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Lets Talk- Talk Time

February 17, 2019 Jordan Smith 0

So with so much going on in the Smith household, I honestly let everything get away from me. So it will be an open show on any subject that comes to mind. So come into the chat and help drive our conversation. Its an open show for the listeners to real…

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Be Spring Ready

February 10, 2019 Jordan Smith 0

Regardless of what the weather may be doing, we all know that Spring is just around the corner. Everyone knows that very soon the planting season will be upon us. It is never to early to plan for your garden.
We have Richard, from Old World Farms back….

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Prepping on the road

January 31, 2019 Jordan Smith 0

My husband and I had to make a quick road trip. I worked the entire day and was told when i get home grab what I needed so we can “load and go”. Well, I run into the  house, grab some clothes, a toothbrush, charger  and laptop in our bag….

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Kids Free For All

January 26, 2019 Jordan Smith 0

So with this show, the kids are in charge. You heard me right!  This show is all about the little helpers in the house. As many times as I have said it before everyone has a role to play even the littles. So with this special you get to ask them their…

When Living The Dream Is An Option

When Living The Dream Is An Option

January 18, 2019 Jordan Smith 0

When Living The Dream Is An Option.
The special guest I have for you, is a creative woman. A young woman who like any of us has a dream to be independent, reliant upon herself, her husband and the land. This wonderful Guest is none other than Samantha …