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Check In Here Michigan Preppers • New to prepping

October 16, 2017 Biggmike3571 0

Hi my name is Mike, my wife and I are both from Michigan but currently live in central Indiana. In the spring we will be moving back to Michigan in the algonac area. Hoping to learn more and meet up with other peppersStatistics: Posted by Biggmike35…

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Check In Here Michigan Preppers • likeminded people in Monroe / Ann Arbor area

March 13, 2017 JTac 0

Greetings my fellow Michiganders and preppers.

I was wondering if anyone else was from close to the SE Michigan state line area, i am currently about 20 miles north of the state line just south of Ann Arbor, and was hopping to meet fellow likeminded individuals from this area. It feels like no man’s land down here for us preppers. Everyone seems to either have total normalcy bias or just have the idea that when the SHTF they will figure it out then.

Statistics: Posted by JTac — Mon Mar 13, 2017 3:10 pm

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Check In Here Michigan Preppers • Re: Prepping since Jan2016 South East Lapeer County

February 25, 2017 Murby 0

We are on a private well but we also have a pond.

I have a 6000 watt Coleman generator that I converted to tri-fuel so it can use gasoline, natural gas, or low pressure propane. I have the skills and fabrication tools needed to build almost anything I want.. Including a wood gassifier to power the generator if need be. Of course, skills and tools don’t mean much if you don’t have materials to work with right? I also have empty propane tanks of all sizes, lots and lots of 55 gallon drums (both steel and plastic), and plenty of structural steel laying around.

Our house is mostly natural gas but I do have an electric clothes dryer.. I’ve already installed piping to convert it to natural gas if I choose.

As part of our prepping, we are installing an 8000 watt ground mount grid tie solar system this year and I’m going to be ordering 1000 watts of extra panels to store in the basement in a Faraday cage.. Once I have those, I’ll also buy a few dc-ac inverters.. probably a mix of pure-sine and modified sign to run different things.

Our main heat source is a natural gas forced air furnace but we never use it. We mostly heat with wood in the winter.

We do have a garden.. in fact, we have three of them.. a very large plot and two smaller plots. You can’t grow certain things in the same area together because if they cross pollinate they mess each other up.

I also have a single row grape vineyard sort-to-speak.. We have 4 grape plants that are 6 years mature.. not sure if I would count on those though because they can get wiped out by the grape fungus every year if we don’t spray them weekly.

We also have a few apple trees, pear trees, and a cherry tree.. Only 4 years old so not mature yet.

I also have a very nice chicken coop.. Insulated, towable, and has a built in solar powered automatic door.. It can hold about 30 birds but we gave them away last year when the price of eggs dropped to under $1/dozen.
Along with the coop, I also have a 1 acre fenced in area for pigs.. We just slaughtered them all this past December so I currently have about 500 lbs of meat stored and we’re making ham and pork soup for canning every weekend.

I have 3 bee hives but no bee’s.. My buddy 1/4 mile away has 40+ hives so its not a problem. We have about 2 gallons of honey stored.

We’re getting there.. this summer we’ll be concentrating on the solar system install and new weapons.. Buying the wife a COLT AR15, 10 mags and about 1000 rounds of ammo to go along with my AR10.

Statistics: Posted by Murby — Sat Feb 25, 2017 1:02 pm

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Check In Here Michigan Preppers • Re: Prepping since Jan2016 South East Lapeer County

February 25, 2017 IceFire 0

Sounds like you’ve got a good setup there, Murby. A couple of questions, and the answers could improve your situation.

Are you on a private well, well share, or “city” water?

If you are on a well, what is the power source? Electric, solar, etc.?

What is your power source? Grid, solar grid-tie, or ‘off-grid” solar?

What about heat? Electric, natural gas, propane, or wood?

Do you have a garden? What about livestock? (Chickens, turkey, ducks, geese, goats, sheep, cattle, pigs) Beehives/bees?

The more you can work toward self-sufficiency, the better off you will be.

Statistics: Posted by IceFire — Sat Feb 25, 2017 10:36 am

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Check In Here Michigan Preppers • Prepping since Jan2016 South East Lapeer County

February 25, 2017 Murby 0

Just thought I’d join in. The wife and I have been prepping for the past couple months. We are stocking up on food, meds, guns and ammo as well as building a Faraday cage to store a laptop and DVD’s full of survival information as well as a digital mini-library on any subject we could possibly think of that might be useful. We’re also storing a CB radio, ham radio, and various other electrically delicate items.

Our property is surrounded by farm fields and the main town (population ~2500) is about 2 miles away (1.5 the way the crow flies) houses along our street are spaced several hundred of yards apart and wood lines and tree lines are between.

We are on very good terms with our neighbors.. they’re older folks but they have six children.. two of which live in the local area. They also have two large ponds with lots and lots of fish.. We have a small pond ourselves.

We are still under-prepared by most measures but we are quickly building up. My home sits about 500 feet back from the road so we do have a bit of a defensive position but it could be improved.

Anyhow.. just thought I’d say hi..

Statistics: Posted by Murby — Sat Feb 25, 2017 2:12 am

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Check In Here Michigan Preppers • Re: Metro Detroit

February 24, 2017 IceFire 0

Welcome from SE Arizona. Koko, my husband used to think my prepping was silly, UNTIL the “sequester” hit a few years back (we are BOTH gov’t contractors), and we BOTH were out of a job at the same time. He finally “saw the light”, because we LIVED off of my preps, until his job came back. (Due to changes in the way they did things, mine did NOT) After that, I haven’t had any issue with him complaining about my prepping…he finally “gets it”. Luckily for my daughter, she’s found a guy who was already into prepping. He was thrilled to find out that we “prep” too. Makes life much easier for everyone.

Statistics: Posted by IceFire — Fri Feb 24, 2017 6:27 pm

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Check In Here Michigan Preppers • Re: Muskegon MI New Prepper Family

January 15, 2017 the-one 0

Hey, Ive lived here in Muskegon for most of my life, all I can say is get out!!! as fast as you can this place is an armpit at best. The local governing bodies are corrupt top to bottom lawyers to and the people are ignorant, nasty, and completely untrustworthy most everyone is a drug addict, alcoholic, or a lie N thief. trust no one tell them nothing of what you have and if SHTF you will be trapped with local gangs as well as Detroit gangs that left that sinking ship I will say this I did my basic training at Fort Sill OK. lot more water and trees here. I was just like you up until last year I had a wife and two daughters I wish you well Northern Mi. is where you need to be Harrison and North lots of cheap land in the upper peninsula but very very cold!

Statistics: Posted by the-one — Sat Jan 14, 2017 11:43 pm