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Check In Here Kansas Preppers • Hi from Olathe

February 17, 2017 Dynastydan 0

Good Morning,

I’m new to the network but not to prepping. Have been actively learning skills and accumulating supplies since 2011. Living in Olathe now but soon headed back to Hawaii. Liquidating equivalent of 2 5 bedroom homes, vehicles, preps, firearms, reloading supplies and equipment and survival supplies and equipment. Living on a sailboat will be an exciting challenge and be a new chapter in our lives. Been involved in aquaponics during my 4 years in northern Texas.

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Check In Here Kansas Preppers • Re: Topeka Area Prepper

February 8, 2017 walking_to_freedom 0

I work in mental health and have been interested in prepping for a decade or so. I am a pretty good marksman with a basic knowledge base and experience in gunsmithing. My bachelor’s degree had a minor in criminal justice and a major in psychology. At one point I had intended on becoming a SWAT team negotiator. I am looking to get connected and involved with a local group of like-minded folks who are good natured and humanity loving but willing to be open-minded to emergency preparedness which may include scenarios with unpleasant potential dynamics. Best wishes all

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