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Solar • Re: Solar Panel Deal!

July 4, 2017 mike09 0
Murby wrote:
My wife and I will be installing a solar system this year.. We’re going to ordering a bunch of solarworld 270watt panels.. Made in the USA! Some of the highest quality panels made anywhere.. (google reviews on solar world if you doubt me)

The thing with big solar panels that are 3 x 5 feet is that purchasing just two or three of them is not worth the $300+ shipping cost to get them.. But we’re going to be installing 8000 watts worth of Solar Panel Maintenance system so the cost is minor in comparison.

So with that in mind, if anyone in the Michigan area is interested in purchasing a few solar panels for emergencies, if you want to piggyback on my shippment, you can get them for about $1 per watt.. thats ONE DOLLAR per watt.. So a 300 watt panel would run you about $300.. instead of $300 + $300 in shipping costs.

When I have pallets of panels shipped to me, it won’t make any difference if I order 30 of them or 40 of them.

So if anyone is interested, let me know…. huge savings here..


May I know What are the economic advantages of using LEDs over conventional light sources??
Thanks in Advance.

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