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North Carolina Meetups • Re: Thinking about a A.N.T.S. and APN meetup in NC?

April 30, 2017 founderant 0

I don’t mind as long as you make the group a colony page. In other words create a A.N.T.S colony name for yourself and use it for your Meetup group. I know that there was a local colony out west that was doing the same thing.

There is a large Prepper group that meets regularly in Mathews called Carolina Preppers. They do a lot of things together and I spoke at one of their meetings 2 years ago.

You might want to join their group, unless you just want to form a local A.N.T.S colony group.

I still want to do an overnight sometime in June, It will just be a small gathering most liking to meet up and go over A.N.T.S guidelines. I will try to set a date this week.

Fireant and myself will also be camping at Prepper Camp this year in September if you would like to Meetup there. If you never been, I think you will like it. Lots of classes


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North Carolina Meetups • Re: Thinking about a A.N.T.S. and APN meetup in NC?

April 29, 2017 Cadit 0

Hi FounderAnt: any development in a meet-up or gathering for us? I’ve almost given up on scheduling one and have started trying to enlist those around me as potential prospects for membership and gatherings. I have met a few people recently that seems to have like mind set like ours. They are also interested in doing meet-ups as well. Which brings me to a question. Would you mind if I posted on a web site called Meet-Ups, and create a site for ANTS. To cast a line and see if we get a nibble. There are a few groups out there that fit the bill for Preppers and there are preppers on there too.

Cadit :)

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