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General Preparedness Discussion • Re: FEBRUARY 2017- What Did You Do To Prep This Week/Month?

February 19, 2017 NJMike 0

I’ve not been as industrious as everyone else. A week of travel out of state and the week after with sinusitis will do that. On the bright side, I managed to get through the sickness without having to take the AB that was prescribed. Guess I’ll save that for a rainy day. ;)

Harvested my first fresnel lens out of a huge 50″ projection TV someone left by a dumpster. It was surprising easy to remove. I’ve left it in the plastic TV bezel for now, and will try it out on another weekend. Removed a few other items to find a use for as well (3 sets of magnifying lenses, speakers, and a large trapezoidal mirror).

I also started some seeds indoors. I skipped doing a garden last year. I’m doing containers this year until I move again.

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Prepper Fiction • Re: The Fall

February 17, 2017 NJMike 0

I’ve been enjoying your storyline. I have to admit you almost lost me in the paragraph of the above with all the tacti-cool brand placement…lol. I liked the direction it ultimately went in though.

Thanks for posting! :thumbup:

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Terrorism & other Man made disasters • Re: EMP-Korea Concerns & Discussions

February 17, 2017 NJMike 0

I’m no more concerned currently than I was previously. I can’t trust what’s communicated to the populace vs. reality. It’s still likely in my mind that Russia, China, or someone else could EMP the U.S. just as much as N. Korea could or would. I also doubt the WH, our military, or intelligence agencies would even know of an impending attack. We won’t have warnings.

That said, the Grim Reaper is waiting in the shadows every day. Think I’m more likely to die in my commute to work and home than some of the things we discuss here. Of course that doesn’t stop me from preparing to deal with any type of plausibly survivable scenario. When something happens, and if I’m left standing in the opening minutes, I’ll definitely take a quick mental calculus of how optimistic or dead I’ll be. Happy Friday :)

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General Family Preparedness • Re: Tattler Lids Question

February 16, 2017 NJMike 0

I’ve got one box of tattler lids. Haven’t used them yet. Sorry to hear about the spoilage.

I do as the others with regard to ring tightness (or lack of…). I also inspect the rings well for distortions as I’ve had a few leave indents in the lids during processing.

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General Preparedness Discussion • Re: Shall we play a game, IV?

February 14, 2017 NJMike 0

1st- If SHTF in December, I’ve hopefully relocated below the snow line well before February, or I’ve become a mole person crouched around a small heat source. Anyway…

3 miles in thick snow will be slow slow going. My local group had someone volunteer their own experience hiking a trail in snow. Itwas eye opening that an experienced hiker with top of the line winter gear was not able to make his daily travel rates and abandoned his hike after a few days in. He dealt with fire/stove failures, thick drifts to hike and being stuck in a sleeping bag with frozen zippers. So ideally I don’t go out for a 3mile hike in thick snow and consider this a very risky endeavor and not a walk in the park.

What I might bring in general terms-
Warm Clothing, hand, foot, face protection. Including sunglasses to avoid snow blindness
Homemade snowshoes.
A compass and map with routes marked. Ideally I know the area I’m traveling in already. I doubt the 3 miles will be a straight line, so perhaps a longer hike.
A makeshift sled with some shelter in place supplies, some gifts for my visit (probably food), plus second change of clothing in dry bag
Frame backpack with first aid, insulated propane tank & stove (because butane is not as cold weather friendly), solid fuel stove as backup, fire starting x3 methods (assuming difficulty in cold weather), emergency blankets, hand warmers, some food/water filter, and a portable shovel to make shelter in the snow. Essentials are on the frame pack and not on the sled in case I have to ditch or decide to stash the sled somewhere along the route.
Personal protection would be something I can use with gloves that operates well in the cold. and of course a knife and/or small hatchet
White sheets or similar as makeshift winter camouflage on both sled and self.
Hand radio because I assume I’ve established communications with my destination via radio to be trekking 3 miles in snow to them during SHTF.
Walking sticks, also useful to test snow depth of drifts

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For Sale & Trade • Re: More about military field phones.

February 13, 2017 NJMike 0

I don’t have any sound powered phones. I do have 4 German Field Telephones. I believe the Germans may have been among the last in NATO to use them. They use very common D batteries and can be useful for point to point communications if you have the cabling handy. You can also make your own cheap field phone-Lite with an old corded handset, a 9V battery and a resistor (around 300ohm). Google how to make your own intercom.

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Introduce Yourself • Re: 5 gallon bucket or larger tote?

