Guardline GS-5000 Motion Detection Security System / APN Product Review

January 29, 2017 Robert Hawkins 0

Imagine a line of pickets that can pick up the approach of anything heading your way. That’s exactly what you have with the Guardline GL-5000 Motion Detecting Alarm System. This is a security system that is well worth it. This product review was a walk in the park… actually a walk around the yard, testing […]

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Kate Morris and The McClane Apocalypse

January 25, 2017 gman 0

Kate Morris and The McClane Apocalypse Richard McGrath ” Finding Freedom” Audio in player below! This week we have another author Kate Morris who is also a homesteader. We will dive in and talk about prepping, freedom, homesteading, and her books also be sure to check her out on Facebook as well. Kate Morris: “I … Continue reading Kate Morris and The McClane Apocalypse

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Breathing Mobile Washer Review and Demonstration

January 25, 2015 aprepper 0

  Washing your clothes manually doesn’t have to be as difficult as you would think. Watch as MissRandie shows you how with the breathing mobile washer.  As a matter of fact, you can wash your clothes much quicker and more efficiently than even compared to top quality electric washers. The mobile washer works differently than a […]

Culticycle Pedal Power Tractor

January 13, 2015 aprepper 0

  Watch as Farmhack demonstrates their Culticycle pedal power tractor.  This is quite simply one of the coolest Farm inventions I’ve seen in a while.  Alternative energy enthusiasts will love this.  Maybe the culticycle could be a solution for farming in developing nations. Survivalists may want to consider building one as a post economic collapse method of farming. Whatever […]

Bottle Tower Garden: DIY instructions on how to build your own

January 8, 2015 aprepper 0

  Watch Willem Van Cotthem demonstrate how to build a bottle tower garden.  These are really great because not only are you recycling the plastic bottles and keeping them out of the landfill, you are also building a sustainable garden.  By being vertical the garden saves space and can allow you to grow vegetables even […]