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Inspire Those Around you to Start Prepping

May 23, 2018 James Walton 0

Do you know the one question that always comes up? Do you know the biggest struggle that preppers face outside of money in our little niche? It’s the struggle of getting those around us to take preparedness and survival as passionately as we do! Gettin…

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How To Become A Successful Deer Hunter

February 26, 2018 harry 0

Whether you are a professional deer Hunter or someone who is just starting out as a deer Hunter one thing you would crave for is to become successful. And as you know, success is not something you can achieve in a day. It is a gradual process. It means…

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Ten Must-Have Items to Pack in Your Survival Kit

February 16, 2018 Courtney Myers 0

A survival kit is stocked with the basic necessities you’ll require to stay alive and keep your family safe while you await or prepare a more permanent living situation. While each person’s idea of “necessities” might vary, these tools are universal in…

10 things you should know about the sun to survive!


February 15, 2018 Dan Wolfe 0

– Now with ‘UPHILL Assist’ – All-Terrain hauler, 400lbs / 10+ cubic feet cargo – All-new updated design – Tough-as-nails construction – Portable, stowable, and stackable, fits in most vehicles – Offered in Desert Tan, Moss Green, and Hivis Yellow – Int…

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How To Test Your Bug Out Bag For SHTF

February 13, 2018 Kel 0

Testing Your Bug Out Bag Gear Is Vital To Ensuring You Are Prepared To Sustain Your Own Survival Should A Disaster Strike. Here’s How To Plan It Now.
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Security Essentials For Home & Office

January 10, 2018 Christina Moore 0

Security is an issue that we frequently deal with. It may be protecting ourselves from muggers or preventing access to our electronic profiles, or countless other possibilities. It’s always a good idea to develop a plan to protect ourselves from intrud…

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The 8 Best Things about Kids Binoculars

January 8, 2018 MD Jonab Ali Mia 0

Children have a wide range of activities to venture into during their growth and development this exposes them enabling them to choose what they are interested in. it also comes at with an educational advantage. Some of these activities involve outdoor…

You Can Use Your Phone for Emergency Preparations

October 15, 2017 American Preppers Network 0

When prepping for a natural disaster or emergency, we often neglect to think of our phones. Cell phones have become the average Americans lifeline and should be included in all preparations. It makes it so much easier to be able to reach out for emergency assistance and update your family on your wellbeing. We have […]

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Be Heard in Any Disaster with Unstoppable Communications

September 16, 2017 James Walton 0

The Importance of Incoming and Outgoing Communications Communications are a vital part of any operation. Whether we are talking about military operations, business or even in a family; communication is everything. For preppers the idea of having plenty of water and food is part of the plan. Security, hygiene and first aid are all parts […]

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Survival Experts teach life-saving skills 23 September 2017 at FRSGP Expo:

September 15, 2017 Dan Wolfe 0

Providing education, awareness, products, and services for survival in uncertain times!   On 23 September 2017, SEPS, LLC presents the third annual Front Royal Sportsman, Gun, and Prepper Expo (FRSGPE III) to be held at New Hope Bible Church in Front Royal, VA, to help address the concerns of millions of Americans influenced by recent […]

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All the Archery Safety Rules You Need To Know About

September 14, 2017 Harry Wilson 0

Archery is something that seems fascinating just by hearing the word. Everyone, including me, would want to try it out whenever we hear someone telling their experiences with archery. It’s true that with some practice and proper guidance, everyone can eventually find their way to performing archery perfectly. But before developing a hobby, one really […]

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Latest Actions From North Korea Nuclear Tensions

September 6, 2017 Joshua Lampright 0

The progression of nuclear activity within North Korea is mounting, with Kim Jong-un’s latest nuclear test marked as the largest of the series of six total tests. This latest, and most powerful, nuclear test created earthquake shock waves that reached as far as across the border of China and into an eastern sea port in […]

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The gender wage gap – Myth? Lie? Or BS?

