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Terrorism & other Man made disasters • Re: Congress told to brace for ‘robotic soldiers’

March 3, 2017 DR1VENbyKNOWLEDGE 0

Cloud based CI…The tap’s and echo’s access the AI via amazon servers.

each unit is a stand alone for now….Play music on one for example but ask a different unit to play the same playlist in a different room and they will not sync…probably the only complaint so far witht the Taps….No whole house sync. But they will all preform multitasking on their own(i.e…Playing music, while maintaining a timer, and able to answer questions or execute a smart home task, then immediately picks up the song where it left off)

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Terrorism & other Man made disasters • Re: Congress told to brace for ‘robotic soldiers’

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Cast Iron wrote:


terrapin wrote:Cast Iron, “They’re coming to take me away, Haha…
to the funny farm. :crazy:

Terp, I know you were addressing CI, but I’m confused by your post…

Were you saying you don’t think this is possible or just mentioning a joke?….(I do know the Dr.Demento reference…lol…Loved those)

I read it as a joke.

Dr1ven, can you expand on what you meant by Alexa has leaned in two years?

How much computing power does all the units have?
Do they act as a collective?

Sure thing….As best I can anyways…anyone please feel free to add in here….

So “Alexa’ or “The Amazon Echo” is a device that connects wirelessly into your home and is “Always listening” for the “Wake word” which is “Alexa”….then you ask it anything to give you information or preform a task.

For example I can say “Alexa what movies are playing?” and she’ll automatically choose a theater near you, list movies and show times that their playing….An example of the AI improvements over time is she(yes, talk about her as if she is a real person now…At some point it went from “It’ to “her”….weird how you become conditioned) would need and additional prompt to ask for a specific theater vs. now just saying “Alexa, where else is it playing?” and she’d tell you the show times for whatever movie she was just referencing at the next closest theater without specifics being needed in the command….

That is like the smallest example of it I can give…..The AI that Amazon runs is the smartest and fastest growing out there that I’m aware of in the consumer market……Alexa learns and preforms better over time thru collective information from all over the world….Her responses and intuitive nature to correctly identify what you’re asking has grown by leaps and bounds…..Where you use to have to say “Alexa what time is it?” you can now say “Alexa am I running late?” and she will tell you the time, your next appointment, and the time of travel to get there with real-time traffic reports all linked together using secondary applications made to do certain task together like with the “IFTTT” software(IF That Then This)…. The applications are unlimited. you can design your own rules or just add one someone has already created.

All of this is constantly growing…Imagine all the households experimenting on this, gathering the info, grinding it, refining her intuitive nature every hour of every day……It’s mind boggling really.

There are the “Dots” that amazon has come out with to have a receiver and speaker with access to the echo brain in every room if you want for VERY cheap….Small unobtrusive units that do most of what the full Echo does without the upgraded speakers…..This is a VERY smart move on amazons part as this will refine her knowledge and grow the AI being in more and more households at an affordable price.

If I’m in my hallway between 2 rooms with alexa in them both and I say “alexa…..”…..Both units light up but she determines thru spatial recognition what unit I’m closest to and then shuts down all but the closest unit listening for the command.

With it basically being an open platform design, more and more programmers can make their products work in tandem with alexa or make alexa smarter.
an example of the hindrances of a non-open platform and how it retards learning is the IPhone Vs. android…..Yes before “Siri” could I could ask Google “how old is the president?” and get the correct answer but then immediately without identifying anything else id ask “who is he married to?” and get “Michelle Obama” as the answer…..for YEARS, asking the 2nd question to the IPhone and it would not be able to answer or understand the question…..They have sense caught up but their Closed platform is ALWAYS keeping the behind any new upgrades in the Android devices….

an example of this is when I first got Alexa, I couldn’t control the lights in any room…..Now there are like 4 LARGE manufactures that all offer different bulbs for all types of lights, appliances, power outlets, alarm systems, etc that I can just say something like “Alexa turn off all lights.” or “Alexa I’m home” and just my front room, entry and main hallway lights come on….

Google and Apple are working hard on AI at this point, but they are light years behind amazon Echo with the jumpstart they have……..

When it comes to the Military AI that there is now and where that’s gone/going…..oh boy.

The Singularity is upon us friends….it is just a matter of time now…..What happens after that epoch is anyone’s guess.

With Moore’s law showing the processor with not being able to defy nature and stopping growth of the amount of space for individual circuits by 2022 on a single processor, quantum computing and other advances are going to make that growth pattern obsolete….that march of growth will continue. EXPONENTIALLY…………..(short of full SHTF/Grid down of course. ;) )


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Guns • Re: The 9 vs 40 debate

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BK in KC wrote:
I’m with Terp and Dirk on this, pistol caliber debates are silly. 9, 40, 45 are all viable as are many other calibers, just use what you’re comfortable with. If you have a shotgun or rifle handy when it goes down then use that instead.

I agree on this. It really comes down to practice and placement under stress reliably no matter the caliber.
***I personally think firearm manufacture is 20X more important than caliber choice in said manufacture. If you have a FTF/malfunction it matters not the caliber you’re running…lol.

I have 3 .9’s, 1 .40, an 2 .45’s- All in the same manufacture (among some others as well)—I’ll run all 3 on different day’s in an IDPA, steel, or 3 gun shoot and while I’ll tend to run my .9 the most I think that’s really just for the cost.

