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Terrorism & other Man made disasters • R.I.P. Otto Warmbier

June 20, 2017 TuapekaGold 0

Just heard that Otto Warmbier has died in hospital. My sincere condolences to his family and friends.
A Kiwi who met Otto, while on the same tour but with a different Company, said he got the impression that he was more reserved than the often rowdy bunch he was with, but was a nice, ordinary kid.
They were warned that the fifth floor of the Hotel they were staying at, was a sensitive unauthorised area, and it was reported that taking anything from the Hotel would bring serious consequences.
The Kiwi said the Hotel was bugged and he felt watched all the time. He said that two weeks into the Tour the N>K’s fired test missiles which was a good opportunity for the NK to detain an American, on “spying” charges.Also he didn’t think Otto was guilty of the charges and was set up.
He felt, sadly, he was safer on a Kiwi passport, but I’m not sure if that is just an elusion

What a dangerous, despicable regime.

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