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For Sale & Trade • Re: More about military field phones.

February 14, 2017 3ADScout 0

I have 2 T/A 312 and 2 T/A-1 phones. The TA-1s do not require ANY batteries and are sound powered, with a range of about 4 miles. The TA-312 take 2 D cell Batteries but many people don’t realize that the TA312 can be used without batteries for a distance of around 4 miles. If you use the 2 d cells it can go about 12. Sportsman guide has been offering brand new rolls of field phone wire for $27 which is incredibly cheap. Over the years I have managed to scrounge up some spare parts (going through $1 boxes at gun shows pays off) and even found some of the “crystals” that are used in the non-powered manual switchboard. Allows you to connect multiple phone when you want to. You don’t need a switchboard you can wire them in a hot loop but all the phone will ring and everyone can hear the conversation, which isn’t always bad. If you get a roll of wire try to find the reel handle it makes deploying and retrieving the wire very easy.

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For Sale & Trade • Re: More about military field phones.

February 13, 2017 NJMike 0

I don’t have any sound powered phones. I do have 4 German Field Telephones. I believe the Germans may have been among the last in NATO to use them. They use very common D batteries and can be useful for point to point communications if you have the cabling handy. You can also make your own cheap field phone-Lite with an old corded handset, a 9V battery and a resistor (around 300ohm). Google how to make your own intercom.

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For Sale & Trade • More about military field phones.

February 13, 2017 maureenash 0

Sound powered telephone equipment provide facilities for talking and signalling with-out the use of any batteries or a power source. The telephone handset contains a sound-powered transmitter and receiver units.The field telephone set built into a metal case, the top of which can be closed without interference with the the instrument inside.It operates by batteries which are no longer available. Built in hand generator to ring the other phone.

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For Sale & Trade • Concrete / Server Bunker for Auction Surplus

January 31, 2017 GovDeals 0

ONLINE AUCTION SURPLUS- Ends 3/3/17. To see full details for this item please go to and enter QAL #4921-1069 in the Quick Asset Lookup QAL box located on the home page. These auctions are open to the public and to registered bidders. Bidders are encouraged to inspect the property prior to placing a bid; inspections are by appointment only.

Heartland AEA is offering for sale a concrete shelter (“bunker”) that was used by the Agency as a server bunker from 2010 to 2015 but can be used by the buyer for their desired purpose. The bunker has been well-maintained and is in very good condition.

Conditions of all items are “As is, Where is”.

Only items described herein is included in sale regardless of what else is pictured. … _78129.pdf

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For Sale & Trade • Excellent service for college students.

January 14, 2017 Danielsmith12 0

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