and prosperity. The philosophy of “live and let live” may not work in all cases (e.g. radical Muslims who demand conversion or they will kill you), but it will work for more people, more of the time, for people of more different backgrounds and views, than any other approach. There are also some strategies, that we the people can employ, en masse to build freedom, that have proven quite effective over the years. These include:   Mass civil disobedience of immoral laws. Thoreau, Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr., and the Polish Solidarity movement have all proven that civil disobedience is effective. “Laws” can be made unenforceable this way. If it is not yet possible to get enough people to engage in mass civil disobedience, then engage in covert civil disobedience until you can persuade enough people to do so.   Stop supporting the government mafia. Minimize your tax profile. The more resources you give them, the more you empower them. The more you legitimize them, the more you empower them. “What if they had a selection (“election”) and no one showed up?   Become as independent and prepared (logistically, financially, and psychologically) as possible for economic and political disaster. If you have stored food, cash (and precious metals), self defense tools (weapons & ammo), power generating capacity, etc., you are more resilient and less dependent on the corrupt mafia system. The more dependent on that system, the more controlled you are. This also applies to financial independence. Don’t rely on .gov payments because they won’t be around or won’t be worth much going into the future.   Educate people about the reality of the government mafias. Make the effort to teach and persuade to the degree practical.   There is an old saying about the soap box, ballot box, jury box, and cartridge box. I have argued that the ballot box is a dead end, at least at the present time. And the soap box involves educating and persuading people. That leaves two. What is meant by the “jury box”? Jury nullification. This topic is too much for this article. However, if you are not already very familiar with jury nullification I recommend you go to the Fully Informed Jury Association (FIJA) web site and educate yourself. Also see the Wikipedia entry on jury nullification. The Founding Fathers considered nullification of immoral laws by juries as one of the last lines of defense against tyranny, and they were correct.   Finally, the cartridge box (defensive use of force), is a legitimate last resort to resist tyranny and defend liberty. From a strategic standpoint I very strongly recommend this be the last resort, and I will explain why in a moment.   To recap, strategically, I highly recommend  using these various tools in the following order: First: “Soap box” education, persuasion – throughout all stages. Second: Ballot box, voting, political system – but only if you have a functioning system, which    we no longer do. Third: Minimize support for a corrupt system. Preparedness and self reliance throughout all stages. Stop accepting and legitimizing said corrupt, tyrannical so-called “authority”. Fourth: Civil disobedience. Fifth: Jury box, jury nullification of immoral laws. Sixth: Cartridge box (defensive use of force); last resort – in a defensive posture only. These all flow in a logical order tactically. Unfortunately my observation is that most liberty activists get stuck at either stage two or stage three and have no idea how to precede from there when those fail. With these last paragraphs of this article I am trying to sketch out the next steps, and equally importantly, why this sequence. First, let me use a completely hypothetical example to illustrate this process. Let’s say a person holds the values that it is a fundamental human right to defend oneself from violent aggressors, and therefore supports the principles described in the 2nd Amendment – that individuals have the right to own tools to engage in such self defense. But let’s say that right is fundamentally at risk due to political tyranny. Step 1 – Educate and persuade about the individual human right to self defense. Step 2 – Vote for those who support that fundamental right (assuming there is a functional political system, possibly not). Step 3 – Minimize taxes being paid to government mafias that then subsequently use that tax money to enforce anti-self defense laws. Also become more logistically and psychologically prepared for political and civil unrest. Stock up on weapons and ammunition (and food and communications gear, etc.), and train with them, as that training will be needed if Step 6 arrives. Step 4 – When major anti-gun legislation gets enacted by corrupt government mafia, don’t comply. For example, if all semi-auto weapons were banned and subject to confiscation, hide said weapons (until if Step 6 is required), and do not turn them in. Step 5 – If you are called to jury duty for a case that involves criminal prosecution of someone who committed Step 4, vote “not guilty”. If you are the person “arrested” (kidnapped) for committing Step 4, try to get some people on your jury who believe in the right to self defense and try to get them educated about jury nullification. Step 6 – Implement this if all else fails, and enforcement starts going door to door. That should give you a pretty good picture of how this process works for just about any topic. With a little imagination one might think of how this same process could be applied to something else, like the UnAffordable Care Act, or almost any other tyranny. However an additional key is to try to keep a positive narrative in the alternative media. Remember, the activist is the victim being oppressed by a tyrannical government mafia (which is true and no exaggeration). There are several reason I suggest this order. One of which is maintaining the moral high ground which is important for both practical and moral/philosophical reasons. Also, each subsequent step will be more controversial than the previous, and therefore should only be used if necessary. Maintaining the moral high ground is also important because it helps to build or maintain whatever public support you can muster. Maintaining public support increases the chances of success. Public support is not always necessary to succeed, but it does stack the odds in one’s favor. If someone jumps from step 2 all the way to step 6, they will be seen by the public as a “domestic terrorist” and treated as such, and the public will support prosecution/persecution (you will more likely fail). But after going through steps 3, 4, and 5, supporters of Gandhi or Martin Luther King Jr. for example would be seen as “civil rights activists” if they resorted to violence to defend themselves (note the defensive posture) against violent government brutality. Similarly, if it gets to that point (Step 6), people in the liberty movement will need to be seen by the public as “freedom fighters” and not as “domestic terrorists”. If you say this is just semantics, then you are dangerously naïve, and need to learn about the importance of public perception (PR) in the fourth generation warfare which is already being waged against us by the globalists. There are two critical components to spread the desired media narrative: truthful alternative media outlets to contrast with the mainstream controlled propaganda (this already exists, but needs to become higher profile), and liberty activists have to go through all of these steps to build a legitimately justified case. We need to be able to, at any point, say (roughly) “we tried to do it more civilly using the previous method, but they shut us down, so we had no choice but to take the next step.” This is fourth generation warfare: the battle for people’s minds. Embrace its strategic importance, or the chances of success are greatly reduced; because it has already been used against Americans for quite some time now by the globalists and their media whores. This is the world we live in now. Act outside the box accordingly.   About Paylie Roberts Paylie Roberts is the author of the non-fiction book Memories of Poland, Lessons From Growing Up Under Communism. She is also the author of two novels: Bugging Out To Nowhere, and Life After Bugging Out. She has a Bachelor’s degree in biology, and lives with her husband, two German shepherds, and various livestock, somewhere between the Cascade Range and the Rocky Mountains.  

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How Minorities Can Share in the American Dream

August 14, 2016 Editor: Cari Schofield 0

In this show, we discuss Black Lives Matter movement, the strife between minorities and the police, and what can be done about it. We also discuss how minorities can become successful and share in the American Dream by becoming financially successful.  Watch the podcast below. Yes! Minorities CAN share in the American Dream (Click Here if video doesn’t display) If you enjoyed this podcast, be sure to like us on Facebook.  Listen to us Live Saturday Evenings at 6PM pacific time at Bumper Music:  “Bankland” By Javolenus / CC BY-NC 3.0 Image credit: Patriot Post Transcript The following is a text transcript of the audio.  Due to the verbatim speech and nuances it may be difficult to read.  However, it is being provided as a courtesy to the hearing impaired as well as for those who wish to move quickly on to the pertinent parts of the podcast Tom: Welcome Galtstrikers this is Tom and I would like to thank you for tuning into our weekly libertarian talk show where we discuss not only the problems of today but also the solutions. If you’re listening to this show on blog talk or any other website that carries our player you can also listen and join us in our chat room at About half way down the page you’ll find the player and right below that you’ll find the chat room. Just enter your user name and click connects. If you have questions or comments during tonight’s broadcast the call in number to get on the air is 1.347.202.0228. After you’ve connected remember to press one so that our producer can see that you want to be on the air. Don’t be afraid to call in, it’s real easy. It’s like talking to an old friend on the phone and don’t worry, we don’t bite. Anyway, if you’re calling in give the producer your name and listen in. We’ll start taking questions and comments after the break, probably in about 30 minutes or so. So if you’re listening on the air please be patient but do remember to push one. Anyway tonight we are going to be bringing on a couple of our previous guest from a previous discussion we had. Black lives movement, the violence and what can be done about it. We will also talk about some of the root causes of the racial divisions in this country and how possibly minorities can share in and be a part of the American dream. Anyway, I’ve also got another guest on who’s going to be coming up in a  few minutes. His name is Jason Charles and he’s started the New York City preppers meet up group and was quite successful in growing that group. He’s been on a couple of the reality shows and some news broadcast so he will give us some tips on how to start a meet up group. But first I’m gonna bring on Eric. Eric has something- Eric was on the show a couple weeks ago and he has something that he would like to share. Something he would like to read to us. Eric? How you doing? Eric: I’m doing alright. How you doing today Tom? Tom: Good. So we can start out, could you first refresh everybody. Who you are and what you’re about. How you got interested in this movement and then share with us what you have. Eric: Ok. Yeah. My name is Eric Clayton and I am a black conservative Republican from the Seattle area and I was involved on Toms Last show, “Black Lives Matter” and we just started talking about some of the problems that black people are having pulling themselves up by their boot straps and how we could get probably more whites in America involved. So I decided to do a little bit of research and I looked around to see if there were any programs in place that could help with this cause. It looks like there is one in Peoria where they and it’s a minority organization that goes out and helps other minorities lift themselves up so they can become better business owners. I reached out to them to try to see if I could get them to come on the show and I was not successful. My Brothers Keepers is another one where President Obama I think had something to do with putting this together and all I got from them was just some kind of form letter. Form email that basically did not address coming on the show. And the last was a lawyer. White lawyer that was helping out blacks get into the legal arena and apparently was pretty successful according to the website. I reached out to him and still no response. So you know I just don’t know if that no response was on purpose or they have an email (inaudible) I just started really thinking about the problem. I just thought to myself, is there reluctance for you know, blacks to except white help? So I just kind of wrote this. I call it Wounded America. It is time for America to heal the wounds of black people caused by the wicked institution of slavery. But there is one big problem. The wounded