July 8, 2017 Dennis Thompsett 0

Here’s a quick word association test – how big is the gender wage gap? How much less are women paid for doing the same work? You might automatically say 30% less. Or 25% less. Or even 21% less. These are all common figures, all used by various experts, celebrities and even heads of state. Yet they are all totally and tragically wrong. There is no gender wage gap. It is a complete myth. Say it ain’t so. The gender wage gap simply cannot be a myth. It is common knowledge. As carved in stone as 365 1/4 days in a year or 5280 feet in a mile. You don’t even have to think about things like this. That, of course, is the problem. You don’t think about it. You got your information about the gender wage gap from a reliable source at some point in the past and have had no reason to think about it since. What a bit of thinking does to the gender wage gap BS If you did think about the supposed gender wage gap, however, it would be quite obvious that there were serious problems with it. The fact is – and you know this already – if a man and a woman worked in adjacent cubicles doing exactly the same work, then they would get exactly the same pay. Their cubicles would be exactly the same size. And there would probably be exactly the same number of steps to the washroom and to their parking spaces. Because if that were not the case, it would be against the law in any western country. The company would be charged with discrimination and forced to pay a huge fine. Furthermore, the woman would sue the company – and win – and get a huge settlement. In addition the resultant bad publicity could actually force the company out of business. So no company would pay men and women differently for the same job. They simply would not dare to take that much risk for such a small reward. Another, humorous side of this argument is made by Christina Hoff Somers – who calls herself The Factual Feminist. She says that if women really could be paid a lot less for the same work, then every company would immediately fire all of its men and hire all those low paid women to do the same work. ( But, of course, they don’t. So it’s pretty clear when you do think about it – a gender pay gap for the same work simply does not and could not exist in today’s workplace. Why then does this obvious lie persist? Why do many modern feminists continue to claim such a pay gap for the same work still exists? Again, Christina Hoff Somers suggests that it is agenda driven. Feminist goals of equal pay, equal access, and equal opportunity have already been won. They already exist for women. The fight is over. But today’s radical feminists need women to be constant victims, oppressed by the evil patriarchy in order to have still something to fight against and thereby justify their existence. So they keep using the gender pay gap as a trigger to get people riled up. In fact, if there was an evil patriarchy oppressing women, why would it let more women into universities than men, allow more women than men to graduate universities, give women advantages in private sector job hunting, as well in criminal and in family courts? Pretty inefficient patriarchy. Where does this kind of BS come from? If they are so patently wrong, then where did these pay gap figures of 30% less, 25% less and 21% less come from? Benjamin Disraeli once said there are three kinds of lies. Lies. Damned lies. And statistics. And that’s exactly where the discrepancy figures come from. Milo Yiannopoulos, the Conservative speaker, who recently billed himself as The Dangerous Faggot on his tour of American Universities, says the figure comes from bad math and bad economics.  If you take the earnings of all women who work and compare it to the wages earned by all men who work, there will be a gap. But it’s certainly not a gap in pay for doing the same work. It’s a statistic and one that lies, because it doesn’t take into account the life choices women make – to have a more balanced life, rather than to spend every waking moment at work. ( Dr Jordan Peterson, a Psychology Professor from the University of Toronto expands upon this idea, saying that competitive places, like top law firms simply cannot keep their female lawyers after age 35, because there are innate differences between men and women, and at that age women generally decide that they simply do not want to spend 80 hour weeks working and every waking moment in the office. They’d rather have a more balanced life. ( If it’s so obvious, why didn’t you see it? What’s wrong with you? The point is, with a little research and a bit of thinking, it’s obvious that there is no gender wage gap for the same work. It’s a myth. It doesn’t hold up to even superficial scrutiny. The question, of course is, why don’t more people question it? Why didn’t you? The truth is, like most of us, you probably don’t have lot of spare time. What little you do have you don’t want to waste on things like calculating how many feet in a mile. Or how many days in a year. You simply take the figures for granted. This exercise illustrates not so much about the agenda of modern feminists or about the mythical gender pay gap, but rather a phenomenon that Tom Peters in the Search for Excellence books defined as a “blinding flash of the obvious”. Maybe you need to reorganize your life so you do have more time. More time to think. Time Freedom to spend with your friends and family. More time to relax and enjoy life. The path to this state of being is probably to become your own boss – which the internet let’s you do now with little to no investment and a lot greater job satisfaction and a lot more fun. Could these easy internet ideas make you rich? Happy? Both? For example, you could set up your own website quite affordably and write out a blog every week or every day. It could become very popular very quickly and begin attracting advertisers and paying you, in some cases, even more than you earn now. If you have a lot of opinions you’d like to share, this is something you can do easily, from anywhere in the world. Here’s an idea how to get started. ( Another exciting possibility is making a regular podcast. You can do this in audio alone or audio and video. All you really need to do this is a smart phone with a camera. Once you’re done you upload your podcasts, which can contain your opinions on big issues, your take on breaking news and even your conversations with your friends. It could be serious. It could be comedy. It could be dramatic. But it’s said to be the most fun you can have with your clothes on.  All sorts of people, just like you, are doing this kind of thing and having fun. Many have been able to monetize their podcasts and make enough money to retire and do only the podcasts. You upload your finished productions to YouTube and when your unique brand of entertainment catches on, you can make millions from advertisers or from viewer contributions. Thousands of people are doing just that right now, and more are coming on-line every hour. Here’s an idea of how to do a podcast: ( If you don’t have strong opinions or you don’t want to put yourself up front as a target, however, there’s an even more comfortable way to be your own boss on the intenet and make the money you need to take care of things. Selling. This is far beyond selling a few things out of the garage on eBay. This is serious business. Internet millionaires can teach you how to join their exclusive club and show you how to sell pretty well anything to anybody and make a big profit on the transaction. One way to learn this skill is here: ( All of these exciting internet possibilities can be tried out without giving up your day job. See what works for you before you make huge changes in your life. But start working towards a future that gives you more control, more spare time and quite possibly even more money. The Gender wage gap is a myth. And so is the idea that you have to work long hours for someone else. You are the author of your own novel. Make it into an exciting story, starting today. Write on.