February 13, 2017 NJMike 0

Ah…1999. I wasn’t a full on prepper then. I was only hoarding champagne for an anticipated shortage. I didn’t have the red wheat issue. All bottles were drank. :)

One suggestion about lots of small mylar bags in a large container is to think about what’s inside the bags and how they’re packed in that larger container. If contents are coarse and/or many bags stacked, by rubbing together one could end up with a few bags tearing or getting pinholes.

I store a variety of things, but mostly in 5gal buckets or #10 can cases, as they are portable enough with a hand truck. I recently moved and had to relocate my food stores. I was able to do this in one truckload, however…that was just the food. If I had to bug out with all my food and gear, my vehicle would look like one of those overladen 3rd world trucks.

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Natural Disasters • Re: CA: Oroville dam collapse feared

February 13, 2017 NJMike 0

I hope and pray the people in the affected area are all safely evacuated and that they’ll be able to stop a dam failure from washing away people’s homes and businesses. I hope none of our CA APN friends are in the threat area.

I’m monitoring this and thinking about how I’d evacuate. One vehicle, limited notice, and the possibility that anything left behind is gone forever. Do you give yourself 2 minutes, 20 minutes, 2 hours to pack up a vehicle?

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General Preparedness Discussion • Re: Not just bug-out bags

February 3, 2017 NJMike 0

Some additional thoughts on airports/travel.

I figure I’ve got a 50% chance of being at my home airport. In that case I can eventually get to my vehicle, since as a practice I always long term park the vehicle rather than get dropped off. My GHB is available if I can leave the building and access the lot.

Otherwise, I have no desire to lose tool items or get in trouble over bringing extra things on the plane. However, I also do bring a little food in my carry on like protein bars, as well as charging items. I keep a flint/starter with blade and some paracord in my checked bag, but may not have access to it.

I’m working on carrying additional electronic versions of important documents. That’s in case I’m traveling to one part of the country and things go bad suddenly in any extreme but localized event back home.

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General Preparedness Discussion • Re: Not just bug-out bags

February 3, 2017 NJMike 0
ventedgibbon wrote:
Do any of you have several “prep bags” in certain places?

Yes. For a majority of where I’m located at any given point in time, there’s a bag or bags nearby in home, office, and vehicle. The size, weight, and contents vary by location and purpose.

Only exception is air travel, but that is what it is.

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General Preparedness Discussion • Re: JANUARY 2017 – What did you do to prep this week/month?

January 23, 2017 NJMike 0

Racked the 3rd batch of this winter’s mead from the plastic pail into a glass carboy. Found another case and a half of mead from 2010, while going through my cases of empty bottles. I didn’t care for this batch when I bottled it. Perhaps the years have mellowed it out.

Returned to the KMart that’s closing. Picked up some sale items- butane fuel cylinders, battery clips to a 12V charger/adapter, and a Peak 1 backpacking stove. Waiting for deeper discounts there and then I’m back for first aid items and a few other things. I know why they couldn’t stay in business. Their retail pricing was not competitive at all. I’m not buying anything unless it’s 25% or ideally a better discount, the lower discounted items I can get cheaper at Walmart or on Amazon.

Also thinking of starting some seeds indoors. I’ve moved temporarily and the large garden I had at the old place isn’t doable here. I can do containers, but have to deer proof really well with woods out behind. I think I’m going with leafy greens, herbs, and peppers ultimately. Maybe cucumbers too.

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General Preparedness Discussion • Re: JANUARY 2017 – What did you do to prep this week/month?

January 16, 2017 NJMike 0

This weekend I took advantage of a KMart store closing sale. Picked up a portable butane stove, some batteries, first aid and bicycle repair items. I was also looking there for a deep cycle battery for my 2017 solar project, but no luck.

Also attended a natural cordage workshop and learned a bit more than I knew beforehand about natural fibers and braiding them into rope.

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General Preparedness Discussion • Re: Shall we play a game, II?

January 16, 2017 NJMike 0

I’m nearly halfway in between Philly and NYC. I’d expect protests in those cities. Perhaps even in Jersey City or Trenton. I’m at least 30 miles away from the closest of those 4. Where I actually live, commute, and work is not going to see any of that. I also don’t wear my politics on my sleeve. Thus, I’m not likely to get my tires slashed or truck windows broken by some anonymous POS in the middle of the night because of a bumper sticker they don’t like. No political affiliations are advertised.

If there’s a week of escalating protests, I’ll just have something to watch with popcorn as things clamp down on those potential pockets of unrest. Safe to say most police departments have plans for this, and of course there’s the National Guard. My only concern would be if there’s some actual disruption to the continuance of government with our newly elected. That would be bad. In that event… I’d work from home, bug in, and stay tuned into developments.

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