party doesn’t want to be healed. The constant transfusion of social welfare, goodies and handouts that have resulted from white guilt, white patriotization and black complacency is pacifying us for the black community. See the attitude is, “You wounded me, now you owe me”. Let’s face it white America, black America will always be your dependent. We’ll always be complaining about what the white man should be and is not doing for them. Rather than what they can be doing for themselves. The black community wants to hold white America responsible for their problems and will not offer them available solutions to strive for. And some white Americans can care less if achievable solutions are offered. Over all the black community sometimes acts like that 3 year old kid who is forever enrolled in secondary education. Or who just can’t give up the security or comfort of living free of charge in your basement. Any mentoring or job programs that can be started by white America to life blacks out of poverty will often be unsuccessful because only a few blacks will participate at the risk of pandering to the white man. But isn’t taking tax money supplied by mostly white tax payers the same thing? There needs to be a willingness to participate in the American dream. To actively embrace and believe in the grand experiment of democracy and a free republic. To be a part of an actual melting pot and be Americans first and foremost. And white Americans need to let them in and not make them feel that they are inferior and part of a separate nation. I am aware that blacks were brought here as slaves against their will. I am aware that blacks were mistreated, beaten and killed by evil white slave owners. I am aware that evil whites found a way via the KKK and Jim Crow to rob blacks of their freedoms they gained through emancipation. I am aware that most of white Americans, while not physically participating in the violence against blacks, aided and abetted the vial acts by their complacency displayed by their inaction against the perpetrators of hate. I am aware that even today because of widely held stereotypes about black people by white people that black people are virtually ostracized from being active and willing participants in society. We have a scab that needs to be healed. Both black and white Americans need to stop picking at the scab. Opening the old wounds and pouring salt into them. These wounds need to be allowed to heal and heal quickly. We need to get things put together and made healthy. Not just for black lives, not just for white lives, not just for red lives and not just for yellow lives but we need to fix it for the lives of the race that really matters. The human race. Tom: Yeah I really like that. We talked about in the last show that I did with you and Alex about what I believe some of the root causes for these problems and you know I put most, not all of it but I put most of this on the Democratic Party because the Democratic Party since the beginning of this country was the party of slavery. The Democratic Party was the party of the KK. The Democratic Party was the party of Jim Crow Laws. The Party of, they’re the party of the IRS. They are the Party of the Federal Reserve. They’re the party of these internment camps. All throughout our nation’s history the Democratic Party has always been on the side of oppression whether it’s by race or society as a whole. And then when I look at what they’re doing now and this started happening well as far as the welfare, the social welfare that started in the 30’s when the Democrats started realizing, “Hey! We need to buy more votes here with the social welfare. That’s what we gotta do because we are losing.” Alright but then after they got their rears handed to them in the civil right era, you know it was the republicans that fought for the civil rights and got the civil rights. It was the democrats that opposed it and they got their butts handed to them and it was after that point that they realized they were going to forever lose their position in government as long as they continue to oppose minorities. So they started changing. And they started actually not helping blacks get ahead and become independent. They started their way of helping is by giving. Taking form one person who taxes and giving it to minorities through social welfare. They started pandering to the minority vote and buying that minority vote. To this day, like we said before, you show me a ghetto I’ll show you a city government that is run by democrat. Every time. Every time. Eric: Absolutely. Absolutely. Tom: So that is what we are here to discuss. How do we fix this? How do we change that? You and I talked about meet up groups and stuff and you know we’ve had a lot of success in the prepper movement doing meet up groups and helping people set up meet up groups across the country. Probably one of the more successful groups I think as far as I know of around is the New York City Preppers. You know, Jason Charles from New York City got this group up and running. It seems to of done well so I’d like to bring Jason on and get your thoughts on what we’re discussing and how you have handled organizing the preppers group and how we might apply that to creating business opportunities for minorities. Jason: First of all, thank you for having me on. Tom: Yeah. Thank you for coming on. Jason: Starting a group was, first of all let me first start out by saying I didn’t start the group. It was started by a young female. Life became too busy and then she handed it over to me and then I took over from there. It’s hard to run a group in a city like this where you have so many different interested. People here in the city for the most part are not concerned with emergency preparedness. Until something happens. We saw a big jump in subscribers or preppers back in Hurricane Irene and Sandy. Ever since then every time something small happens or like you know a terror attack or a mass shooting we get a couple more people. So for the most part its people reacting to something instead of just joining because it’s the right thing to do. Tom: So it’s more about finding ways to do that public outreach and finding ways to reach people before the problems happens. Eric: Right. Tom: I think this topic is a little bit different than disaster preparedness is what I think comes to a lot of peoples mind when they are talking about preppers. I’m wondering how we can apply the concept of meet up groups to the business world. To bring not just minorities but anyone in a ghetto area, in a poor neighborhood, urban areas, how to bring those people into the business world and give them opportunities and careers, jobs, education starting their own businesses. I am wondering how we can apply some of the ideas of starting a meet up group to that. Because as you mentioned people weren’t joining until a disasters already happened. I kind of see that this problem that we have with poverty in America is the disaster that is ongoing right now. So I think if we can get people to see that maybe we can get them to start participating in groups that address that. Eric: Right. Meet up does have its – – can’t help somebody start a business for give them the tools they need rather so I can start a business. The first thing that meet-up gives you once you start the group is it gives you responsibility and I think that’s where a lot of the problems we have in black communities or poorer communities is that there is no responsibility. So therefore they blame their actions, whatever it might be, on the next person. So when you run a group like this and an event doesn’t go well, or something happens at an event or an argument breaks out I will blame that on myself for xyz reasons. Letting it happen or letting them get away. It teaches you that you have to accept what might happen with your business. Good or bad and that’s first and foremost. Secondly, it gives you a sense of learning how to deal with people which again, in the black community, for the most part I’ve seem, we don’t know how to deal with one another. It’s a weird; it’s sort of weird for me to talk about because it’s hard for me to explain without actually showing you. For example, blacks in a community, like let’s say where I live today, (inaudible) for the most part you have your different groups of blacks. You have blacks that work, and those are the blacks that usually get along. You have those that sit on a corner all day and they make fun of those who go to work. Meet up gives you that responsibility of how to deal with different people like that. I get different people in the group all the time and I have to be adaptable to each person I meet. Which is very trying at times but it definitely teaches you. So learning how to do that you could bring that to a community and learn how to deal with different people and inspire them if you will, to do the right thing. Get a job, don’t stand on the corner, and don’t make fun of this guy going to work. Those are the things we have to teach. As far as financially, if you have a business or a meet up group where you’re dealing with money it’s on a smaller scale. Again it teaches you respect for money and how to be honest. Don’t over charge, don’t make extra money and then not give it back to the group. Have a contest or something. I learned a lot putting one in the group like this. Tom: I believe that if you build it they’ll come. So I think if we’ve got these problems and these issues, if somebody starts a meet up group to address those problems I think people are naturally going to start joining. So I think really what needs to happen is to find people that are natural leaders. The ones the kind of people that are gonna go to work no matter how many people are making fun of them for going to work. I think we need to find those kind of people to take charge of starting groups like this and then I think other people will just start to follow and just start to come. Eric’s been researching some of this about you know the different groups that he reached out to. Possibilities of starting groups. What other ideas have you come up with Eric? Eric: Well, you know one thing, I mean it’s good to if we can ever get those groups that I reached out to that I mentioned earlier to respond to it then there could be a foundation there to build on. However, there is another thing I’d like to mention. I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of the book, “Black and white styles of conflict” by Thomas Kochman. I’m reading this book and he’s a guy that  is kind of a diversity specialist. He found out that blacks and whites, even though they think in certain situations and they think they are communicating on a level filled in that they are seeing situations the same way. Blacks and whites communicate in a different way. There are certain things that when they are said or done blacks kind of react differently to. Like let’s say for instance there is a situation where blacks may be discussing something and then they get kind of loud and boisterous about it and maybe the whites may think of it as this is almost verging on violence and it’s really not. They’re active competitors and they are trying to convince each other so it hasn’t gotten into a fight but it sounds like a fight. Whereas white people are very reserved and they think, “Oh wow, this is just something I’m gonna be quite about because it’s really escalated. So basically what I’m saying is I think people that get involved and go into the black neighborhoods that want to help out they have to get some kind of training so they can understand the black language and the black culture so that what they engage people about these jobs and everything is not misinterpreted. That is the danger right there because once you get on that ground where if you’re talking apples and they’re talking oranges and you don’t know that you’re talking different fruit that’s where you get into a problem. A real problem. So that’s really all I have.. I don’t know exactly how to set it up. I was really hoping to get feedback from those people that I reached out to but I didn’t. Like I emphasized the communication is really, really important. I’d like to reach out to this guy – – Tom: Well ya know I ..I talked to you a little bit before and I see a couple of problems, and I’ve run into it myself when dealing with other organizations and trying to network and that sort of thing. There are a couple of different things. One if its like a nonprofit or NGO that is giving people aid of some sort, to them that is job security. Give a man a fish and that man will be back the next day for another fish. And so if you teach somebody, you come along and say, “Hey I want to teach people how to become independent and be their own man and take care of themselves,” well that’s taking away that job security from that non-profit organization. Then the other thing is, even if it’s another organization that is trying to teach people how to become independent and you come along and say, “Hey, let’s network together and see what we can do to combine forces and really help this along,” a lot of groups will see that as competition and you know it’s the same thing in the nonprofit world as it is in the business