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General Family Preparedness • Survival Community

December 14, 2017 drmillerne 0

The vast majority of us don’t have the time or interest to become a prepper, but you can readily afford to join a recreational and survival community that you can enjoy in good times, and retreat to in bad to survive a collapse.Fortitude Ranch is a la…

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Pandemic Preparedness • Re: H7N9 Bird Flu in China is Pandemic Potential Flu

May 24, 2017 drmillerne 0

In addition to a naturally evolving new virus like H7N9, we have an even worse threat–bioengineered viruses. The technology and know how to do this is widespread. Not just a small terrorist group, but a dedicated individual can either bird flu and work to modify it to be human to human contagious. This youtube video with link below explains why this threat of bioengineered viral pandemics is especially bad. The video also explains how a pandemic (from a bioattack or accidentally spreading) will likely lead to a collapse in economic activity and widespread loss of law and order. A very professional, analytic, presentation. Also offers suggestions on how to prepare.
This is worth watching and sharing! If you have trouble convincing people of the need to prep–show them this video!

Statistics: Posted by drmillerne — Wed May 24, 2017 4:47 pm