The .45 did take me longer to feel I was getting on point, but with that I’d also disclose the .45 is my bedside gun of choice now where it was the .9 before owning the .45 for a while…..this is just something you decide personally over time as sometimes you can “Just be having a bad day” on the range.

Take from that whatever you will for the topic of discussion….

Good post CI….


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Terrorism & other Man made disasters • Re: Congress told to brace for ‘robotic soldiers’

March 2, 2017 DR1VENbyKNOWLEDGE 0

Gentlemen(and ladies),

This already exist…We are not a decade out. It is in production now. Scaled down versions are already in our daily lives.

This goes a little :offtopic: from OP but it is relevant general.

I have “Alexa” in my home…I was one of the pioneer tester of the original unit helping to build the AI in my relationship with Amazon. I now have a unit in every room and am in the monitoring phase for improving her algorithms. We use this all day, every day, EVERYTHING is being monitored, complied, and improving her AI….This is only the general public usages but rest assured as she grows she will be used in all aspects in decision making in multiple fields when the green light transfer is given under propriety usage and will have additional coding in place as a propriety application transfer…..It is insane how smart she has become in just over the 2 years of usage so far.

With the proper AI, that EXIST now, applied here in this video(which was fake but I have seen quad copters modified to shoot that are real)…Where do you think this can go? Where will it lead?

We already have working smart bullets that are laser guided accurate to 1 mile out, and exploding smart grenades…Interesting times ahead my friends….


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Guns • Re: Something Different – Kriss

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donba wrote:
That gun is ugly ugly. It is even uglier than my first wife. Driven how did you get a full auto in calif ?

lol Don…. :rofl:

Dont you know any gun in full auto is a beautiful thing to behold…Even in Zero-G mind you!

I guess beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder. :p

Class III lic in CA allows full auto BUT, I do not have so mine is not full.

I have shot it full auto though….Everything in CA is as fast as you can pull for most of us.

The recoil mitigation for me is very noticeable Vs. my M4….both in semi and full….Massive difference in full.

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Guns • Re: Something Different – Kriss

February 28, 2017 DR1VENbyKNOWLEDGE 0
Cast Iron wrote:

DR1VENbyKNOWLEDGE wrote:I own one. I’ve had it about 5 months now…love it.

Add the Eotech to the top rail and that’s my weapon.

The recoil mitigation is exactly as they brag about. Within 3 magazines I had it on point…It was really easy to figure out.
watch this in full auto slow motion at 1:45 here…note the barrel rise…lol.

—-Glock mags (which I have about 15 of) made it fun.

I’ve heard of a few failure to feed issues with underpowered loads/remanufactured ammunition but I haven’t had any….I only have about 150-200 rounds downrange so far so the jury is still out but it certainly is fun to shoot.

Field strip is as easy as the Glock too…

I plan a serious test here soon with different ammunitions various factory standard loads and remanufactured to try to cause a FTF. (I’ll even sacrifice 2-3 boxes of Hornaday critical duty to check it out)

Driven, thank you for chiming in.
Always good to hear real world comments, feedback on a given platform.

Do you have any criticism of your Kriss? Or, perhaps if you had your druthers, you would prefer a change, modification, additional feature?

I am going to assume you have done a lot of research on this firearm before dropping that kind of money. Any known mechanical failures or breakages?

As Illini Warrior points out, spare parts for a not so common firearm be an issue?

You are correct sir. Lots and Lots of research on this before pulling the trigger. 2 years of hemming and hawing before pulling the Trigger…Literally…lol.

So the V1 had a few issues, but I still really wanted it. I didn’t and thankful on that. KRISS adjusted some things to help with the FTF issues. Like I said I haven’t had any on my V2 Enhanced but I have seen and heard just like the Glock a flinch or a “limp wrist” can cause a FTF malfunction…I’ve experienced it on my .9, .45, and .40 Glocks and EVERY time I had a FTF it was my fault.

You do see one malfunction in the video link above and notice he immediately identified it as a flinch malfunction…No others in the entire vid.

While I agree that a different with breakage is bad ju-ju in SHTF, I bought mine as a fun gun and not a primary weapon platform….I have a good size collection so this hurts me none.

My multiple M4’s were all bought with Direct Impingement instead of Piston for this exact reason….Odds of finding the same piston rod/assembly in SHTF failure are very low as each manufacture has a different spin on their piston design.(in general)…..Hence the decision for DI uppers….Drop and swap abilities if needed in a SHTF scenario.

Like I said the jury is still out on my final opinion without at least 1000 rds downrange, but I am liking what I hear and have seen on the V2.

If I was to be hyper critical at this point the only thing I can see some shooters needing to wrap their heads around is the mag release for right handed shooters. The natural inclination on your off hand thumb position it right where the mag release is. An unintentional mag drop is possible if not aware. Easily mitigated but non the less thought I’d mention it.

I have not had to deal with them but the reputation of KRISS in the USA is EXCEPTIONAL for any customer service……There was one guy on youtube that was thrashing them but he was in Canada and from what I hear, that was a country issue, not KRISS’s..That was also on the V1 with the known an addressed issues…I can say either way but that’s what I found in years of research.