world. People just have this hard time wanting to work with their competitors. I see this really big time in the patriot movement with all the-  -you look on the web and see zillions of patriot web sites, second amendment websites, conservative websites and they really don’t want to work together because that’s their competition and so it makes it real hard to network . I don’t know really the way to do it. I’m thinking we got to do something to start up some groups, find some people willing to take the reins and be leaders and just let them, see if they can do it. Eric: You know there is a stigma of being successful in the white man’s world. Something like, if you’re black, if you’re like a Colon Powell or Condoleezza Rice. You know in the white realm of thing, the main stream, you are very successful. Your credentials are just fantastic, but it’s something about the black neighborhoods, the people we are trying to help, you are looked at as a sellout. So basically it’s almost like a lot of them that would like to go there don’t want to be sell outs so they basically will go to maybe selling drugs. Some of them may go to other kind of means of being successful. Maybe they might hope for a rap music kind of record contract or something like that. Maybe go and play NBA but basically it’s almost like this impediment, “No. No I can’t suck up to the white man. I can’t suck up his ways you know. I gotta be a real black.” It’s something about being successful that is anti-black and I just don’t get it. I’m a black man that has been in industry for 35 years and there’s hardly any blacks (inaudible) telecommunications OSP engineer and I’ve gotten along with my coworkers just fine. As long as I’ve done my job I’ve never had a problem. So I don’t get it. I feel like I’m part of my own mini melding pot. I feel like I’m a guy that is, when you look it up I’m just a text book example of a guy that actually decided, “Hey, I’m just gonna pull myself up by my boot straps.” Sure, I’m different from a lot of people I work with but I, right now, no them as John and Bob and we’re just guys that do jobs. I’m not old black Eric that you know causing problems or anything like that. I’m doing my job and I just can’t see why I can’t do that regardless of what color they are. Tom: Yeah. We got about 3 minutes before we have to take a hard break here. I wanna get Jason’s thoughts for the rest of these three minutes and then after the break Dave has a question. Hold on Dave I’d like to hear what you have to say and then until we’ve got several callers that are listening in, if any of you have comments I encourage you to dial 1. Press the one button so that our producer knows that you want to contribute a comment. Also for those of you listening via the chat room or online our phone number is 347.202.0228. Before we go to the break do you have any comments to add Jason? Jason: It’s going back to, yes, I actually decide. It’s gone back to people getting along. That’s the other thing too. We have a hard problem, again I think its people, never mind color. Just people getting along, getting together trying to make it work. Like you said earlier, we have a lot of these Oath Keepers, AP3, there are so many patriot groups that want to harp at one another instead of getting along. They are all saying the same thing but they just don’t want to sit there and work together and move forward. There were a couple of these groups here in the city. I tried to reach out to a couple of them and they just didn’t want to bother because no one wanted to meet in the middle and negotiate. I think that’s a problem with us as people. Now as far as the black community goes its bad because you want to help. You want to sit there, you want to start a group and get people off their feet. You want to get em jobs, you want to get them skills that can get the job but they don’t want to come. They just want it handed to them the easy way. The other problem is everybody else that I know, these young kids; they wanna be a basketball star or a rapper. They want that big money and they – – they don’t want to work for it. I’m not sitting here by any means saying rappers and ball players don’t work for it but they want the big money. They don’t want to be the fire fighter or the cop or the doctor or the lawyer. They want those millions and they want to now and I think to change that we have to get into the kids heads a little earlier. Sit there have them listen to Young Thug or watch Atlanta Hip Hop. We have to educate them that you’re gonna get what you deserve by how you present yourself to life. I think that is the first problem that needs to be addressed. Tom: I think when I was talking privately on the phone yesterday with Eric one of the things he brought up was we really need to take back the schools. So we’re gonna take a quick break here. After the break I’m gonna bring on Dave and then maybe we will talk a little bit about how it might be possible to take back the schools. So let’s take a short word from our sponsors. Advertisement Tom: Welcome back Galtstrikers. This is Tom. I’ve got Eric and Jason on with me. We are talking about the BLM movement, racial division in America and how minorities might be able to participate in the American Dream and become successful. I want to bring Dave on. Dave has a question for us. How you doing Dave? Dave: Doing well, how are you doing Tom? Tom: Good, how’s it going? What did you want to add to the discussion? Dave: I just wanted to ask how you guys feel about the war on drugs has affected the black community and how, if any, affected their relationship with the police? Tom: Eric or Jason, any of you has an answer for that? Eric: Repeat the question? I missed the question. Dave: How, the war on drugs. How it may have affected the black community not necessarily drugs themselves but the war on them? The fact that they are illegal and how may that have affected their relationship with the police? Eric: Ohh. That’s a toughie. I’m not sure that I can answer. I may have to defer to Jason on that. Jason: Ok. First of all. There is no war on drugs. I have to start off by saying that. Police relations in the black community, with this drug problem we have, it’s bad I mean you come to a neighborhood like mine and you go to Washington Heights. We are talking about New York, sorry. Talking about New York. The drug ring is ramped here in the city. I just learned that today talking to somebody who is in the actual law enforcement shield. Cops, the problem is, listen, a lot of cops when they first start the job from the ones I’ve known, they went in with the purpose of actually doing what the job was to do. That was to help people. So they come out to wherever they live they come to the city and they have in their heart that they are going to help the community they are serving. But day in and day out they run into guys they pull over and they are pulling weed, cocaine, or whatever out of their pocket. The relationship between cops and the black community or Spanish community is sort of damaged by the whole so called war on drugs because this is where it is. Now keep in mind, we’re not bringing the drugs in to the country. It’s not a black dude, it’s not a Spanish dude. It’s whoever is in the higher position but now that they trickled down to us, these guys are here. Whoever you are, whichever gang you name, they are dealing the drugs and cops they can’t look at me walking in the street and go, “Oh he doesn’t have drugs.” They assume for the most part, not all of em but a lot of cops assume for the most part that you know most black guys in the street are carrying drugs. Most Spanish guys in the street are carrying drugs. They just don’t know how to approach it without being called a racist and everything else. It’s a bad problem and it just sparks a lot of issues because they just assume everybody, not everybody but a lot of people are carrying stuff on them. This also goes to the way you dress. I dress a certain way so for the most part a cop will look at me and go ok this guy, he doesn’t have, he’s not holding or have a weapon on him because I dress with shorts and a t shirt all year long. So when the winter comes around the only thing I’m wearing might be a hoody. But here you got guys wearing a ton of clothing in the summer time and those are the guys who you know are holding weed or a weapon of some kind and when they get stopped they’re screaming police brutality. Meanwhile they are actually sitting on a corner doing what they said they weren’t doing. Tom: I think the whole war on drugs is, they’re not getting at the root cause of the problem and kinda like fighting fire with fire. I don’t think they’re like, you know, like you said there is not a war on drugs. I think it’s a reaction rather than a proactive approach to solving the drug problem. We’re not stopping it at the border where they come in and we’re not solving the problems that get people on drugs to begin with. Expecting the police to clean it up in the street when it shouldn’t even make it to the streets in the first place. Jason: The other problem with drugs, the war on drugs right? The FBI, CIA, ATF, they know where every last drug trail on this planet is right. They know where all the opiate fields is, where all the cocaine fields, coca leaf fields are. They know where all the drugs are being grown. They know where they are being manufactured. If you want a real war on drugs then you have to actually step the game up. Ask these countries, “Hey listen, we want to go here and take out this place. We are getting 80% of your cocaine from Colombia. Just an example.  So why not go to Colombia and head it off at the pass? Why sit there and wait for it to get here and then blame some kid who, listen, I’m not making excuses for people selling drugs but if kids saw the movie (inaudible) and thinks I’m gonna make the (inaudible) You head it off at the pass. Tom: Well yeah when you got the positions that our federal government takes on it, thanks to wiki links we are able to find out that we own and control the poppy fields in Afghanistan and basically we let the sale of opium happen right under our noses. They are very well aware of it and they’re not doing anything to stop it. So I don’t know how we can head it off at the pass when the people in power are actively contributing into that problem. We gotta find another way to reach people at hoe before they get to the drug situation. I think that also comes from giving people opportunity. If you can give people opportunity and jobs and careers and stuff I mean there are still people in business that have drug problems but they’re not out in the street dealing drugs if they’ve got a good career to go to every day. I’ve got Dan on the phone. I want to get Dan’s comment and then we’ll go back and talk to Jason and Eric again. Dan are you on the air? Dan: Yeah, I can hear you fine. I was just going to comment that it seems to me as far as minorities go and having problems getting them out of poverty or getting them employed that this has already got a solution to it and it comes from history. There’s been lots of other minorities whether they were the Italian immigrants or the Irish immigrants that came in that established themselves by creating Business Men’s Association, Cultural Associations, and kept their money flow within their own community and built up from there. And it strikes me odd that the minority’s that are continuously having generational problems years after years after years haven’t done this. Haven’t done what other minorities have done to get out of that kind of situation. It seems like our biggest lessons to be learned are things we should of learned from history. Tom: Well I go back to what I was saying before about the democrats pandering to the black vote. So you look at what other minorities have done, Chinese immigrants have come here and started up businesses in other races and other immigrants have moved here. They didn’t receive the level of pandering that the democrats do to the black community. They didn’t have slavery and they didn’t have the KKK so much but they also didn’t get the amount of pandering and handouts that the democrats do. Like I said before, you show me a ghetto and I’ll – – Dan: Up here in Canada that’s exactly what happened. We had slaves up here in Canada. People don’t realize that. They were Chinese slaves ok. And they did receive a lot of pandering but they did create their own cultural centers. They did create their own Businessmen’s Associations and they did create their own communities, China Town for example, inside the city of Vancouver and they did drag themselves out of poverty. It can be done but it takes a community effort. It seems to be the minorities in the states that are currently having generational problems have been voting for the democrats for generations and they’re still poor. It doesn’t work. It just doesn’t work, you gotta do it yourself. Speaker: Tom can I jump in? Tom: Yeah, who’s talking? Eric: This is Eric. Tom: Oh yeah, go ahead Eric. Eric: Another thing that a culturally interesting thing that I think he kind of brought up is that when it comes to American Blacks and lets just compare them to American Whites. Whites will usually get into some kind of business relationship and will normally trust to a certain level until a problem develops. Blacks will wait and not trust from the beginning and even before a problem is apparent and then they will wait to see if trust is warranted. So it’s almost the opposite. In the Asian communities who have built themselves up by sharing you know, resources, they are in a positions where they trust each other as long as you know (inaudible) until trust is not warranted. So basically, the black community there is a lack of trust. There is always the feeling that somebody is running a con, that you’re gonna get ripped off, that you’re going to get bamboozled. So they do not get into the associations because basically they are just saying, “Hey, I’m not gonna let this black man rip me off.” I remember when I was doing videos and I told the lady I was black and she said, “Oh no, no, no. I’m not gonna hire you. You probably are running some kind of con. I’m going to the white man because at least I know I’ll get my monies worth.” That kind of – – that’s killing us, and I don’t know how to fix it. Tom: Well I think it goes back to what you were saying- – hello? Yeah I think it goes back to what you were saying earlier. The old wounds and pouring salt on the old wounds. I think those wounds have never had a chance to heal and that is where that mistrust comes from and I think like we talked about also that that happens right- – it happens in school. The kids are learning in school, “Hey, the white man did this to you and this is why you got problems you have. It’s the white man’s fault for it and you need the governments help.”  