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Check In Here Illinois Preppers • O’hare area.

May 3, 2017 Redbeard75 0

I have always lived a life of what I thought was preparedness. My father taught me to always carry a pocket knife, flashlight, pen, and lighter. I was so unbelievably naive that I spent many years thinking this was enough, and in some ways it is in a perfect day to day world. Sadly the reality is much less simple.

I was overwhelmed on how to start so I went with the simplest I could. I am a service technician for a large compressor company, and am often 25+ miles away from home. By often I guess I mean every day! I started their, the good old Get home bag. That was the beginning, and that also wasn’t that long ago. So much more to do, and learn, and the hardest part is trying to pace myself.

I was a diesel mechanic in the Army for 8 years, but I can work on anything. I am a father, and grandfather. Currently working on my ham ticket, and hoping to learn something new every day.

Recent realizations – I used to think because of my special needs child I would plan for staying home through all but the worst of situations, but am slowly seeing that those reasons to stay home are shrinking, and adjusting my planning accordingly. “Bugging in” would be ideal, but probably not realistic this close to O’hare Airport.

Excited for this Forum in general, and hoping to do some local networking also. I am a firm believer in the safety in numbers concept, and the thought process that information is power.

Yep I’m done :clap:

I tend to ramble!

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