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How To Start Prepping (The Basics) • Re: Prepping: Getting Started-Food Pantry

May 28, 2017 outdoorbobby 0
EvilSB wrote:
has anyone tried the powdered eggs you can find in a can and have anything to say about them? I’m wondering if this might be a good thing to add to the pantry…

thanks much –


Yes I have and they work surprisingly well. Not necessarily alone, but is good as an egg-replacer in recipes. To make sort-of like an omlette, my wife (vegan) uses chickpea flour mix. It’s actually damn good.

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How To Start Prepping (The Basics) • Re: 4 questions to reveal your level of preparedness

March 22, 2017 apache235 0

I haven’t hard mention of any BOV’s yet. Under most conditions you can drive (if the roads will allow) to where ever. If there’s an EMP or you are late in leaving a massive civil disturbance how are you going to get to point B? Homesteaders don’t count, you are already there, for the rest of us we will need to move somehow.

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How To Start Prepping (The Basics) • Re: 4 questions to reveal your level of preparedness

March 21, 2017 Eaglehrt 0

The Bible is the Best read out there, and is a very important part of many lives, and always will be. Survival is all that we can do to last longer in this life, doesn’t mean that your more powerful than any other, just means that you have taken steps to push yourself and your family name a little further. There are so many things that can happen to one who is all alone out there, this is why small strong groups are needed, and as one has said before, if you have ever………… spent an extended time alone………… you will have given yourself the most important lesson any one could learn……………. you will never make it by yourself in the end. Everyone needs someone, and someone is always needing a hand. That is how it works, and will always be.

OPSEC is a good thing, but always remember……….all this food, and prepping to be alone against so many …………. really is not the smartest thing to do.

It will take a small group to accomplish all that needs to be done to survive for any length of time. Security is number one priority right…….. if your by yourself, how can you have 24 hr security … when there is so much to be done,and food takes so much more time …. there is no way with so much that 4 people could last so long. Murphy’s Law…….. will bite you in the (Censored word. I’m a potty mouth)…………… and it will be done then.

Be smart………… OPSEC and all………….. get your strong groups together……….. so that we may survive.


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How To Start Prepping (The Basics) • Re: WHY Prepare?

March 21, 2017 Eaglehrt 0

Momszzzzzzzzzzzz…… have done it again. Well done, well put, and well seasoned. No matter how many times we put this out, seems that there are so many knuckleheads and “All about me’ers out there that will always say stupid things about prepping. Well………….. here it goes to them……………… ” Here’s your SIGN “……………… just wondering if they can even read……………

Keep up your work mama……………………… we all need ya.


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How To Start Prepping (The Basics) • Re: Anybody shop at Harbor Freight?

January 30, 2017 justme_noname 0

For the OP on safes. I’ve seen videos and a show on TV about safes. There is very few that can last through what two or more good crooks can do to a safe. On a TV show where they bought several brands and tested them, the safes last only minutes, most under one. Once you get that crowbar under there and get a good bite, it’s pretty much over. I also noticed, the first thing they do, push the safe over on its back. It gives them some crowbar grease to work it in there. So, having that thing bolted to the floor very good may help.

Just like most anything tho, locking things just slows them down. It rarely stops them. If you lock your car doors, break the window. Trunks, pop the lock. Lock your house door, pry your way in, kick it down or just go through the window. Still, we all try anyway.

The best way to stop a crook, lead. That usually works well, very well if properly done. :rolleyes:

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