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Okie’s Law • Re: Protection from Rogue Officers

January 30, 2017 Eaglehrt 0

Some responses here kinda scare me for your own safety. If not in a fight, don’t start one, once you tag yourself in an area, then you have lost the battle before it starts. If you have a stash of weapons and food/water, hopefully it is not in plain sight in a garage or room in the back of the house. In times of Emergency, they can and may even take your stash for the good of the commonwealth. Be smart, weapons/food you need to keep it away from the house and near sheds/barns; bury it and not all together, and hide the tracks of it locations. Think as if the SS was coming soon, and you know how they did things, always prepare for the worst and be smart and sneaky for your families sake. Red paint is good, but also put a marker with it that won’t dry out, when you write on the marker, write as if you have been walking for 20 miles, remember these guys have been running your neighbor hood for many hours, and will be tired,and will not write like an author, but make sure they can read it. They will enter every structure, unless your marker works on their exhaustion and they pass it after a quick look……..Bright Orange will also be good one……… mark on the marker that 2 bodies have been recovered/this will usually work to keep most out due to fright and them not wanting to be around dead bodies.

Do not shoot at, or approach Officer’s with a weapon drawn, your asking to just die………. remember….. they have Radio’s and many more people than you, and be pretty assured they are close within a few blocks.
If you see them coming down the block … house by house and watch them take everyone away………… goto the sewer system, enter the system and make sure your close the lid, and carry a small chain to lock down the lid… this you must plan for and recon(do this for practice before such event occurs), if the lid seems to be locked down, then the one checking will assume it is clear… remember.. do not stand underneath the lid, move away around a corner, keep quiet very quiet and wait it out several hours before one of you poke your head out… yes it must be dark and do not use a flash light….. if this ever happens.. then assume everyone is a threat… do make sure that it is not just a chemical or gas leaks in the area before your take such actions.

Rule of thumb, keep a bugout back for each person in the family…….never take it out of the car/truck unless that person is out of the vehicle. Yes, everyone should,but they don’t, keep the small bugout bag/backpack with at least 2 days supply as they go through the day. There should be a buried cache near your home, and one or two on the way to your bug out place per your worked out routes. Why all this, ok…. your driving home from work..20 miles away; something major happens, it will take you many hours to walk 20 miles, and if you do not have your bag, your gonna be sucking way before, or if even you make it to your house; always be prepared……….. its the little things that get ya first.

Anything from a Tornado,to an ice storm can make things very difficult if you just do things by chance…………prepare for your families sake.

I am not trying to scare anyone, no sugar here, but people need to get their heads out their bung holes if they want a good chance to survive anything major. Your best bet………..leave the Cities now………

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Okie’s Law • Re: Protection from Rogue Officers

January 29, 2017 Major French 0

Think Like a German U-boat Commander. All windows tape so no light can leak. All noise making devices shut down. Doors locked, outdoor pets crated inside. You can use children’s benadryl squirted by syringe down the throat to keep pets sedated. Furthermore, vrsting makes dogs feel secure because it’s denning-naturally hiding in a cave. Less liable to bark that way. If you cannot function without a blare of music. practice it now.

Donot answer the door if they knock. hide in windowless rooms. If you must in windowed room, get in the closet or lie in the floor flat, lights and noise off. Keep weapons handy, but engage the enemy as a last resort. If you must kill a renegade LEO, strip the body nude and make sure its electronics are off too. Keep the radio to track any cop movements. Stuff the corpse in a sewer after dark. WIth societal chaos, it will be months or decades before it’s found. Burning or burying could get risk. drone attention. cut it up its uniform and ditch them after dark in different place. If you can, spray paint the badge a neon color, so as to make it toy-like but hide it still. If it has a tactical vest, remove it’s ID marks and make it you’re own if that’s feasible. If not, hide it in a closed room, but then dispose of it quietly after the disaster has passed. Think swamps, flea markets, quicksand…

Weaponry isn’t difficult to hide. Many smaller PD and some State police forces use symbols embedded in the grips of handguns to mark ‘s tape them as police property. Use electrician’s tape to hide the grips and later replace them with standard replacements. If the frame isn’t marked for cop useage; you got a free pistol, too. If the frame is marked for cops usage, hide it and later hide in a vehicle at a car crusher’s. OR sell it a flea market, preferably out of state. Long guns can hidden until you can finish the cop ID[not the serial numbers!]and then you can either use them your self or pawn them off at a pawn shop you don’t commonly use, too.

Jewelry can be pawned off easily. It’s best to use at least an out of town pawnshop , too. Eye glasses can be given to eye glass donations booths at the Lion’s club and the shoes can be donated to Good Will. Clean up the shooting with paper, because you can easily destroy when it safe to do safe.

Vehicles turn off their electronics and quietly drive them to a remote place and abandon them. preferably at least large rural brush. cars have so remained hidden for decades.

While my ways may sound grim, the rogue cops committed the sin of Home Invasion when they entered without your permission. THey chose their own deaths.

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