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Economic Disasters • Re: Interesting article on the next few years!

March 20, 2017 ThunderJ 0

I think that if you really have some wealth to preserve it’s better to invest it in property. And better somewhere else. It will not only let you save your money and even make decent profit if you let it out or sell later, but to leave this country sooner or later. Personally I don’t believe in the bright future of the US (not in the nearest 10 years at least) So I’m currently thinking to buy property in Barcelona apartments there are more affordable than in Germany or the UK, it’s in the top 15 European property markets with really good prospects for investment. It’s a popular destination all the year round and renting out is not a problem at all. Another advantage is that apartments for sale in Barcelona will definitely grow in price with the course of time and if you go for short term rentals you’ll get about 7% returns. Hiring a management company might be a bit of pain in the (Censored word. I’m a potty mouth) though it will help to avoid problems with finding new tenants and the expenses will be rewarded with higher occupancy rates anyway. And I can go and live there when I want. So it’s my ideal escape plan

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