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Economic Disasters • Re: Ron Paul says economic collapse will still happen

March 18, 2017 financecourses 0
rj5156 wrote:

daaswampman wrote:The Federal Reserve and Government can print as many dollars as they desire to achieve their agendas. If the dollar lost value, it may not matter that you can pay your obligations in dollars! Ask the people of Venezuela, of their experience in holding their assets in their currency! That is the risk Ron Paul and others have been warning about.

Any rational person should already know, that America (and every developed nation) has more debt than they can ever repay! They are left with the choice of continuing the lie or loosing everything right now! Like death, most people would choose to delay it. Swamp

Never Forget – “The market can stay irrational longer than you can stay solvent.”.

Yup. It’s kind of like a train wreck. I can’t quite bring myself to look away and I keep hoping it will be ok although it is so obvious that it cannot possibly be ok…

Totally agree, just some BASIC finance courses and knowledge would lead anyone to understand exactly what you’re talking about… if you read the US budget like the income statement and balance sheet for a normal business, you would never invest as that business as it’s clear the debt can never be services.

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