If you’re someone who is black you’re going to hear that and say, “Oh, the white guy is the cause of my problems. I need the government to help me.” If you’re the white guy, if you’re the white kids in school then you know its sounded to you like you’re being shamed for being white and so you never want to build the actual trust. You get what I’m saying? Both sides are hearing a different thing and they’re never reaching across and building that trust. Eric: And there is one more thing too. Back in the slave day there was a two tier type slave. You had the field slaves and you had the house slaves and the job of the house slaves was not only to take care of the master in the house but also be the eyes and ears to find out if there was a dissension between the field slaves so they ratted them out. That was kind of the untrustworthy thing so that’s how we black republicans are looked at. Almost like the house slaves. That we are gonna rat everybody out to the white man, we’re going to snitch. So that whole thing, that whole distrust thing has, was kind of left over from slavery. Tom: So I wonder how we can- -we talked about hitting this off in the schools and taking back the schools. How can we do this? I know we talked about on the phone conversation I had with you yesterday, about you know our down ticket to candidates and doing it through the political avenues by getting conservatives and libertarians elected at the local level in the city councils and the mayor’s office. Now that could be possible where it’s a pretty much 50/50 split. Battle ground cities where it’s half conservative and half liberal but what about in these areas where it’s like 70 or 80 or 90% Liberal. How can we take back our local government in those areas so that we can take back the schools? I think the only way we can take back the schools is through the elected offices. Dan: I would start with the PTA. Parent Teachers association. They are the ones that control the school board. That’s where you have to start. If you are going to start changing a society you do have to start with the education level. That’s what the communist and socialist did to us. So (inaudible) Tom: Even in the PTA yeah you could be actively involved but if you’re a conservative or libertarian in a community where 70% of the people are voting straight party ticket for the liberals then how does your voice overcome everybody else’s voice in that PTA conversation. Typically they kick people out like that that speak up. Dan: Simple. Be honest. People generally speaking on an individual level still have a sense of common sense. So as long as you’re being honest and you’re being straight up about what you’re talking about then they will recognize the difference between double talk and political speech and just a guy who wants to get things done and if they don’t recognize that then it’s time to vote with your feet and move. Tom: Yeah, I agree. Eric: There is another thing. We also know the teachers unions lean heavily on the Democratic Party. It’s almost like their blankie or something like that. They get a lot of financial support. We need as republicans we need to go in and steal the teachers union from the Democratic Party. Take that iron fist hold they have on the teachers union and then turn them around so that we can not only get that socialism out of the school but also, my goal is to eventually get God back in the school. Tom Yeah, I agree. Dan: One way to do that is that the teachers unions make investments for their retirements and the retirement investments are pretty much capitalistic right? So getting the republicans involved on that end of it is the best way into the union. The other thing you gotta realize is that a lot of unions in north American are doing what they call union or contract splitting. So that the newest teacher into the teacher union gets a different contract than somebody that has been there for 20 years. That’s really a division with in the union itself. As republicans or libertarians you can fight that saying everybody should be treated equally regardless of how long they have been in. That’d be another way to back them up which is something they desperately need. If you can do that, that will get you into the PTA and into the school boards. Tom: We got about ten minutes left on this show and we talked about the problems. We talked about how we can take back the schools and the local down tickets positions. Let’s say we can get a voice in the schools. Let’s say we can find leaders in these poor communities to start up meet up groups. I think that’s where it’s really going to happen. By having local meet ups and bringing in people that want to learn how to become successful and start their own business. Get careers maybe even just learning how to fill out a resume would be great for a lot of people. So let’s say we can get these groups started how can we – like I said, if you build it, they will come. If you start up a meet up group that and you advertise it in a community saying hey this is a group for minorities to learn how to be successful. People are naturally going to start trickling in. Even if there is that mistrust people will start trickling in to find out what the group is about.  So let’s say we get some people, maybe some people listening right now are interested in starting up a group in their area. What could those first meet ups be about. I’d like to get Eric’s opinion on that and then I’ll ask Jason. Eric: Ok. The first thing I think needs to happen is once you get those people in there, even though you have an agenda, what you want to do, resume writing or any other thing that you have the first thing that you should do is address the crowd, the minorities there and ask them, “Hey what are you looking for out of this? What can we do?”  Have them say something that will invest them in the process and not just have you dictating to them what’s going to happen. You might find that you will be able to just give what you intended to give them but basically it will be received a lot better because you asked them what they need. Dan: That’s an absolute must. Tom: Yeah. I want to go to Jason. I’ll get Jason’s comment on starting meet up groups. What should those first meetings be about? Jason: I think those first meetings should be about- – and here’s another problems I’ve seen in these help organizations. You can’t make it about color. I understand that you want to get minorities into it but once you get them into that door it should no longer be about color. It should be about personal responsibility. It should be getting them to that point where they want to take personal responsibility. I’ve sat through a couple of these workshops in the past and the first thing out of the guys mouth is, “You’re black and you’re gonna make it above the white guy and white people this and white people that.” It can’t be about that anymore because that puts a wedge even further apart in the racial division. So the first meeting should always be about the person and what they want to accomplish. Throw the whole race thing out the window. I think we are running into bigger problems when everything is black and white. If you just run it as a human organization, if you just look at the person and go, “Listen, what do you want to accomplish? Oh yeah? Ok so now we are going to help you accomplish this.” And we’re never gonna sit there and go, “Well the white man wants you to fail and the white man laughs when you fail.” It can’t be about that. It has to be about the person. Tom: I talked to another thing I talked about Eric yesterday on the phone about, which was a term that was new to me a couple of years ago, I’d never heard it ago and I’m a white guy. It is this term “White Privilege” Apparently that seems to be the big thing that is taught in colleges and stuff and I didn’t even know about it. It seems to be the term that the left has really latched on to, to try and win over voters by; in my mind it seems like they are white shaming. Shaming people for being white and the privilege they have. They always say, “Check your white privilege, check your white privilege.” I see that on blog post, on the radio all the time, but they never, never, never say, tell us what were supposed to do about it. You know I get into this discussion on social media and someone will say check your white privilege and I’ll go, “Well ok. If I got this special white privilege why don’t you tell me what I’m supposed to do about it?” As a white guy I understand the problems that black people face. I understand our history. I don’t understand it from the shoes of a black person but I know there is a problem there.  I understand that ok. But the left never offers a solution on what we are supposed to do about this white privilege thing. Personally I don’t like that term because it brings race into it rather than the socioeconomic status that brought about these problems. It doesn’t address ow the problems got started because if they started addressing how the problems got started they’d have to start pointing the finger at their own party. The Democratic Party has never apologized as a party for their history of oppression. I think we need to refocus. I think we need to steal that dialog away from the left and re brand it as a different term that’s not attached to race. I don’t know what we would call it. Minority disadvantage?  Whatever we can call it that doesn’t have race attached to it that says, “Hey there is a problem in society we need to address it, we need to fix it.” It’s not caused by a race; it’s caused by socioeconomic status. It was the Democratic Party , I believe, that lead us down this path and what can we do to fix it. You guys got, either one of you Jason or Eric how we can re brand that term so it doesn’t have race attached to it? So that we can work together, both races, to fix that. We got 2 minutes. Eric: Ok. It’s a socioeconomic thing. It’s not really white privileges they are trying to put on all white people. Basically socioeconomic s if your born with a silver spoon in your mouth, whether your Donald Trump’s kids or whether your Magic Johnson’s kid. Basically you’re going to have privilege over a lot of people that are black or white. See a lot of white people, like my wife for instance, she had to wear hand me downs. I didn’t as a kid. I got everything new and I’m a black man. So you know, that’s not a privilege for her. Another thing is, this thing about black people thinking white people are just going out of their way to do for other white people. White people seem to be some of the most individualistic people that I’ve run into. They don’t have some secret society where they are giving whites a certain kind of break and then blacks another. I think it’s a – – Tom: Are you there Eric? Did we lose you? Eric: I’m here. Did you hear me? Tom: Yeah. Yeah we got less than a minute. Jason, if you could, do you have a contact information that you can give publically if anyone has a question about starting a meet up group? Jason: Yes. They can contact me at Tom: I want to thank you guys for coming on the air. We had a great discussion, I wish we had more time to finish it and bring on more callers. I apologize to those that didn’t get to make it on. I do want to remind everyone that we have shows on every day. Live. Tomorrow will be Herbal Prepper at 4 pm pacific. That is 7 pm eastern time. Speakers: Thank you. This article first appeared on Galtstrike and may be copied under the following creative commons license.  All links and images including the CC logo must remain intact. 

