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Alaska Discussion, News, and Weather • Re: Finally a winter to be proud of

January 20, 2017 IceFire 0
Permafrost wrote:
I can tell you all with my heroic journey to town if you tell me where to post it. It was actually a tough go and I was not sure I would make it at one point.

You can always post your heroic journey in the “Stories and Fiction” area…sounds like a good story that needs to be told! Besides, we LIKE stories…they help keep us entertained.

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Alaska Discussion, News, and Weather • Finally a winter to be proud of

January 19, 2017 Permafrost 0

So I got back into town yesterday and I knew it was cold, but I had no idea. A bear had broke my thermometer this fall so when I took off I did not know the actual temp. I think I would have waited a while to make the trip if I had known. 50 below temps with a 30 mph wind (per snowmachine speedometer) equals really, really cold. Probably need to be in town until the weather breaks so that my freight does not shatter on the way home when I hit a bump. … 41639.html

It has been years since we have had multiple feet of snow, much less temps where they should be. Perhaps someone kicked Al Gore’s @ss and broke the global warming curse he placed on the planet. On the bright side I think that the overflow I went through on the way into town will be froze when I go home in a few days. Once the snow is packed down and the water is exposed it should not take long for it to freeze up at fifty below zero.

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