Bottom line so far……. Awesome, fun gun….Recoil mitigation is excelled by none that I have shot(which is many). Charging handle and FTF issues were fixed well in the V2 update, Love the stock change, Trigger feel reset is great, but I wouldn’t say the absolute best out there. If you have to have the long barrel the new shroud really makes it a head turner.

This is a specialty gun platform…..UBER cool to own but I personally wouldn’t make it my only SHTF platform for a WROL situation

That’s what my Daniel Defense’s are for…. ;)

As with all things prepping….One = none, and two = one……I just have a few more than 2. ;)


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Guns • Re: Something Different – Kriss

February 28, 2017 DR1VENbyKNOWLEDGE 0

I own one. I’ve had it about 5 months now…love it.

Add the Eotech to the top rail and that’s my weapon.

The recoil mitigation is exactly as they brag about. Within 3 magazines I had it on point…It was really easy to figure out.
watch this in full auto slow motion at 1:45 here…note the barrel rise…lol.

—-Glock mags (which I have about 15 of) made it fun.

I’ve heard of a few failure to feed issues with underpowered loads/remanufactured ammunition but I haven’t had any….I only have about 150-200 rounds downrange so far so the jury is still out but it certainly is fun to shoot.

Field strip is as easy as the Glock too…

I plan a serious test here soon with different ammunitions various factory standard loads and remanufactured to try to cause a FTF. (I’ll even sacrifice 2-3 boxes of Hornaday critical duty to check it out)

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Gardening • Re: Farming north of the 49 parallel?

February 26, 2017 DR1VENbyKNOWLEDGE 0

Not knowing your exact location, you’re anywhere from Zone 5b-7b.

Determine where you are and choose plants accordingly..

zone map…..

Then determine what you want to grow there…. here is Oroville as an example…..(Zone 5)…

here’s a great list for your zones also…(scroll down in the link) ….and yes, paw-paw is there. ;)

I know you probably already know this and are just looking for extra input here, but educated experimentation will be the only real way to find success outside the established norms…. good luck! :thumbup:

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Wilderness Survival • Primitive technology…(YouTube Channel)

February 25, 2017 DR1VENbyKNOWLEDGE 0

Even if you don’t believe in Primitive survival skills(don’t know why you wouldn’t look at all knowledge), you’ve got to check out this guys channel.

I’ve been subscribed and find my self greedily clicking when I get the alert of a new video drop. He’s only been doing this since 2015 and they drop about once a month.

Very peaceful watching his videos and you learn at the same time.. No talking, just good stuff.

Here’s the link to his videos and some questions he’s answered….

[snip] BIO…Making primitive huts and tools from scratch using only natural materials in the wild.I also have this blog: (I have no facebook page- ignore the fakes)
Q.Where is this?
A.This is in Far North Queensland Australia.

Q.Do you live in the wild?
A.I don’t live in the wild but just go into the bush to make these projects. Also I camp out here occasionally.

Q.How did you learn all this?
A.Researching books and internet plus trial and error. I’m not indigenous and have no army training.

Q.What about dangerous animals in Australia?
A.The only really dangerous ones in my area are snakes. Care must be taken when walking about and lifting things from the ground.

Q.For the mud huts what stops the rain washing the mud walls away?
A.The roof.

Q.Why don’t you talk in the videos?
A.When I watch how to videos I fast forward past the talking part to see the action part. So I leave it out of my videos in favor of pure demonstration.

check him out…. worth the watch.


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Louisiana Discussion, News and Weather • Re: Drug OD deaths nearly tripled since 1999, CDC says

February 25, 2017 DR1VENbyKNOWLEDGE 0

I lost a very close friend to opioids…Truly Tragic. he left behind 2 beautiful small children and a loving wife. He was very young, a forward observer in Iraq, and AMAZING person that would do ANYTHING at the drop of a hat to help you even if you didn’t ask for it…..There was HUNDREDS of people at his funeral… sad. Almost no one even knew it was going on.

I see this report today also in my alerts….

I at one time was dealing with really bad ostio arthritis…. They were prescribing me Vicodine like it was water…serious amounts, like 2 a day…no questions asked…I got off that crap finally after finding out what it was doing to me and “Shocker” my arthritis has cleared up…so far pain free for 2 years now when there were days I couldn’t even walk.

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General Family Preparedness • Re: Books and Entertainment for a BOB/Home..SHTF/Grid down

February 24, 2017 DR1VENbyKNOWLEDGE 0
Grizbrb wrote:
I use the Kindle Fire 7″ … indle+fire
With the removable MicroSD card is there really any limit on storage .

I cant see how there is. I know it was unlikely I was the first to think of this, but it deserved a post to keep the idea circulating.

I literally just found this review researching a metal trash can for a faraday cage on amazon….She mentions the kindle right in her review seen here….

