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General Food Topics • Re: Electric vs Gas Operated Stoves and Ovens

September 5, 2017 ToolsOfSurvival 0

I’m not sure I’d feel much more comfortable with either gas or electric in a serious emergency situation. I think they both have vulnerabilities. What makes me feel more comfortable and secure is having redundancy and alternatives. As others have already mentioned, there are many other cooking fuels and tools that could be a solid backup plan in the event that either your gas or electric stove weren’t working. Propane and butane are two easy options. Butane has the advantage of being safe to use indoors. Butane stoves are also incredibly inexpensive. You can also store wood and charcoal as cooking fuels. One really important tool that I think every home should have is a solar oven of some type. Solar ovens can be used to cook food on sunny days, preserving your Propane, Butane, wood, and other fuels for non-sunny days when a solar oven can’t be used. By using a solar oven on all sunny days that allow for it, you’ll be stretching out the amount of time that your other fuel sources can last. Something to consider.

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