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Black Lives Matter, the Police, and the Violence!

August 7, 2016 Editor: Cari Schofield 0

  Tom and guests discuss Black Lives Matter, the Dallas police shootings, inner city violence and what can be done about it.  They discuss the root causes of inner city poverty and how that relates to the violence that we see today.   Alex, a former NYPD cop gives his perspective about what’s going on.  Eric, a black republican from Seattle discusses what needs to change in the Black community (Click Here if video doesn’t display) If you enjoyed this podcast, be sure to like us on Facebook.  Listen to us Live Saturday Evenings at 6PM pacific time at Bumper Music:  “Bankland” By Javolenus / CC BY-NC 3.0 Transcript The following is a text transcript of the audio.  Due to the verbatim speech and nuances it may be difficult to read.  However, it is being provided as a courtesy to the hearing impaired as well as for those who wish to move quickly on to the pertinent parts of the podcast. Transcript is at least 80% accurate. Time stamps do not match the video. Black Lives Matter, the Police, and the Violence! Tom: Welcome Galtstrikers this is our weekly Libertarian talk show where we discuss not only the problems of today but also the solutions. If you have questions or comments during tonight’s broadcast the call in number to get on the air is 1.347.202.0228. After you’ve connected remember to press one so that our producer will see that you want to be on the air and we can have a discussion. If you are listening on blog talk or any other site that carries a player you can also join us in our chat room at About half way down the page you will see a chat room you can put in your user name and then ask questions in the chat room as well. So tonight for this second part of this show we are gonna talk about the Dallas shooting, the black lives movement, the police, the violence and we are gonna talk about what we can do about it. It looks like I have several callers lining up to discuss this topic and we are gonna get with each one of you so please hold on. I wanna get your opinions on what’s going on. You know the craziness and the violence with the shootings and the police shootings and the sniper that killed the police officers in Dallas. I think it is really sad tragic event. Anyway, I want to talk about some of the statistics that people throw around as it relates to these issues. I think the statistics are really skewed on both the right and the left from what I see. I don’t think they show the entire picture and I would like to see the entire picture so we can better understand what’s going on. To give an idea, ya know, the right will often give statistics for example showing they will say there are twice as many white people getting shot by cops than there are blacks. I guess that’s true, the actual numbers but I think the way they get those numbers is wrong. I think they are pulling the entire population, the entire amount of white people, and the entire amount of white people and they are substantially a lot more white people in this country so I don’t think the accurate number to understand what is going on. But then you look at the left. The left also shows their statistics that they like to throw out there and they will show for example the actual percentage of black people getting shot per capita the numbers of blacks getting shot by the police verses the number of white people getting shot by police and they’ll compare that to the percentage of population and show that the percentage of black people getting shot by police is much greater. Yet again, I think that is an inaccurate number I don’t think it shows the actual true problem that we’re looking at. What I would like to see is I don’t think this is an issue about race. I think this an issue about socioeconomic status. For example I would like to see stats that show the number of white people and the number of black people in the urban city areas that have the high crime rates. The percentage of white people living in those areas and the percentage of black people living in those areas that are being shot by police officers. Then I would like to look at a separate list of statistics that show the suburban areas, the more affluent areas where there is a smaller number of black people and a greater number of white people in those areas and see what those percentages work out to be. I’d like to see those separated because I think what you would find is in the high crime urban areas, I think you’re gonna find that the amount of crime- -you know imagine in those areas there are a lot less white people and a lot more black people- – I think in those areas that you’re gonna find that the percentage of people committing crimes, being arrested, being shot by police, I think you’re gonna find that that is proportionate with the number of people showing that it’s not a race thing but an issue with location where they live, the crime rates where they live, the poverty rates where they live. I think that’s what you’re gonna find. Same thing when you go to the suburban area, the more affluent areas where there are a lot fewer black people living there, a lot more white people living there. They’re all affluent, the black people are affluent, the white people are affluent I think you’re gonna find that the numbers of black people being arrested, being shot etc. as well as the number of white people in those areas I think you’re gonna find out that it’s not on racial lines. But I think what you’re gonna find is these two groups of people split by socioeconomic status in the poor community verses the rich communities, the affluent communities I think that is where you’re gonna find the divide. You’re gonna find all of the crime in the shootings and the arrest happen in those poor areas verses the wealthier areas. There’s a lot of reasons for that. I think the biggest reason comes from opportunity or lack of opportunity. I think that what we have, in the poor communities, I’ve always learned as a kid, my grandparents always told me Idle hands are the devils work shop and I think if you don’t have the opportunity, if you’re not working, if you don’t have a good job then you’re going to run into a lot more problems. Whereas if you’re working and you’ve got a career you’re going to be focused on that rather than go out and robbing the local liquor store. So anyway before we get to our guest I have a couple more things I want to go over and why I think that this is the way it is. Why I think urban areas are being totally neglected for opportunity and why we have the poverty and the crime rates that we do. Now what I am going to say might sound a little racist at first but when you follow me through you’re going to understand the observations that I made okay. I’m not a statistician, I’m not a historian, and I’m not a political scientist but I am extremely observant. I drive a truck for a living. I go to ALL of these cities in America, to all of these major cities, I go to all of the states except for Hawaii and Alaska. I go to all 48 states. I’ve been doing this for 16 years now. There is something very common that I’ve noticed about most of these cities. At first I thought maybe it’s just a racial bias and maybe I am racist and I didn’t realize it but what I noticed, and maybe I’m just seeing something that’s not really there. But what I noticed going through all these town and cities is all of them, there’s most of these big cities have their own Martin Luther King Jr Blvd ok. And what I noticed is common about all these Martin Luther King Jr Blvd. is the amount of crime that are on all of these streets. You go to all these streets and there is the strip malls with the liquor store and the pawn shops and the signs for the bail bondsman and the signs for the divorce lawyers and there’s the welfare office and then there’s the prostitutes in the street. And then there’s the drug pusher on the street and they’re not all black. There’s white to doing the same thing but I’m thinking why is it that we have these huge crime rates on all these streets named Martin Luther King Jr Blvd? I mean he was leader of the civil rights movement. He would be rolling in his grave if it were this and I’m thinking is this a racial bias or is there really something to this? I did a little research and I googled this and what I came with is I am not the only one that saw this ok. If ya’ll are familiar with Chris Rock he had a joke ok and the joke goes like this. If a friend calls you on the phone says they’re lost on Martin Luther King JR Blvd and they want to know what they should do he says the best response is to run. Ya know, cause of the crime. This is what Chris Rock said in a joke. So I thought really? This is the thing? Why is this? I wanted to know why. Why is it that these streets named that way have a high crime rate in urban areas? So I did a little research and there was a college student that researched this topic and come to find out what it is is a planning issue. It’s a city zoning and planning issue. What comes first the chicken or the egg? Was it first named Martin Luther King Jr Blvd and then ended up having a lot of crime on that? Did they have crime because it was named that or did it already have high crime rate? The fact is it already had a lot of crime rate in these cities and areas with streets that are named that way and it’s kind of like, I don’t know what you wanna call it, a Band-Aid solution. A magic silver bullet that the city planners decided to do. They decided to start naming these streets after Martin Luther King Blvd. in an attempt to empower the black citizens in that area. Empower them and give them hope. But the problem is I don’t think they are addressing the real situation. I think they were addressing the real issues that cause the high crime and the racial division in those areas. I don’t think they were doing that I think they’re doing a Band-Aid by naming these streets rather than what they should of did is improve those cities problems and then take the streets that have become successful in those communities and name that street Martin Luther King JR Blvd.  