“I used this can to make a Faraday cage, and it works great for that. I lined all of the can, as well as the lid, with cardboard, and was able to get a good seal without using the metal tape around the edge of the lid. (To determine whether the seal is adequate, you can put a transistor radio inside the can, and if it stops playing when you put the lid on, the seal is adequate. I tested it before I lined the lid, but the seal was not sufficient to stop the radio, so I lined it with cardboard and that worked fine.) At some point, I do plan to seal the lid with metal tape, just to be sure, and I hope that I will have enough warning to do that before we get an EMP. But if not, I feel pretty good knowing that it should work OK without the tape, and it only took a couple hours to line it with the cardboard. It sure is a lot cheaper than the Faraday cages you can buy, and it holds a lot of ‘stuff,’ as well. I stored a Coleman lantern with its batteries and extra batteries, 2 transistor radios and a short wave radio, a laptop computer, a solar charger, A bunch of all sizes of batteries, several flash lights, a camera, a Kindle tablet, a cell phone, and a bunch of smaller things. I wrapped most of the stuff in bubble wrap, just to be sure it doesn’t touch any metal. I really hope that “the real thing” never happens, to determine whether it works like it’s supposed to, but at least I have some peace of mind knowing that we should be able to “protect” some of the working electronics that we can no longer live without.”


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Food & Water • Re: Russian “DACHA” for good food … and relaxation

February 24, 2017 DR1VENbyKNOWLEDGE 0
Inmar wrote:
Thank you!
where the “like” button here?
probably have little messages and I’m not allowed

There is no “Like” button here.

If you want, you can use “quote” button on someone else’s writing like I did showing what you wrote here above like I did for your writing.

Then you can tell them what you think about what they wrote.

It will let everyone know what you are writing about that persons response.

I know very little about Russian culture first hand….. Only from media reports and history books. We know media lies so I will form my own opinion.

Thank you for sharing about the Dacha….. The “Log cabin or Log house” as we call it looks great. very peaceful.

So, is the Dacha more a Vacation home or a second home? it does not sound like a “primary residence” the way you describe it……

Nice talking with you Inmar.

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General Family Preparedness • Re: Books and Entertainment for a BOB/Home..SHTF/Grid down

February 24, 2017 DR1VENbyKNOWLEDGE 0
Cin wrote:
It says unlimited ACCESS to 10,000 movies,books, apps. Doesn’t say they’re kept on the machine, only that you can access them.

So if the grid goes down all over, will any of it even be ACCESSIBLE?

I don’t know how it works, just asking.

This is the Kindle fire, just as a kids version…I have 2 of them already. A regular fire and now the Kid version.(sucker has better storage than mine does!) One I’ve had for years and this one is the same but based around kids but they both store anything you download on the device. I have about 90 books on mine and always leave it with WIFI off and in airplane mode(Completely unconnected) reading my books so I go about 1-1/2 to 2 weeks in-between charges and I read daily for at least 30-60 min each day. that why there’s 16GB standard and expandable with the additional 200GB…to store things. that’s what memory is for.

They keep all applications, books, and movies ON THE DEVICE without any access needed to the internet.

you only need internet to download and run applications that require connectivity like with games where you play against other people online.(Even though you’d have the ability to still play those same games offline but just on the device.)

I know about cheap books…. I have an entire library full of all types.

And I’m not talking cat in the hat stuff here although it would be good for entertainment…

I’m talking resource here….An entire library of prepper medicine, herbal remidies, how-to books, etc….. that’s the real gem but with that much storage you can have all you need, games for entertainment, medical apps, some resource books for education, spelling games for kids as an example, ALL IN THE PALM OF YOUR HAND!!! no carting around an entire library I a grid down SHTF situation.(Let alone daily use like I use the 2 I have now.)

EBooks are almost always cheaper than paperbacks and hardcovers brand new.

With kindle unlimited there is 10’s of thousands of books for download($10 per month when you pay)…the only downfall with unlimited is having to return a book when I think you have 10 of them to get the next one.

But if you buy them, they yours forever…you keep them on the device accessible anytime the battery has power. As much as it’s memory can hold.

There are thousands of free books with an Amazon Prime account.(I have been a Prime member for about 9-10 years…too many benefits to list really with Prime)….And every month there is a list of free downloads that the New book authors put out for a few days to get lots of reviews that excels them to the top of the charts to be Featured as strong sellers once the charge a price.(got to act quick before they start charging for it)

Here was a free list I received just the other day as an example. I get these weekly almost…(provided by a local pepper group to me and a very hard working individual…amazing really. Thanks LD, please keep up the hard work. it’s appriciated…)

I cannot take credit for this list and don’t wish to…Every single one of these were free to download with unlimited or like $2.99, $1.99, $.99, $3.99, etc. to purchase forever.

****You don’t have to, but if you do download any of these for free and ENJOY the book…Do the author a solid and write a review…it helps them immensely.

Always check price before purchasing as it might have returned to full price.

Survival Hacks: 34 Survival Hacks That Will Save Your Life in an Emergency Life or Death Scenario … B01N55YNZF

A Treatise on Grain Stacking Instructions how to Properly Stack all kinds of Grain, so as to preserve in the best possible manner for Threshing and Market … +preserves

Recipe Hacks for Canned Soup … anned+food

Canned Fruit, Preserves, and Jellies: Household Methods of Preparation U.S. Department of Agriculture Farmers’ Bulletin No. 203 … preserving

A Study Of American Beers and Ales … +book+beer

A Treatise on the Brewing of Beer … +book+beer

Basic and Complex Bread Machine Cookbook: Flavor, Texture, Aroma the Experience in Bread Making … +book+beer

Wine Making: For Beginners – Discover The Joyfulness Of Home Wine Making … +book+wine

A Queens Delight The Art of Preserving, Conserving and Candying. As also, A rightKnowledge of making Perfumes, and Distilling the most Excellent Waters … +book+wine

Baby’s First Foods: 25 Healthy Purees … +baby+food

Preppers & Survivalists: A Beginner’s Guide … ok+prepper

Survival Communication: 20 Ensure Ways To Connect With Your Family While Cataclysm. … ok+prepper

Preparedness and Survival Guide for Beginners … ok+prepper

Every Step in Canning The Cold-Pack Method … ok+prepper

Happy, Healthy, and Prepared: Top Tips From the Hosts of The Survival Mom Radio Network … k+survival

You guys starting to get the picture here???