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Top 10 Tips for Survival Deer Hunting with A Compound Bow

June 2, 2017 Brandon Cox 0

Guns are overrated for survival. There’s denying that a firearm is superior to any other weapon for defense and hunting. That being said, you have to carry it, it’s ammunition, and you have to have everything that goes along with cleaning, maintaining and protecting that weapon as well. You also have to pay a significant […]

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Building a Remotely Located Bunker for Your Family

May 3, 2017 James Smith 0

Building a Remotely Located Bunker for Your Family Disasters cannot be predicted but we definitely are starting to find out ways to stay protected if one does happen. We have in-house safe rooms, basements doubling up as bunkers, food and medical supplies, bug out bags and a whole lot of other things that provide us […]

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Fly Fishing Tips

May 2, 2017 John Lewis 0

Fly fishing is an enjoyable activity. Besides, I sincerely believe it’s a good skill to have for preppers and survivalists. While it’s definitely not as cool as learning how to shoot with a rifle but it’s pretty practical. Fly fishing can provide a stable source of food and it’s comparatively easier compared to hunting. With […]

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Navigation, Family Practices for Security, Experience, and Fun

April 21, 2017 westwardcrow 0

Navigation, Family Practices for Security, Experience, and Fun What if you had that one essential prepper/survival related item with you at all times that not only gave you security and peace of mind but was also family friendly, educational, entertaining, and fun? We all practice self-reliance in one form or another to some extent in […]

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3 Things To Do: Protecting Your Online Communications

March 30, 2017 Dan Wolfe 0

I tend to hide in the background of the American Preppers Network. I’m the web-master, the guy that makes the guts of the place work. It’s a thankless job, but somebody has to do it. Well, actually it’s not thankless, both Tom and Gman at Prepper Broadcast have thanked me for countless little and big […]

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Practical Bug Out Reloading

February 22, 2017 Guest Author 0

By: Matt “Papa Bear” Wooddell Many people, when first joining the preparedness community initially focus on guns and ammo. They want nice, useful, and effective weaponry and enough ammunition to last for years and years before needing to purchase more. After a few years of prepping and a few years’ worth of trips to the […]

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Survival Tips for Camping

February 21, 2017 Adam Torkildson 0

The great outdoors is in fact great. It provides food, fresh air and a chance to unplug from technology and reconnect with nature. Sometimes, though, the great outdoors isn’t so great, turning your fun overnight hiking trip or weekend camping trip into a rough, wet, tiring experience. Here are 8 camping survival tips and tricks […]

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Does your gun technique need improvement?

February 11, 2017 Guest Author 0

More and more people around countries who legalize gun ownership purchase their own guns. Some people have them for security purposes. It makes them feel safer knowing that they have a very effective way of defending themselves in case they encounter criminals or muggers.  For hunters, having a handgun became very important due to the […]

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Guardline GS-5000 Motion Detection Security System / APN Product Review

January 29, 2017 Robert Hawkins 0

Imagine a line of pickets that can pick up the approach of anything heading your way. That’s exactly what you have with the Guardline GL-5000 Motion Detecting Alarm System. This is a security system that is well worth it. This product review was a walk in the park… actually a walk around the yard, testing […]

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Avoid Five Common Camping Catastrophes

January 26, 2017 Guest Author 0

Even the most experienced campers make mistakes when exploring the great outdoors. In a minor case, you forget an essential item like your toothbrush, but some can even lead to Camping Catastrophes at campsites or in surrounding areas. To avoid the worst ones, follow these five tips when preparing for your trip. Train for Emergency Situations […]

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