Where the parts of the city where the races did come together and did solve their problems and name that after Martin Luther King Jr. I think that’s what should of happened but then I look at who these city planners, I’m gonna say, are democrats. They’re Democrat parties and you look at all the high crime areas of all of these cities and they are all Democrat mayors and Democrat council. So yes, my beef is with the Democratic Party also with the Republican Party but for different reason. But you look at the Democratic Party since the beginning of their inception under Andrew Jackson who happened to be a slave holder. Happened to be a slave owner. Also responsible for the Trail of Tears, forced relocation of Native Americans to Oklahoma. Also the Democratic Party is the party of slavery. The Democratic Party was a part of the Ku Klux Klan. The Democratic Party was part of segregation, the party of Jim Crow Laws. The Democratic Party was a party of the IRS. The Democratic Party is a party of the Federal Reserve. The Democratic Party all under Woodrow Wilson ok. The Democratic Party under Franklin Roosevelt. The Party of social Security and the party of Japanese Internment camps. So you look all throughout history, every dark period of our own history, our own country, period of oppression has all been under Democratic Rule ok and Democratic Presidents. That’s a problem I see and then people wonder, “Well how did this, yeah ok, that’s the way the Democrats were back then and now they’re here trying to help the poor out in these areas”. And I go, “No, they’re not there to help minorities. They never have been. They never have been there to help minorities’. You go back to the 1930’s and there is a guy and I’m gonna give you his name and you can look up this guy, let me go back to here. This happened in the 1930’s, a Democrat influential Democrat named William Jennings Bryon. He blurred the party line by emphasizing the government’s role and insuring social justice through expansions of Federal Power. He wanted to grow the welfare state through federal power across the country and this was during the time of the United States winning the west as new states in the west were getting admitted into the Union. The Democrats learned a new strategy that they could crab that voting block of new people who were mostly poor, white and black and everything else. Grab that voting block by promising the welfare in the social programs and the government benefits. They learned that for the Democratic Party, this party of Oppression all throughout history could grab that voting block of all these new voters by offering them basically free stuff. That’s what it’s about. It’s about buying votes. The Republican Party they’ve always been about big business. Crooning capitalism ya know helping the railroads out, helping the utilities out as they got established country wide. As the Democrats gained control of the poor votes the Republicans realized they lost that battle and they started becoming more towards limited government. Basically they didn’t have a choice anymore because the Democrats have already won the big government part of politics. Anyways, that’s what I’ve come up with doing research and understanding the reason why these neighborhoods in these cities have become so impoverished is because of the generational welfare they’re on. Welfare is extremely addictive and hard to get off of. It goes on generation to generation to generation and people on welfare have a very hard time moving out and getting off of that. So I think that is where the crime starts and that’s where it fosters and then goes on from there you get into a vicious cycle between minorities and the police that are trying to control that crime and it just grows and it spirals into what we have. Anyways, we’ve got several callers on the air. I’m gonna start bringing callers on and get your opinions on what you think has caused the situation that we’re in and why we have such an issue of division still to this day between blacks and whites and the police. So first I’m gonna bring on Alex. Alex, you’re on the air. How are you doing? Alex: How you doing? I’m on thank you. Ok as far as you talking about making big promises to the disadvantaged, especially to minorities, the Democratic Party has had a specific strategy since the 1930’s. The idea is you promise them a lot, give them a little, and make em want more. Don’t give them the opportunity to gain more of what they want. Keep them dependent and they will always vote for you. That’s the way the Democratic Party is doing things now. As far as police brutality or the problems between the police and blacks in the inner cities- – I was a new York city cop for 16 years and I spent a lot of time ducking bullets and fighting in black outs and its something that happens with mob mentality. You get an agitator in there which the Democratic Party loves to do, a professional who knows how to stir up some people. Then he stirs up more people and it becomes like a virus and it grows and it grows and it grows and the people who start participating in it they actually aren’t even thinking. They are just rioting because everybody else is and they want to do it to. So that is why the Democratic Party is basically in the large cities, on the two cost they rule the roost and it’s because they have set that up for so many years that now it’s just become an endemic thing, its wrote. They do it just without having to think about it and if you’ll notice the big politicians in Washington most of them they’ve gotten, they work their way up in the Democratic Party and a lot of them are either from the east or the west coast and that’s the way they are working. They are going to continue to do that until finally we wake up ok. That is those of us who want limited government, who want the liberties that the founding fathers gave to us and unless we start agitating for that unless we start working towards it and talking to the people that think the Democrats are the ones who have all the answers, unless we start convincing these people we are gonna get nowhere. We have been on a very slippery slope for about 40 years and if Hillary Clinton gets elected president we are gonna go over that cliff. Tom: So during your time as being a police officer in New York City were you primarily patrolling in areas where people were you know, in poor areas and poor neighborhoods. Or were you in more affluent neighborhoods or both? Alex: Most of the time I spent my time in New York city in the Latin Ghettos and  I am Porte Rican and since I speak the language that is where they like to have me I spent myself in Spanish Harlem or the south Bronx. Every now and then I got to work in an affluent area but it was rare. So that’s why I spent most of my time in those areas. Tom: So you know the left likes to always say that minorities are being disproportionately ya know arrested for crimes and victims of police brutality and my argument is I don’t think it’s based on race. I think it’s based on socioeconomic status. You know more often happening in poor neighborhoods than affluent neighborhoods. That if you were to do the statistics based on population in a particular affluency or lack of, like in a poor neighborhood you’re gonna find that in your experience would you find that even being in a Latino- – you said Latino or was it Porte Rican? Alex: Well, that’s what a Porte Rican is Latino just like a Dominican and so on and so forth. Tom: So I’m sure you probably didn’t have a lot of black people there and probably not a lot of white people there but out of the white population that was there did  you find in some of those ghetto areas did you find that the numbers were pretty much proportionate for the ones that got arrested with the actual population. So if you have 10% of the people are white is it 10% of the white people also being arrested and you know is the amount of arrest in crimes proportionate for the amount of race in that area. Alex: No and I’ll tell you why. There were very few whites in these ghettos. There was also a large black population. Ok. Those two areas very large proportion of Latinos and a large proportion of blacks too and very few whites. In fact most of them in the ghettos now once upon a time they were all Irish neighborhoods and over the years the Latinos started moving in and blacks started moving in because they had no place else to go and those areas were not expensive to live in. Ok. As far as crime in those areas almost all the crime was committed by blacks or Latinos but that’s because that’s where they lived and most of the victims were black or Latinos. Tom: Well yeah that’s what I’m getting out about proportionate numbers. So let’s say in an area, I don’t know what, you said very few whites but I don’t know what the actual percentage is. Let’s say it’s one percent of the population is white, maybe 60% is Latino and 39% black, and then let’s say out of that population that 10% of people, 10% of people commit some sort of crime would it be also 10% of the 1% of white people, 10% of them commit crimes and 10% of the black people commit crimes and 10% of the Latinos committing crimes. You get what I’m saying about the actually percentages? Alex: I can speak to some of that ok. One of the things I do know about is things like serious assaults with weapons and homicides and police and cop killings. As a matter of fact nationwide in the inner cities 40% of the cop killings are committed by blacks and Latino’s. The thing is only about 10% of the population of the United States is black or Latino all together. It makes 20% they are each about 10% so it’s like a disproportionate number of blacks but that’s because most of that occurs in the ghettos. Tom: Yes. Yes. That’s what I’m getting at. That’s what I’m getting at. Most of that occurs in the ghettos where most of the crime happens is in the ghettos and the reason why the numbers of those minorities being represented is so high is because those minorities live in those areas. So what I’m getting at is that I don’t believe it’s a racial division. I believe it’s a socioeconomic division that if you were to go into an affluent neighborhood and look at the black people and Latino’s living in an affluent neighborhood they’re not out there committing crimes so I don’t think it’s a racial think I think it’s more of a geographic and socioeconomic thing of people in those areas and I think that goes back to what I said before. Idle hands are the devils workshop. If they don’t have jobs and good opportunity in those areas then they are going to seek to selling jobs or robbing the local liquor store. What’s your thoughts on it? Alex: One of the problems with that is that you have as I mentioned before, give them a little bit but don’t give them enough so you have so many people on welfare or really working in substandard jobs or minimum wage and even less than minimum wage and the problem there is “Hey, they don’t make enough to live on”, so they have to do something. So a lot of them will go out, well maybe not a lot of them, but a pretty fair percentage who do what they have to do to put the food on the table and pay the rent and the cable bill. That – – Tom: That goes to that the social program- – Alex: That is exactly right. That’s what you do. You offer them a lot but only give a little. Don’t give (inaudible) Tom: So these city planners, these city planners, I go back to the example I made of the martin Luther King JR Blvd. as they named those streets. Rather than fixing the problem in a black neighborhood they say “We’re going to empower you and name your street after a famous civil rights leader”. Rather than going in and actually fixing the problem. Rather than naming a successful neighborhood after MLK Jr. they go in and say we’re gonna name this street after your favorite civil rights leader and btw we are gonna give you a welfare check. So what I’m saying, rather than continuing with the social welfare programs and continuing pandering and buying their vote, if these leaders, not leaders but the mayors and the city council and the city planners, if they would say “Instead of putting the welfare office on this street let’s put a small business administration office on this street. Let’s encourage a trade school to move into this street. Let’s encourage a shopping center to move in here so there are jobs”. Most of the time I hear that those city planners are blocking businesses. They don’t want an office park moving in. They don’t want an industrial area moving in and providing jobs. No. They want to put a whole stretch of HUD housing complexes in. That’s what I see of those kinds of neighborhoods. I see the city planners building their voting block with the low income housing. With the social welfare places and then allowing the liquor store to build right there. Allowing the strip club to move in there and allowing the pawn shop to- – I mean I look at those strip malls like that and if you’ve been around the country you see em it’s like that in every city. You’ve got a liquor store on the same strip mall you’ve got a social welfare office in the same strip mall. You’ve got the pawn broker there. You’ve got the divorce lawyer there and you’ve got the bail bondsman. I mean come on. That is a recipe for disaster, the entire strip. It looks like that’s created to be a perpetual thing on purpose right there. Alex: That’s the only thing they’ve got there. Go to one of those strip malls or go to a prominent