:drool::drool: With the removable 200GB memory card you could fill as many as you want and just switch them out back and forth as needed in or out of a Grid down/SHTF scenario!!! :drool::drool:

Someone please show me I’m missing something…I’m going off what I know on my main Kindle and just a little exposure to the Kids version…Its really just a Kindle Fire, but with parental controls and a extra protective case and no questions ask replacement for 2 years….

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General Family Preparedness • Books and Entertainment for a BOB/Home..SHTF/Grid down

February 23, 2017 DR1VENbyKNOWLEDGE 0

So I assume I’m not the only one here with a solar prep of some type…
I have a few different small portable camping options and it got me to thinking about all the books on prepping I have combined with a learning toy I recently researched for my little girl.

In a SHTF/Grid down situation, whether bugging out or even bugging in I thought this would be a highly compact all in one resource for entertainment/moral booster and emergency resource for books combined with a small portable solar charger.

I did a lot of research on this (as with anything I do…Over-research really…lol) and this for the price destroys any other options I could find.

up to 216 GB of storage(you know how many movies/games/survival reference books that is!!!???)
Free downloads
Free regular apps
Free books
Free movies
Free games
Free learning apps for all ages

All in one small package vs different items/books you would need to pack especially in a Bug out situation…. this seems like a very wise investment to me. loaded up and kept in a small faraday cage with the solar charger would be an INSANELY valuable resource let alone barter item IMHO…

What do you all think?

Am I nuts? Do you know of a cheaper more compact better option with that amount of storage, versatility, etc…?

Please chime in….I want to hear as many opinions as possible before buying #2 as a “set it and forget it” survival supply….It is only a hundred bucks including the extra protective case.

Thanks in advance…


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Medical Experts • Re: Anti-Biotics

February 23, 2017 DR1VENbyKNOWLEDGE 0
Blondie wrote:
Be careful with the Cipro. Really, really nasty chit. Many dr’s are now rethinking this medication.

lol…WhatchU talkin’ about Blondie?

This list of side-effects for Cipro seems negligible, right? :p

•stomach upset
•abdominal pain
•blurred vision
•sleep problems (insomnia or nightmares), and

Tell your doctor if you experience serious side effects of Cipro including severe dizziness, fainting, fast or pounding heartbeats; sudden pain, snapping or popping sound, bruising, swelling, tenderness, stiffness, or loss of movement in any of your joints; watery or bloody diarrhea; confusion, hallucinations, depression, unusual thoughts or behavior; seizure (convulsions); severe headache, ringing in your ears, pain behind your eyes; pale or yellow skin, dark colored urine, fever, weakness; urinating less than usual or not at all; easy bruising or bleeding; numbness, tingling, or unusual pain anywhere in your body; the first sign of any skin rash, no matter how mild; or severe skin reaction — :eek::eek::eek::eek: fever, sore throat, swelling in your face or tongue, burning in your eyes, skin pain, followed by a red or purple skin rash that spreads (especially in the face or upper body) and causes blistering and peeling. :eek::eek::eek::eek:

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Financial Issues • Re: Home loan Education and Interest Rate Quotes.Free 4 Prep

February 23, 2017 DR1VENbyKNOWLEDGE 0
IceFire wrote:
There is one other financing method you did not mention, and it is VERY common around here…”Owner Carry“. It is common around here, ESPECIALLY on properties with acreage, since most of the existing homes on the acreages in my area are Manufactured Homes. FHA and conventional loans are NOT made for pre-fabs, and for VA loans, they require a particular type of tie-down that is much more costly, so typically NOT used. Owner Carry is how we financed our current place. The old house in town (that we are going to try to rent out, since we are currently unable to sell it for what we owe on it, much less what we paid for it) was financed with a VA loan.

Yes indeed IceFire. :) You are correct as you so often are…

Manufactured is indeed the toughest loan to get. I can actually do manufactured but the criteria involved in the wholesale arena for manufactured is so hard and often unsuccessful I wont touch them just for the reason that the loans so often fail thru no ones fault that I don’t want my name to attached to the loan.(has to be built past a certain year, permanent foundation, double-wide, engineer reports needed, Well and septic testing, compatibles for the appraisal needed, etc……Nightmare.) We’ve been hearing lending on them is going to loosen up but we’ve also been hearing that for 2 years. Nothing so far there but you are starting to see alternate income allowances for self-employment roll thru that’s promising.(No tax returns needed)…..If TRUMP does indeed loosen Dodd-Frank regs, some folks that have been hurt by the government takeover in 08 might finally get some leeway to qualify again for wholesale rates.

