Is Hillary Clinton Having a Mental Breakdown?

August 7, 2016 Editor: Cari Schofield 0

Often times we wonder about where a president is from, his financial back ground, his accomplishments and failures, his morals. One thing that often gets over looked, or rather not talked about, is the mental health of our nominees. Hillary Clinton, the current democratic nominee, has been demonstrating some very strange behavior that has people investigating. There are a lot of memes floating around the internet making fun of her exaggerated facial expressions. What some people may not realize is that she may have some serious mental issues or possibly medical.  Is Hillary Clinton having a mental breakdown? Is Hillary Clinton Stable Enough To Run The Country? YouTuber Paul Joseph Watson brings together some interesting information that as a whole could destroy Hillary Clinton. His video brings up questions about her mental health and what is happening in her head. Paul’s perspective and evidence will make you think about what is happening behind the scenes. From head injury, blood clots, seizures or even a form of high functioning autism, wouldn’t you want to know? In 2012, CNN reported that Hillary Clinton had a fall that caused her to have a massive concussion. As a result she developed serious blood clots in her brain. Paul points out a lot of her symptoms that indicate she may have had a stroke or epilepsy due to the clots. Concussion, brain clots, very odd behaviors indicative of strokes or seizures. These things alone are enough to with drawl her from the election. Add to that the possibility of a mental breakdown and psychopathic tendencies happening right in front of our eyes. Don’t you think there is enough evidence to demand she be examined and have a full health and mental check? We certainly do. We hope you enjoy the video below and please feel free to comment below and share your views with GaltStrike. Is Hillary Clinton Having A Mental Breakdown?

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