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Alaska Discussion, News, and Weather • Re: North Korea threat?

September 9, 2017 Permafrost 0

Are you kidding, people are prepping like crazy here in the interior.

People are freezing or canning or dehydrating their garden harvests. Fish are drying for dog food or trapping bait. Folks are out hunting to fill the freezer. Look at any cart in the store and it is filled with canning & pickling salt or quart jars or food saver bags, or those folks who have a whole cart full of Mountain House freeze dried meals & MRE’s. Boats are leaving the landings filled to the brim with 55 gal drums of fuel and pallets of rice or dog food and spare parts for snowmachines or chainsaws and boxes of traps. Talk to anyone in line at Freddy’s or Safeway and they will tell you how busy they are stocking up and preparing.

But none of this has to do with North Korea, it is just the yearly prep for winter. Sure some americans might be feeding off the general prepping vibe and decide to stock up because they think it is about Korea, but the majority of it is a yearly phenomenon known across the artic as fall. Because we all know the truth, winter is coming, and soon. It will be dark & cold, and even for those on the road system there will be a few shortages due to weather and the trucks not getting through. For those in the villages or in remote cabins it will be even worse, no supplies or contact with the outside world until the rivers freeze solid enough to travel on. This is the last push, the last chance to stock up and prepare before everything freezes for the year. I’m sure there are a few out there that are worried about fat boy & his shiny new nukes, but I’m more worried about river ice and trail conditions and blizzards and cloud cover and where the mercury will eventually land.

Statistics: Posted by Permafrost — Sat Sep 09, 2017 2:16 am