I handle everything except manufactured as I stated in the intro of this thread. All loan types (Except manufactured) an for residential loans including rural and up to 25 acres. I also only work in the wholesale market where the best rates are possible so owner carry I will not chime in on since the rates are so much higher and don’t work with that product.

***Purchase, refi, cash out refi, conventional, super conforming, High balance, Jumbo, 5/1-7/1-10/1 ARM’s, Interest Only, FHA, VA, Multi-property(over 4 homes financed) for all different loan terms, on Any SFR, 2-4 Units, condo, townhome, PUD, rental properties, Investment and the like…Then I’m your man if you’re already not fluent in the loan and underwriting criteria needed. ;)

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Financial Issues • Re: Home loan Education and Interest Rate Quotes.Free 4 Prep

February 22, 2017 DR1VENbyKNOWLEDGE 0

Soooo…..For general info on purchases since that came up.

VA is always your first choice for a Primary residence if you’re a vet. Unbeatable rates, 100% financing available, and if you have a 10% service related disability or more the VA funding fee can be waived. If not it can be added to the loan amount even on a $0 down purchase.

Conventional loan will have the next best program if you have a good down payment….You can do as little as 5% down and be in a conventional loan with private Mortgage insurance(you can do “LPMI” or Lender Paid Mortgage Insurance Vs. “BPMI” or Borrower Paid Mortgage Insurance and save a lot of payment monthly but you will want to compare the two options for what you think is best for you. The more down you put, the better the rate and lower monthly MI you’ll have to pay…Once the Loan to Value ratio(LTV) is lower than 80%(20% down), no MI will be needed….You need a 640 middle credit score to qualify for a conventional loan.

An FHA loan has its benefits but there’s drawbacks as well…IMHO these are a last resort, but just Vs. the other programs for a purchase or refinance.These loans are designed for poor credit(Under 640), less than 5% down(Min 3.5% down required), foreclosure/Loan mod/Bankruptcy history/ etc. that has happened within the last 4-7 years….If you have less that 5% down but everything else is good, an FHA loan is a good option to make you a homeowner. Rates are typically just a smidge lower than a conventional loan but the mortgage insurance is a killer. There is a “UFMIP”(Up-Front Mortgage Insurance Premium) a large dollar amount added to the loan or due at closing AND there is also an annual MI that you pay monthly on top of the normal monthly payment for insurance against default on the loan to the mortgage insurance provider(This insurance does not stop a foreclosure if you default)….FHA Mortgage insurance is for the life of the loan no matter what you do. It used to drop off under 80% LTV but no longer. FHA insurance cost are very expensive compared to other MI programs but they recently were going to drop the cost but then Ben stopped the program change while our current administration looks things over.

There are additional programs that I’ve very fluent in as well but don’t have the time to type out right now….contact me directly if you would like some other free advice/info.

For now I have to scramble….I have 2 different new home owners that signed their closing docs yesterday that will be happy to hear their loans funded this morning. :clap:

Have a great day all…..

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Financial Issues • Re: Home loan Education and Interest Rate Quotes.Free 4 Prep

February 21, 2017 DR1VENbyKNOWLEDGE 0
IceFire wrote:
When we purchased our current property, we went in with our daughter on it…the deed was done up as ‘joint tenants with right of survivorship,” so we all share the property, and when any of us kicks off, it goes to the ‘survivors’, with no inheritance taxes.

Great way to do it….Even avoids probate.

The only better way is having it in a Living Trust.

Make sure the property is specifically named in the Trust AND titled as such if you go that route…..I cant tell you the amount of people that think just putting the trust name on title protects them. It must be specifically named in the trust or amended to do so if the trust already exist.

(Legal disclaimer…I am not a title agent or Trust attorney and as such with my real estate licensing I must advise you to talk to an attorney or title officer for any advice)

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Financial Issues • Re: Home loan Education and Interest Rate Quotes.Free 4 Prep

February 20, 2017 DR1VENbyKNOWLEDGE 0
JayJay wrote:
There are ways to protect your home, but you must do it in advance. One of the easiest is to sell it to your heir or a trusted friend and get an iron clad lease to live in it. Locally any change in ownership can be questioned for three years prior to such an event. My home is already in my son’s name complete with a “long term mortgage on paper and the lowest legal interest rate”. I also have a “lease on paper” that gives me complete control and first options should anything unexpected happen. It may sound complex, but not really. Swamp

####One of the easiest is to sell it to your heir or a trusted friend #####

I have neither which was obvious when I stated about the nursing home acquiring our property.[/quote]

I know way too little about your overall situation JayJay to clearly say, but you might want a reverse mortgage. It’s just another option to look into. For the right situation, a reverse mortgage is beneficial above all other loan products.

It strips the equity from a home quickly, you have to live in the home without extended absences(Like not in a nursing home) and have to keep it in good shape and pay the property taxes and insurance. but as long as those items are met, you will never have a mortgage payment again for life in that home.

Being a loan expert, wanting my mother to have a good quality of life in retirement on a fixed income, and not being concerned with an inheritance, I have my mom in a reverse mortgage…..It is right for her situation.

There are downfalls to reverse mortgages. So like any product, you need to know the specifics that they don’t mention to you before deciding if its the right choice for you. Education and foresight are paramount to obtaining a reverse mortgage.

