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General Family Preparedness • Re: Fair trade and Prepping

January 24, 2017 whitebear54 0
daaswampman wrote:
It is a step in the right direction. Expecially knowing where everything is made, but until we can make a better product at a competitive price, we’re just passing gas! Most people including myself, will not buy second best or pay more, just because it is made in America. America has the ability to make the best products at the best prices! Anything less is just continuing the problem.

Then consider where it is made in America! Right now I would rather spend my dollars on something made in Mexico, than certain blue states! Our real enemies are within our own boarders! Swamp

While I agree with most of what you are saying (especially the bit about making a better product at a competitive price) I would not rather buy products made in Mexico than in certain blue states. The people in those blue states who are working in the manufacturing sector are the same people who turned some of those blue states red in this past election. In many blue states the only reason the state goes blue is because some big city in that state is blue and has more population than the entire rest of the state combined. Nevada and Colorado are two good examples. As Las Vegas and Denver go, so goes their States. Too bad each State doesn’t have it’s own electoral college system to provide representation for rural counties.

Also, even though many of the made in America products I buy are of superior quality and cost LESS than their foreign made counterparts, I don’t mind paying a bit more for products that are made here. I find most any American made product is of superior quality to those made in China.

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General Family Preparedness • Re: Fair trade and Prepping

January 23, 2017 whitebear54 0
beachbrratt wrote:
I will say when buying American read where it was manufactured, don’t go buy that typically used American flag. I’m noticing plenty of sellers mostly online are placing our flag on overseas goods. I think they get away with it because it doesn’t say Made in the USA, it’s just a sleazy marketing ploy.

I agree. Hey, most of our nation’s flags are made in China so it pays to check. Best of my knowledge the vendors and businesses in my post above have been verified as manufacturing their products here in the USA. And, while the profits may go to foreign corporations, even buying a Toyota or other foreign car that is manufactured here in the USA supports American jobs.

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Gardening • Re: Potatoes

January 22, 2017 whitebear54 0
mmpaints wrote:
interesting question. Tater vines produce flowers which signals the growth of new tubers in the dirt. As for seed, I guess I never looked for any. The vine flowers and dies off, signalling when one can dig for tubers(taters). I get next seasons starts from the dirt pile where I turn my tires over. Always some tiny taters that get missed and left. Who told you the quality deteriorates? Some doofus I guess. They lied. The only thing that has ever effected production and quality here is the amount of water the vines get.

As for reliable crop, well, that revolves around 1-your experience gardening, 2- the proper balance of water, 3- how well you fertilize them, 4- how cruel mother nature is that year. Nothing in gardening is EVER reliable or a sure thing. Way too many variables out of your control. I’ve been feeding myself with a garden for the last 20 years and let me tell ya, it’s feast or famine all the time. There are a few things that help and or make it easier to produce but still not a sure thing. Experience beats anything else.

fyi, I NEVER cut eyes. Every cut is a spot where disease can get to it. I plant my taters whole and discard the big ones for the eating pile. Most of the time, I dont even need to plant a tater, sprouts grow freely in the dirt from last crop, every spring.

That’s been my experience as well–though I do buy seed potatoes whenever I want to try a new variety and then I do cut them so each piece has at least one eye. I dry them for at least three days before planting and have had no disease or insect problems.

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Gardening • Re: Make every seed count

January 22, 2017 whitebear54 0
IceFire wrote:
I have a little doohickey that dispenses one seed at a time. I plant ALL of my seeds at the “final thinning” interval, as I DON’T want to waste seeds, or waste time by thinning plants. If a seed fails to germinate, I simply plant another seed in the space.


Ditto. I have one of those too and they work pretty well. I let a few scarlett nantes carrots go to see last year so right now my carrot bed is choked with carrots that badly need thinning–oh my aching back. :)

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Gardening • Re: Make every seed count

January 22, 2017 whitebear54 0
AuntBee wrote:
Seems like a lot of work to avoid thinning. Could thinned plants be planted in a second bed? What is the storage life of pelletized seeds?

Aunt Bee
I guess I don’t love carrots enough

Carrots do not transplant well so replanting thinned plants in a second bed is unlikely to be productive.

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General Family Preparedness • Fair trade and Prepping

January 22, 2017 whitebear54 0

First I need to state that there is no “FREE TRADE” with China or anyone else. All trade is regulated. China’s trade laws place China first and it’s about time our laws placed America first. But we don’t have to wait for Trump or anyone else to establish FAIR TRADE.

We can do it ourselves by buying American. With the singular exception of high tech electronics gear my wife and I have been buying American for decades. The tires on my car are Cooper tires. The shoes on my feet are Hitchcock shoes. Even my light bulbs are made here in America. These are well made, quality products.

If “cheap” is your spending mantra keep buying Chinese crap but you should know that products made here do NOT necessarily cost more than products made overseas. Many of the items I purchase cost less than those made in China.

If you are truly interested in supporting America first in your Preps and in your normal daily lives here are a few sites that are directories of products made here in America. … QgodblIAVQ

Shop American and while we will never have Free Trade we will force Fair Trade onto our competitors.

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