intersection in one of these low income areas and your also going to find a large crowd of illegal immigrants waiting doing a shape up and people coming in saying, “Ok, I need 3 guys today. They are going to do landscaping or whatever they’re gonna do. They want three guys and that is where those people go and shape up for work. One of the things, one of the problems with that is the people that are going in there and picking these guys up to go and do the work or whatever are people from affluent neighborhoods or business owners. Most of these people unfortunately, most of these people are whites. Ok. Who have business, who have a certain amount of affluence, who want to get something done and they don’t want to pay the skilled labor that you need. Ok. So they’ll hire the illegal immigrant who will take the job away from a carpenter. Tom: So they are contributing to the problem. Almost like they’re the drug pusher in that illegal job is a drug. Alex: That’s what it’s like and you know they are just as much to blame for some of the problems that we’ve got as the minority or the illegal aliens that are shaping up. They come over here because they think it’s the land of plenty and it turns out to be hey man you’re gonna break your ass for God knows how long making next to nothing. Then what they do is send most of that money back to wherever they came from because their family is there and their family is starving or something like that. Ok. Tom: And then that continues to create the racial division among the races. I gotta go to a heart break here but anyways I’d like to hold you over for the next half of the show. Just listen in and I may bring you back in a little bit later. I wanna go also to Eric and Red hawk are waiting on the line so let’s go to a break real quick. Tom: Alright, welcome back Galtstrikers. We just listened to Alex, a police officer from New York City. We’re talking about the shooting in Dallas, the BLM movement, the police brutality and trying to get to the bottom of what’s causing all this mess. What caused it to start and why is it the way it is now and what can we as a society do as we move on forward and try to problems with the racial division. How we can bring opportunity to minorities, especially in urban areas. How can we fix the light in these urban areas and reduce the crime. Basically help the police to do their job but at the same time help minorities to get off of social welfare and into their own jobs, careers and businesses. So we are gonna go onto our next caller. I’m gonna bring Eric on. Eric how are you doing? Eric: I’m doing alright man, I’m out here in Seattle Washington and I’d just like to start off with All Lives Matter. Tom: Exactly. All Lives matter. Eric: Hey now I guess what I wanna get into is two things. The first one is we’re supposed to be a melting pot. Ya know, all of us that come from all the different countries and everything and all the different walks of life. Black, white, Latino ya know all that. But you know, especially with the black and white community man we don’t even get to know each other. Basically what we do is work with each other and then we go home and socialize people like us. Black socializes with black, white socialize with white and basically it’s a deal where we get to have stereotypes to deal with and ya know some of the cops have stereotypes of what the blacks are like and you know some of the blacks with what’s going on with crime and so forth sometimes they live up to the stereotypes but basically what we have to do in America is we got to get to know each other. Not as black Eric and white Tom and all that kind of stuff. We got to know each other as people. As this is Jim and this is Bob. Not black bob or whatever. Tom: As Americans. Get to know each other as Americans. Eric: Exactly. We gotta break bread with each other man we need to go to dinner together. Man we need to do things go bowling together so that we have something to identify ourselves as regular people. Not that person over there. That troublemaker, that whatever. Ya know, so that’s one of the problems but the other thing is I grew up in Chicago, Illinois. When I was growing up it was kind of a gang infested area and the way that people are kind of raised in this urban area which was predominantly white, I mean black where I lived there was hardly any white flight at all. We got in they left. So what I’m talking about it was weak or strong. The way urban black kids are taught is you’re either weak or strong and there is no negotiation. People either bow down to you or you bow down to them. It’s a winner and it’s a loser. There is no middle ground, there is no negotiation so what happens is you get a lot of people with this attitude and police officers are put in a position of power. They are authority figures over me and you but when they come across black, especially young black individuals, those people are thinking along that strong or weak. So I’m not gonna let the cop be the boss over me. So I’m not gonna obey him. He tells me to get down on the ground; I’m not getting down on the ground. I’ll do what I want to do and then you find in most of these incidences that are going on the black kids are disobeying and then you got a cop that’s really jumpy because you know, he’s wondering if he’s going to go home to his kids at night, his family. So the bottom line is you have a jumpy cop and a kid that will not obey a simply order like get down on the ground. Now you got a situation where there is bloodshed and you got some cop that has to do what the police manual will tell him to do but most of black America is not going to look at that. They’re not going to look at, you know what, the police manual is there to protect all of us because if you have someone that escalates the situation you have to have a way of protecting not only yourself as an officer but protecting the public. They don’t get that. Those things can escalate from selling CD’s to where now it’s a situation where there is possible assault on a police officer and you have to protect the public. So I may have to use deadly force to subdue you when first it was a crime of just selling illegal cigarettes. That’s basically what I have to say about that. Tom: I want to get your opinion on a couple of things. First thing you know – – how we change the mindset of minorities and blacks, especially in these areas like what you’re saying where these kids want to be so tough to stand up to the police. How can we go about changing their mindset to understand hey the police is here to help everybody but the minute you start doing something that could possibly endanger others as well as the officer and that causes that to escalate. How can we show them to respect the police a little bit and you’re going to be cool. Just like for example after the Dallas shooting the social media was just going berserk spreading this picture Mark who was accused of carrying the AR15 at the protest? Naming him as a suspect and when he caught wind of that he went and turned himself into the police and turned himself in and said, ‘Hey, what can me and my brother do to help? What can we do to help here”? I think if people followed that approach I don’t think there would be a problem open carrying , or any of that if people would respect the police and ya know, get down when they are told to get down. I don’t think that we would have the problem that we do and I don’t think police would keep escalating it as well. How do we change people’s mindset? Eric: I think it has to start with what I talked about before ok. There are a lot of black people in these areas that really, they have a feeling that white people really don’t listen to them. You know and it’s a lot of cases where black people don’t listen to white people. You know, they just feel like white people are gonna be racist but a lot of times, and I’m a black republican ok? I find that sometimes I can be in a chat room, or on face book and I can make a statement about black this or that and how we feel like we are disenfranchised like you know we need to be more involved. I just kind of feel like the white participants just glaze over it. So I think that we have to find a way for white people on both sides Democrat and republican to engage black people and let them know, “Hey, we care what you say,” Now I don’t go for all this Black Lives Matter stuff talking about ,”Because you’re black police officers are hunting you down”. Man I’ve cooperated with police that have stopped me and I have a master’s degree in political science, I had a police stop me, lay me over a car and he thought I was suspect in a robbery but because my father taught me to be respectful to police I respected him, I respected his position, I knew that he was doing his job. He had no way of knowing I had a master’s degree so I didn’t get insulted by that. I let him do what he had to do and once he found out what my personality was he let me go. But basically I think it starts with reaching out, somehow find a way to reach out to the black community so they can trust you and really feel like what you’re saying, like I said not the black lives matter garbage, but just on a regular basis when they say things should be this way. Well actually listen to what their saying and actually say you know that is valuable. Instead of trying to correct them all the time and say,” No, what you mean by this is I’ll spoon feed you this and I’ll let you know I’ll take care of you.” You see black people don’t need to be taken care of. Just like you pointed out in your program, it said, “Oh well, you know, the Democrats have been giving em a little taste of something and the vote comes automatically and they’re being taken care of.” No. we have to get to a point where we are able to take care of ourselves. Not separate from the rest of society but take care of ourselves and there is a lot of white people out there that can help us do that but they got to get to know us as people. Not that stereotype. We gotta get to know you as people and not a stereotype. Tom: I think, I think uhm ya know, I think white people do hear. I think that white people do hear the problems that black people are bringing up but I think what it comes down to is ok I know about this so what do we do about it? So I think that’s where a lot of white people are stuck at and it’s like, I don’t know how to fix your problems. I really don’t. The Democrats are giving you free welfare and food stamps and I can’t put an end to that and if I try to openly oppose that then I sound like the bad guy. I would like to see more minorities start their own businesses and get college educations and get careers. Personally the way I am doing it with this radio show, I don’t know if you’re listening to the first half, we’re bringing on different business owners and different entrepreneurs and having them tell their story about how it can be done. I think what we need to do, what white folks and successful folks, people in the (inaudible) need to do is be mentors to the people in the poor communities. Not just minorities but anybody in the poor community and be mentors to them and say, “This is how I became successful. This is how you can become successful too. You can do it.” But that’s great, I want to do that but how can we do that when at the same time the Democrats are saying, “We’re here to save you. The white man is holding you down and you need to turn to government to help. Come sign up for welfare now and then give them just enough to get by”. I don’t know how to solve that problem and I think that’s a conundrum that other white people are finding themselves at. It’s like I don’t know what to do. Eric: I don’t either and you know it would be nice if somehow if white people could get a hold of a rational element down in the ghetto where they could begin to come up