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Drying, Dehydrating, & Smoking • Re: Help with long term food storage.

August 26, 2017 lbgreen 0

OK guys all you pro’s out there I have a question. I was going through some of my stock, I like to check on things about every 5 years. I found a gallon bag of dehydrated pears that the seal was broken on. I wanted to cry. Are they ruined? They look ok, Should I taste them? Out of about 50 bags this was the only bag that had a broken seal. They were packaged using a food dehydrator and an 02 absorber, then they were placed in a mylar with 02 absorbers, then in a large plastic bucket with a lid? Should I just toss them, or do you think they are ok? I hate to loose a whole gallon of pears that could possibly still be good. Maybe I just need to use them now? I like to check my storage about every 5 years, I don’t mind the waste of 02’s, just to make sure my stores are still good. I can re-seal the large mylar bag with new 02’s, it just makes me more comfortable to go through and check things. It’s sort of like rotating cans to me :) Help anyone got any suggestions? :?

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