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Check In Here Oklahoma Preppers • Re: Oklahoma Preppers..

March 21, 2017 Eaglehrt 0

Welcome back to the red dirt…………… how have you been? Same here, glad to see this season is starting a little early with communication before we get so involved in our processes of the growing season.
I would like to get things rolling as soon as we can get some peeps together.

Very glad to see you back, where in our great state have you come back to lay roots, and do ya need any help?


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Check In Here Oklahoma Preppers • Re: Looking to form a Prepper Group in East Central Oklahoma

March 21, 2017 Eaglehrt 0

I have many skills and abilities to share and teach. Military retired, any we need to get together for the season is upon us. Glad to meet you and see you up and running this early in our mist of preparations.
Gentleman, shall we begin our journey together. There are a few here that would like to form a good stronger group, so we shall start our paths toward our common goals.

I offer my assistance, and would enjoy some company and time with our fellow partners in times to come.


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Check In Here Oklahoma Preppers • Re: Central Oklahoma prepper

March 21, 2017 Eaglehrt 0

Welcome and a great hello fro Oklahoma………………. Seems to me we will get along just great, and learn from your skills and passion’s as from us. It i getting into the time of year that we must keep an eye on the weather, and make sure we can react in a very short notice. Just a reminder of how it changes so fast around here.

Me, well I am Military , retired a very short time ago, I love the outdoors, and can handle myself pretty good. I am also skilled with weapons of many colors, and reload myself as your husband. I have many skills, that will help me teach and share with fellow members that I am sure could be used in times of need.

I would like to get this season up and running as soon as we can. There is so much that we all need to share with each other, and communication will be the most fragile but needed skill we all have.

I am here, if needed by anyone, just let me know by pm and I will be checking in most often. I will leave my number per pm, and I wish you the best with your journey.


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Check In Here Oklahoma Preppers • Central Oklahoma prepper

February 28, 2017 Tanya 0

Hello to all ya’ll Okies :)
I just found and joined APN forums.
I guess you could say we are new to prepping but not to survival. I myself grew up in Wyoming with a Mountain guide/logger for a dad. Spent a lot of time in my early years roughing it right down to mountain stream bathing, I swear we should have turned into Polar Bears. Anyway we spent most of our spare time in the mountains and at Rendezvous Pageants so I have a pretty decent grasp of outdoor survival. My husband and I both shoot but have not gotten our Concealed Carry Licenses yet. I’m not a hunter but I can butcher and tan hides in a pinch. I can build and repair just about anything that is not mechanical. I can sew but it ain’t real pretty, I guess I could handle most clothing repairs though. I knit the basics including socks. I have never had the patients to make a sweater but I expect I could figure it out if needs must. I love gardening and animals (except chickens, I hate chickens) I have experience with horses and dogs. I really want to get into sheep though, I would love to learn to spin and weave myself. I also have a good bit of medical training. I cook and can and have some knowledge of smoking and drying.
My husband is a big strong capable guy. He is very calm, logical and is good with guns and reloading. He is a geologist and also excellent with building anything. He is also not bad with mechanical repairs.

As I said before we have just begun prepping so aside from valuable skills we do not have much in the way of resources yet, hopefully we will have time. Oh also just putting this out there because most of the preppers I have seen in my area so far are pretty religious, We are not. We don’t preach our beliefs to others and are not interested in yours. We have lots of friends and family members that are very religious and love them just the same we hope we get the same respect from others.

Cheers and I look forward to chatting with ya’ll :)

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Check In Here Oklahoma Preppers • Re: Oklahoma Preppers..

February 21, 2017 swampcrawler 0

Amazing! I stumble on this site –and lo and behold I’m the only one on it at the moment. Duh! Info bar says I joined back in 2010–damn–guess I shouldn’t criticize for “non-participation”. Anyway–out of that heathen state of Florida, and back home in Red Dirt Country. I’ll try to monitor this a bit more closely.

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Check In Here Oklahoma Preppers • Re: Oklahoma Preppers..

January 31, 2017 Eaglehrt 0

Thanks Ice……….. it is just toooo quiet in Oklahoma, Where are all my Peep’s hanging out?
Now is a great time to get a few gathering’s in before springtime planting and preparations commence.

Main issues for all… Security, Communications, first Aid/Health, and working together will be main focus as we approach the season.
Okies……. are we using a different means of communication, surely Facebook isn’t the most used is it? If so..someone guide me to it.

I need my Family…

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Check In Here Oklahoma Preppers • Oklahoma Preppers..

January 30, 2017 Eaglehrt 0

There are many reasons that we all need to work together, and there are so many reason’s that our kind are pretty timid on sharing certain things about our little area’s we call home.
I agree many times over, and security is the utmost and main task you will ever have.

I have been called, and now just getting back………….. apologize for the long absence…….. It is like I must start all over again, and I tell ya…………. scares me to death…especially the
past 2 months, and if anything happened tomorrow……. It will be ruff.

I will start things off, and hope that we can gain some trust and move our State…our community to get better organized and make it stronger.

Do not list your assets on an open forum… OPSEC (Operational Security)……… PM me so that we can begin.

Myself….. I have plenty of skills to share, Security,hunting,building,electronics,weapons,water maintenance,first aide/medical treatment, gardening,communications,self defense,organizing,strategic planning and the list can go on. I have been and operator for many years, and will and can be a valuable asset where ever I may lay my head.

I am here to help anyone that needs to build,learn or teach any of us important task and life sustaining skills. I will help set up, teach, provide my full services so that our community will thrive and come together
and reach out to each other. I will tell you, doing it all alone is going to be very hard, and with no support_ the elements will take hold and become even stronger against you. A family of four, for instance, security 24 hours, gardening/harvest, building,maintaining, sewer/waste maintenance, cooking, hunting,gathering supplies for fire/food/shelter/ etc….. it goes on and on. If one person gets injured, especially the main person were to go down or even get sick, the whole family will suffer and can die. This is why we must train to be replaced; if our community is to survive.

The time is upon us, times are more uncertain now, and if we as a community are to thrive, we must come together to build a stronger sense and will to survive and be able to lend a hand in our community.

I Pledge my services, and abilities to make our community stronger, and to help anyone that is trying to help themselves to become more knowledgeable, and stronger for most anything that we may face.

We need to build our communities, and link them together so that we can and will push through any elements that my force us to endure, but make us survive.

Let us all prosper together,


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