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Financial Issues • Re: Home loan Education and Interest Rate Quotes.Free 4 Prep

February 19, 2017 DR1VENbyKNOWLEDGE 0
daaswampman wrote:
A loan of any type, should be your last resort in an uncertain world! Dave Ramsey has a good approach, it works, and will end your slavery to the Banksters! Swamp

I love DR.(Keeping in mind he’s made a business out of advice. Some of his sponsors do not have the persons best interest at hand, including the mortgage company he refers…LOL…They’re EXPENSIVE!!!)

I stay debt free as much as possible. if you cant control yourself on your own, the envelope system works.

Dave knows the value of a home for retirement and its primary to his plan. But he also knows homes are expensive and the reality is you don’t have $300,000 laying around to pay cash for it. That’s why he has Mortgage sponsors to begin with…. ;)

Get the home paid off and do it as fast as possible. But you cant do that EFFECTIVELY by being in a higher rate than you should be or too long a term unless you pay extra to your principle.

Mortgage insurance is the first thing to go if you have it. Then focus on rate and term. Pay extra to principle as much as possible……But, even if you pay extra to principle, if your rate is higher than it should be, you need to refinance. if you’re retiring, make sure you will qualify on the retirement income before the switch if possible.

In general, even if you’ve been in your current term for years, If your current interest rate is higher than below, you should at least research it…..It only takes about 5-6 min to know if you can improve and the entire refinance process shouldn’t take more than about 20 days total if with a good company.

(This changes hourly)….The interest rate changes are actually controlled by MBS(Mortgage Backed Securities)….You can see a general trend by observing the 10 year treasury but that’s not perfect. You really need to monitor the MBS and have to pay for a subscription if you want that access.

30 yr fixed—- 3.990%
20 yr fixed—- 3.500%
15 yr fixed—- 3.125%

These should be for COMPLETELY FREE loans(as long as your loan balance is $130,000 or higher)….that means NOTHING paid by you, NOTHING added to your loan amount, AND a full appraisal refund if it’s even needed.

You can get lower rates than above but it will cost something, somewhere, and you shouldn’t do it unless the payment savings it greater than the fees incurred in under about 30 months. If that’s still your goal, then just make sure to shop by TOTAL FEES including all 3rd party fees and appraisal…..Don’t let them twist you up by quoting you Escrow is blah blah blah, Title is blah blah blah….

You want a single total cost # to compare no matter what the break downs are. That is all that matters in the end.

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Financial Issues • Re: Home loan Education and Interest Rate Quotes.Free 4 Prep

February 18, 2017 DR1VENbyKNOWLEDGE 0
JayJay wrote:
I have a great trick–apply for a refi; save all correspondence and reply after approval that you’re just not quite ready.
Keep doing that and watch that refi fee come down from $4500 to $2300 to $1900 to $450. ;):p;):p

I have the paperwork to prove it and still was cautious of BofA and didn’t refinance.

But, when husband is gone and I really need to refi to live on his SS check?? I will pull out that last pile of paperwork and say…”I’m ready now and I want that last deal!!” :D

lol….sounds like a pain. It could work or just cost you your deal if you’re serious Jay Jay.

Be aware, on the best day at BofA, Wells, Chase, WaMu, etc etc etc, you are still paying Retail pricing……They don’t offer Wholesale pricing even to clients with $500,000 in their banks.(There’s a reason there’s high-rises with their names on top of them, marble check writing counters, etc…PROFIT.)

Wholesale Vs. Retail is about $3000 cheaper on a given rate or about .250%-.375% lower on a rate for the same cost involved…….There is almost no time a “Big Bank” will be cheaper on any loan Vs. wholesale….The only exceptions you might see is SOMETIMES for a JUMBO loan at Chase IF you have hundreds of thousands of dollars in holdings with them…..Even then, you need to shop the rate.

Be aware…..wall Street LOVES Trump….Ever since elected rates have been climbing quickly….30 yr fixed was COMPLETELY free at 3.500% at the beginning of November….now that same loan today will cost you about 9-10 thousand dollars including all 3rd party fees…….The same free loan is about 3.990%-4.125% on a 30 year today as example.(Specific credit scores , loan amount, type of property, LTV will alter these figures)

Rates move hourly, let alone daily….just like the stock market.
You cant say “I want that last deal you quoted me” if rates have gone higher and they were giving you the best deal then…..That would be like saying I want to buy Apple stock but I only want to pay $1 dollar per share you quoted me in 1978 even though it’s $135 per share today.

If they truly were giving you the best deal ON THE FIRST QUOTE, you should give that person your business and not play games as they showed their integrity giving you the best deal first phone call not wasting your time….It’s easily verifiable by shopping. Remember though, rates change quickly sometimes…shop everyone within 1 hour against each other to compare “Apples to Apples” ;)

Look at…(don’t put in your contact info or 10 companies will immediately start calling you non-stop!!!….I’m not kidding here)..It’s an excellent resource but use it wisely…..BUT, be aware’s advertising policies will not include 3rd party fees for anyone…..It also only is good for Primary residence, SFR(no condo’s or townhomes) mandatory impounds, and no cash-out or 2nd mortgage consolidations…..don’t trust the reviews there about a company as that’s not enough…You need the INDIVIDUAL Loan Officers reviews that’s helping you to know if they can be counted on to deliver…..I’ve seen many a bad loan officer working for excellent companies…..The LO is your bread and butter to a successful loan transaction.

