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Check In Here Washington Preppers • New communication Network inland northwest NE WA

February 24, 2017 RollingwithR 0

Hello, we’re new to the site, not to prepping. We have a bug in location in the forests of NE WA. We actually bug in for a full year without resupply every other year, just to test ourselfs and our preps. We like to say were particle prepers, preping for a world worth living in. This means you won’t find a nuclear bomb shelter or decon rooms and gas masks among our preps. It’s just me and the wife and really who would want to live in a nuked wasteland or inside a freaking condom for the rest of their life? Maybe if we had kids to worry about having full lifes then maybe, but we dont so…
We have been preping as a bug in location for years now. We have finally been able to call our bug in preps complete, but that doesn’t mean we’re done. No its just time for the next step, turning our bug in property into a small self sustainable farm. That’s actually what got us onto this site, posting looking for a like minded person or persons to help with tending a farm during the even years were forced to abandon our safe little bug in palace and re join the rat race. I figured why not take full advantage of this site and reach out to other preppers within 100 air mi of kettle falls WA, in an effort to set up a communication network with like minded people. This could be email and phone #s but it should also include radio call signs and chanels you monitor just in case the grid dose go down. This network could be uesed just to say hello I’m here or for our own amusement for now, but after a shtf scenario the radio call signs could set us up with a invaluable source of news msg chains and even trade if your with in the 100 air miles.
Just to be clear by we I mean me and my wife so iso single prepper and the like please don’t respond. But we welcome any local true prepper contacts.

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Check In Here Washington Preppers • Re: I’m a prepper…you’re a prepper

February 17, 2017 Defcon09 0
Hamradiogirl wrote:
Hello from KF7LXG –
I’m a licensed ham radio operator with a degree in Emergency Mgt. I’ve been a prepper since my Dad (WWII, Korea, Vietnam Vet) taught me about EMP’s many years ago. Just looking for other like-minded singles out there….

Welcome to the club hamradiogirl. Nice to have you.

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Check In Here Washington Preppers • New in Edgewood

February 17, 2017 Hamradiogirl 0

I’m a bored retiree who would love to liquidate my assets and head for the hills but it’s difficult when all my friends are on Facebook which can’t help me grab the other end of a tarp.
But it is nice that I have no partner, pets or kids to concern myself with when “it” hits the fan. Just throw my bug out bag in the back of my low mile 7.3 powerstroke F250 (that I’m considering selling) :tank: and head for the hills….. :shock:

Statistics: Posted by Hamradiogirl — Fri Feb 17, 2017 7:59 am