with a strategy to do this. Because I don’t have the panacea to do that. You know, I don’t know exactly how to do that. I wish I did. I know I’m more of a joke because most black people find out that I’m a republican, it’s like I got three heads and I’m a leper because, they’re like “Why you do that? Why are you doing that?” Because I’ve found out that when I looked at my life and what I believed in morally it matched up more with the republican party than the democrat party and I’m not just gonna go along with the show for goodies and I don’t like the idea just holding my hand and telling me what to do but getting back to the point, I think somehow the white people and the affluent black people that acclimated need to go down with that message of, “This is how we done that.” But having an avenue to get in otherwise if you don’t have that avenue you just get tuned out. They don’t even listen to you and brothers like me – – Tom: I think you’re on to something here. If somehow successful black people, successful white affluent people can somehow connect with leaders in these poor communities, in these ghetto communities can somehow connect with somebody that’s got an open mind and wants to hear and form up some sort of meetup group in a community that definitely has to be a grass roots thing. Then start having weekly, weekly success story meet ups. Kind of like I did on the show but have actual physical meetups in a building somewhere where people in that community can come and sit down and listen kind of like a mentor program. I’m gonna teach you how to be successful. I’m not gonna charge anything for it because I know you can’t afford it but I want to show you how you can do it on your own. I think it would be great- – Eric: Ok. One more thing. Let me give ya one more thing. Just kind of an example. Ok. When I was growing up in Chicago ya know, I was growing up and there was just crime going on all over the place it was the Elba Cos, the Devils disciples, the Black Peps only trying to recruit us and all this other kind of stuff. But basically I lived that for like the last 19, well from 13-19 years old I lived that kind of life and  I thought that was what the world was all about. This concrete jungle, bullets flying all over the place. Going to school and getting into fights, getting beat up and all this other kind of stuff and then I went away to college and I found out how the rest of society lived and once I found out how they were living, the peace and tranquility that’s out there my view point changed and all of a sudden it was like, “Wow! You mean we don’t have to have the bullets flying? We don’t have to fight all the time? We don’t have to have people robbing you all the time? Hey this is great. I want some of this.” Do the bottom line is that if you can get those groups together, if you can get in there and if you can go ahead and make some kind of exposure to what the other side looks like then you can undermine that Democratic Party of handouts and so forth. You can turn it around over night because these people are gonna start to see, “Hey, this is great. Nobody told me about this. I’m in on this program.” But it has to get in with somebody that you know, they can trust you and then they can go ahead and win the trust of the people in the community. The Democrats will be on the way out because I’m telling you; life outside of the ghetto is great man. It’s great man. Tom: I know Eric: It’s great. Tom: Hey I appreciate it Eric. I want to bring Red Hawk on here to get his opinion. Eric if you could, stay on the line and also appreciate it if you’d send me an email, Alex as well. I’d like both of you guys to send me an email cause I’d like to bring both of you on for a future show as well. I want to go to Red Hawk and get his thoughts. I may come back to you in a minute if I have time but let’s talk to Red Hawk real quick. Red Hawk how ya doing? Red Hawk: Oh pretty good, pretty good. A little short on time tonight bro. Anyways, I hear a lot of talking about what’s going on in the ghettos and the hoods and all that kind of stuff and some of the endemic problems in the racism. You guys have covered a lot of ground tonight. The one thing, since I am kind of short on time here ok, were not looking at groups and people that are causing some of this ok. You’ve got reportedly on a number of different fronts. You’ve got George Soros reportedly putting out ads and paying demonstrators ok. You’ve got Obama out there slamming police officers for killing black men and inciting more stuff. You’ve got Lewis Farah Khan out there going full hog, it’s out there on YouTube, “Go out there and kill the man”. And you’ve got Jesse Jackson doing the same thing. Personally I think whatever ray is missing here is the end game. I think there is an end game here not to go conspiracy theory here but I think there is an end game. Tom: I’ll put my conspiracy hat on here and I really think that they do want to push us to a point of Martial Law and I don’t think that is a conspiracy of Obama wanting to become a dictator but I do think the Democratic party under people like George Soros and them that are getting behind and funding these things, I think they really do want to disrupt the democratic process. I do think they eventually they want to bring us under Martial Law of some sort. Red Hawk: And you’ve got the justice department refusing to go after like right down there in Texas you’ve got the new Black Panther Party with a video out there holding AR15’s and assault weapons threatening the cops in Texas ok. You know, you’ve got all the stuff on twitter and everything with the Black Lives matter threatening you know people and so forth. You look at these cop killers and half of them have gone on FACEBOOK for crying out loud, but out there on face book their hatred for cops. Pictures of them holding and so forth. We’ve got to get a handle on it. (Inaudible) The end game here. It (inaudible) As I said, I hate to go all conspiracy theory or anything like that ok but if anybody is looking back 30 or 40 years like one of the other people mentioned ok, one of the former cops here, he knows. He knows about the cameras on the streets in New York City. I noticed the first article I ever saw (inaudible) Tom: Yeah hey Red Hawk your phone is cutting out real bad but I do want to go back to Alex again and get his opinion on what both you and Eric said, especially what Eric had to say. Alex, are you still there? Alex: Yup, I’m still here. I agree completely with the gentleman that was just speaking just before it went out. Eric, when you were saying you got out of high school and you went to college and found out it was a completely different world and you know, how can we get people to be able to do that more? I absolutely agree with you, and I think there are some venues, some avenues you could take. Like for instance if you’re in school, if the school happens to be well integrated and not either completely black or completely white or mostly Latino or something like that. What you can do is, you’ll find out that the kids, the students in the classrooms, a lot of them are willing to make friends with anybody that happens to feel the same way they do or that they like the person or the person is helpful or something like that. Either way, whatever way it goes. That’s one of things you can do and the parents of these students they have to help their children to go along with that kind of relationship with other people. Sometimes it’s difficult, and they might not be able to do anything about that but you’ve gotta try. Give them that particular hook to get into being able to be friends with other races or other ethnicities ok. That was something that, the other place that I think of the most, your church. It is one of the most important places where you can have people of other races, people of other ethnic groups come together and socialize and develop friendships and it’s an extremely important way to get these things done. Tom: Yeah. I want to go back to Red Hawk. We’ve only got one minute left here. Just some last words. You still there? Red Hawk: Yeah I’m here. Tom: Yeah any last words? We’ve only got a minute left. Red Hawk: Ok. Yeah you know I think it begins with the parents. You have to. You have to just teach your kids the value of everybody. You can’t discount anybody you’ve got to let them know that everybody is equal and should be listened to. It shouldn’t be a situation where you’re teaching, oh you know those people are just kind of low rent or those people are just kind of you know not up to par with us. You have to just really express that people are equal. Just like martin Luther King said, “The content of a person’s character is important.” Tom: Very good point. Like I said, Alex, Eric I would appreciate if you both could send me a quick email at just so I can keep in touch with you guys. Really good callers and Id like to get you on a future show somewhere later down the road. Anyways, I want to thank everyone that called in to listen to this show. I appreciate it. I think it’s a really good topic. Sorry we didn’t have enough time to delve into it some more. I want to mention that what I did in the last show is there is a new show starting next Friday. Its called The Prepping Academy Fridays at 6 P.M. Specific and that’s on Fridays. The host of the show is Forest Garvin former US Air Force Airman. He is also a survivor instructor, NRA Instructor, HAM instructor and much more. Also, tune in every night at 6 P.M. on It’s a lot of great shows. Catch you guys next weekend. Caller: Ok. Have a good one! This article first appeared on Galtstrike and may be copied under the following creative commons license.  All links and images including the CC logo must remain intact. 

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Is Hillary Clinton Having a Mental Breakdown?

August 7, 2016 Editor: Cari Schofield 0

Often times we wonder about where a president is from, his financial back ground, his accomplishments and failures, his morals. One thing that often gets over looked, or rather not talked about, is the mental health of our nominees. Hillary Clinton, the current democratic nominee, has been demonstrating some very strange behavior that has people investigating. There are a lot of memes floating around the internet making fun of her exaggerated facial expressions. What some people may not realize is that she may have some serious mental issues or possibly medical.  Is Hillary Clinton having a mental breakdown? Is Hillary Clinton Stable Enough To Run The Country? YouTuber Paul Joseph Watson brings together some interesting information that as a whole could destroy Hillary Clinton. His video brings up questions about her mental health and what is happening in her head. Paul’s perspective and evidence will make you think about what is happening behind the scenes. From head injury, blood clots, seizures or even a form of high functioning autism, wouldn’t you want to know? In 2012, CNN reported that Hillary Clinton had a fall that caused her to have a massive concussion. As a result she developed serious blood clots in her brain. Paul points out a lot of her symptoms that indicate she may have had a stroke or epilepsy due to the clots. Concussion, brain clots, very odd behaviors indicative of strokes or seizures. These things alone are enough to with drawl her from the election. Add to that the possibility of a mental breakdown and psychopathic tendencies happening right in front of our eyes. Don’t you think there is enough evidence to demand she be examined and have a full health and mental check? We certainly do. We hope you enjoy the video below and please feel free to comment below and share your views with GaltStrike. Is Hillary Clinton Having A Mental Breakdown?

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