We the People. All of the People.

August 11, 2016 dave1678 0

I have thought long and hard on this subject.  I was even concerned about saying anything about it, but if I am afraid of speaking about this then I have no right to speak on any other subject.  Now I will not bring up the definition of racism as with all isms, it seems that it means so many things to so many people and I believe that is the point of them.  Race in humans is a social construct set on ways to classify common differences in human beings such as skin color, hair color, and facial features and so on, but we are all the same species stated as we can breed and have successful offspring. We are people. Now that is a very cold way of saying any couple that has compatible parts can have a child that has both of their genetic material and can have children of their own.  So the real social construct is that we are separated by looks.  No matter what the taxonomists say, that is all that separates us, just the way we look.  Now when it comes to choosing a mate or partner that can be a big deal, but when choosing a friend is it?  Isn’t the mind and how it works the real reason you hang out with another person.  Should your judgment be on the clothes they wear or the way they wear their hair or perhaps even how much or little money they have. All these things have more to do with a person than how their eyes are shaped or what hue their skin is or even what color their hair is.  As the former is a choice, and I would go even so far as to say a practice on how a person lives their life, but the latter a person has no real choice short of dye or plastic surgery and has little to no bearing on what type of person they are or how they will deal with any given situation. So that being said I want to point out the consequences of the classification of human beings; Bigotry.  That word covers so many small things, but I would argue that what it really is, is a lack of self-respect. A simple belief that what one thinks of one’s self is hinged upon someone else being less than they are.  There are still pockets of bigotry in the country on any side of the argument and we are not talking coins here we are talking about the sides of a tetrahedron.  The way we deal with each other speaks more about ourselves than it does anyone else and I want people to speak loudly so better for me to judge who they are and what they want.  So if you read this and believe that I am hateful more power to you, I hope it keeps you warm but if I make you think than I can offer you no more power than the idea that I espouse here and that is no matter what science categorization or medical term they saddle us with we are all people and deserve to be taken as individuals and not as a group. One of the biggest issues I have seen in my life is when a person from another group has success the bigots cannot stand this.  The will stand against this at all costs even to the point of violence.  A group asking another to pay for the sins of the past by allowing sins in the present or future keeps us in a cycle of separation and confusion. Denial of the past can be just as harmful to know. That was so we will never repeat it again.  As modern people you would think that we could enjoy all aspects of each other but there are so many excuses for bad behavior from one group celebrating another’s culture.  Appropriation is the taking of a thing from another but how can anyone in a free society take a Lifestyle from another.  A culture is not a tangible thing you cannot steal it nor can you force a group to change it.  It is in their traditions, the foods they eat, the way they celebrate the art and pageantry of a people. So how does one steal that? If we cannot take pleasure in each others culture then how as a society can we work together and understand each other?  I make a call out to every American citizen to enjoy each others ways. To learn about your neighbors and let them in.  Let every man woman and child be better for the beauty that is your culture and then perhaps we can stop seeing anyone as a thief of our traditions and welcome them as guests at our table and appreciate their genuine love of humanity. I want us to stop trying to rewrite history. It is a failing that keeps us apart.  Allow all the literature into the classrooms again and have the courage to tell the truth about our past and allow us to move united as a country and make sure that each individual knows that his or her self-respect comes from what is inside of them not what they look like.  Finally, allow all Americans to choose their hero’s and mentors not by their outward appearance as that is something that is not easily emulated but by what they do and how they do it.  The manner in which they have honed their talents and moved to succeed. We all have darkness and insecurities let us leave those in our own minds and struggle and not burden society at large and find the greatness in ourselves and share that with the world.  Let us accept the contributions each person makes and stand on their shoulders to make their ideas and accomplishments greater than imagined.  To finish this let me leave you with a great quote from Edward W. Bok “Make the world a bit better or more beautiful because you have lived in it”.  

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