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Suggestions • Re: The Biggest Threat

October 26, 2017 PatrioticStabilist 0

If things fail, don’t think there will be enough organization to come and take foods etc.You might have gangs trying to give the impression they are from the government incities but in our rural areas no.We just don’t have enough to hold us for too aw…

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A.N.T.S. • Re: NuClear Preparedness

October 25, 2017 PatrioticStabilist 0

Sons wife had all base privileges rescinded in July, could not go to the commissary or anything.Was going to lose her ID card to even go on base, son was told his replacement would be militarythat it was too dangerous for civilians there. He is a DOD…

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A.N.T.S. • Re: DNA Test Kits

October 17, 2017 PatrioticStabilist 0

I had mine checked, I had to select if I wanted to know about parkinsons or alzheimers and I did.Mine said no parkinsons and slight possibility of alzheimers, honestly happy to know those facts.At 71 not going to change much in my life. Much younger,…

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Terrorism & other Man made disasters • Re: Las Vegas attack

October 4, 2017 PatrioticStabilist 0

I do need to organize and add to first aid supplies, also need a bag for my truck.

Not just in the event of attacks but injuries. Little grandson fell and cut his chin, we could
not get it to stop bleeding so ended up at the ER, not necessary. I just ordered 2 cans of blood
stop spray and some blood clot stuff for larger wounds.

I like my knives super sharp, dropped one the other day and the blade grazed my knee and cut
a big gash, had a time getting the bleeding stopped, same day cut finger while cutting carrots.

But I need a first aid kit, we used to have one from hubs job but over time used up the stuff,
I like the ones in the steel case, looking at them now trying to decide if they have enough
essentials. I also need to organize all the stuff I have, its here and there.

Any suggestions for a good, fairly complete one. or a list and is it better to buy piece meal
and just have a small one in the vehicle?

Statistics: Posted by PatrioticStabilist — Wed Oct 04, 2017 12:10 pm

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Natural Disasters • Re: Mother Nature Strikes Again

October 3, 2017 PatrioticStabilist 0

And here in southern Indiana we need rain desperately.

We have had maybe an inch in the last 2 months. For the farmers its good they are
harvesting like crazy, but in big clouds of dust, looks like a dust storm. But my shrubs
and trees are suffering, big limbs breaking off.

Our grandson has breathing problems and right now we can hardly let him out doors,
the pharmacists said they are covered up with sick folks. For him its breathing treatments
when we can get him to take them or prednisone. But its effecting all of us DIL and DD
are both sick too.

So I sure hope we can get some rain, maybe this weekend. We will take some of yours.

Statistics: Posted by PatrioticStabilist — Tue Oct 03, 2017 6:57 am

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General California Discussion, News and Weather • Re: What to do if the SHTF and I am out…..way out.

September 26, 2017 PatrioticStabilist 0

I remember when hubs worked half way around the world for 15 years, I worried about that.
We pretty much concluded if something really serious happened he likely could never make
it back though he would try. I would have been on my own. He would have been with a group
of expats and they likely would be pretty resourceful but big limits too on what they could do.

Statistics: Posted by PatrioticStabilist — Tue Sep 26, 2017 1:17 am

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Virginia Discussion, News and Weather • Re: Prepping Fatigue?

September 26, 2017 PatrioticStabilist 0

I pray son gets out of there before it hits but don’t think he can, they have pushed
his leave date to almost a week or two before he is to report to his duty station
in the US in January. I’m scared sh****less, though I’m trying not to let on to him.
He is only 12 miles from the north.

He is also civilian and being replaced by military but they don’t want to let him

Statistics: Posted by PatrioticStabilist — Tue Sep 26, 2017 1:07 am

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General Canning Topics • Re: Older Home Canned Food

September 24, 2017 PatrioticStabilist 0

2 years and 3 years old I generally have no problem with, home canned that is. I open it, smell and taste it, if its
even a little off I don’t eat it. But right now I’m eating jam that is 4 years old, its pretty dark but tastes just fine.

Commercially canned 6 months, if its older I’m a bit leery, generally it starts getting discolored and may have a
slightly off taste.

Just have to use some judgment, if we had no other food I’m sure my tolerance for older foods would let me eat the
stuff much older.

Statistics: Posted by PatrioticStabilist — Sun Sep 24, 2017 2:42 pm

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Virginia Discussion, News and Weather • Re: Prepping Fatigue?

September 24, 2017 PatrioticStabilist 0

Since I am left leaning and listen to other then Fox also, I should be hearing all this anti prepper, etc rhectoric. Somehow I
am missing it, can someone direct me toward the media written and verbal I should be listening to? It must be some extreme
left wing deal kind of like the extreme right wing ones that are doing it. Just want to be better informed. Actually I hear no
talk one way or another about it.

As far as Korea, that scares me, son in S Korea says he is no diplomat, but talking to a nut case like Kim the way we are is
not the way to defuse that mess. Trump is pushing for war and that scares the hell out of me. Like DIL says, she is Russian,
she said China and Russia will side together and possibly India, I don’t see us being able to take on 2 world powers like that
alone. We have alienated almost everyone else. I find this very worrisome and am adding more and more to my store rooms.

Statistics: Posted by PatrioticStabilist — Sun Sep 24, 2017 2:36 pm