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November 3, 2017 gman 0

BUILDING THE PREPPER ARMORY Dane, The Gunmetal Armoryā€¯ Audio player provided! Listen in to this premiere episode of The Gunmetal Armory, Dane will dive into what you should stock in your Prepper Armory, and its purpose. We talk firearms, edged implemen…

5 Concealed Carry Tips

June 15, 2017 Howard Murphy 0

Making the decision to carry concealed around family can be difficult. Carrying a handgun has become more culturally acceptable in America, especially in recent years. Carry permit issuances are up across the country, and handgun sales are through the roof. New demographics – women, younger adults, family members – are buying guns. But we won’t […]

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Practical Bug Out Reloading

February 22, 2017 Guest Author 0

By: Matt “Papa Bear” Wooddell Many people, when first joining the preparedness community initially focus on guns and ammo. They want nice, useful, and effective weaponry and enough ammunition to last for years and years before needing to purchase more. After a few years of prepping and a few years’ worth of trips to the […]

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Self-Defense Skills You Need to Know

February 12, 2017 Cari Schofield 0

If you want to be truly prepared for any emergency situation, self-defense is an essential skill set. Preppers, in particular, need to know how to defend themselves during major emergencies, as they will typically be in possession of scarce resources that others will go to great lengths to get. Here are the four fundamental self-defense […]

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