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Financial Issues • Home loan Education and Interest Rate Quotes.Free 4 Preppers

February 18, 2017 DR1VENbyKNOWLEDGE 0

So, let me be a help where I can for you…

First off this advice will be free and I don’t want to do a loan for you. (I only handle CA, but the advice I can offer you is good Nationwide)…I really want this to just be free advice from a source that you can trust since there will be nothing in it for me as my way of contributing to you all here that have so willingly helped me so much.

I have been doing a very high volume of loans for the last 8 years for one of the largest companies handling CA properties. I’ve been the Sr. LO leading the company for about the last 5 years.(normally in the top 3 every year if not #1)…I handle everything from beginning to end for the entire transaction. I’m not a “Phone Monkey” that you find at Quicken or Loan Depot….(I don’t like to talk negative about others but those 2 companies I see rip off people more than any others out there combined)

I handle Purchases, refinance, Cash out, jumbo, Super conforming, regular conforming, FHA, VA, consolidation loans, HELOCS, silent 2nd’s, etc…… ALL types of residential real estate except manufactured homes.

I understand thoroughly all things you need to watch out for in these transactions including, appraisal, income calculations(W2,Self-employment, partnerships, Pastor income, Corp., rental properties, retirement, etc. etc. etc…), Loan disclosures, underwriter decisions and calculations, Interest rate locks, federal guidelines, etc…..

In 8 years of working at the same company I’ve never received a single complaint. There are hundreds of of 5 star reviews written about me personally.(Sorry, you’re just going to have to take my word for it for OPSEC purposes here…lol. :p )

I AM SICK AND TIRED of seeing good people getting ripped off even when they think they have a good deal from a “family friend”, old loan company, big bank, or broker they trust or thought they could trust. Daily I get calls of someone double checking…In just the last 2 days I’ve helped a Vet save $16,000 in unnecessary fees at a lower rate in a VA Loan, and another gentlemen about 9K in a conventional Cash-Out Refinance…..BOTH WERE FROM “TRUSTED” SOURCES!!!!

This stuff is personal by nature so I will not be asking personal info to help you out….

***If you ever go online to get rate quotes, for Gods sake, don’t give your social security # to anyone until they have been FULLY VETTED or put in a real phone # or you will be hassled NON-STOP by about 10 companies! Almost all of them trying to charge you way to much or not having 2 brain cells to rub together and causing your loan to fail after you’ve already paid for an appraisal, or getting bait-and-switched.(***Disclaimer…There ARE good people out there of course. They just tend to be far and few in-between.. Always check PERSONNAL REVIEWS, not just the company ones.)

Anyways, This is my way to try and give back to you….Free advice and rate quotes from the cheapest wholesalers out there nationwide so if you do proceed with someone out there you will have both barrels loaded for battle.

Any general questions should go here for all to see……and specific, private info will be best in PM unless you don’t mind public answers. I’ll be happy to run “What if?” scenarios for you as well…

For any rate quotes you will need….
current mortgage balance.(all loans, separately)
estimated middle credit score.(Don’t run your credit)
type of property?
do you want any cash out?
is there a 2nd mortgage of any type even if you are leaving it alone?
taxes and insurance in an escrow account or no?(Impounds)
Estimated value of property?
primary residence, 2nd home, or rental?

Again everyone, I do not want your loan….I want to just stop the madness of people getting lied to and ripped off even from so called “Friends”…It goes against everything I’ve worked for over 8 years having one of the highest repeat and referral percentages out there……. “I may not tell you what you want to hear like others do just to get you to move forward, but I will ALWAYS tell you the truth.” ;)

Preppers got to help Preppers….This is what I can do in my area of expertise. Please be patience for a reply as any specific quotes I’ll be sending from in office…Answers I can handle anywhere.

Best wishes to you and your families,

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Guns • Re: Practicing Your Defensive Pistol Skills at Home

February 18, 2017 DR1VENbyKNOWLEDGE 0
rickdun wrote:

ReadyMom wrote:Question:? I was told (remember who, but not my instructor) that dry shooting is not good for a gun. -k

when dry firing a weapon, you use a snapcap, it’s a dummy round, in the caliber of the weapon you’re using, so you don’t hurt the inners of the weapon (firing pin, etc.). Most gun shops have them or can get them.

Almost any gun can handle dry firing now(of course read your manual for the exceptions)…. .22 caliber(Rim fire) are the ones you do not want to fire pretty much ever without a snapcap. It damages the firing pin.
but this is changing….Even my Ruger SR22 now though allows dryfiring….This is straight from the Ruger website….
Q: Can I dry fire my Ruger P-Series and .22 pistols?

A: Yes. All Ruger pistols can be dry fired without damage, and dry firing can be useful to familiarize the owner with the firearm. However, be sure any firearm is completely unloaded before dry firing!

At least 3 of my Glocks have about 3000-4000 dry fires without the use of snapcaps and there’s no issues as an example.

The snapcaps I use to get the full motion and range from draw, presentation/sight alignment, to trigger press, trigger reset, and re-holster..(Then rack and reload)…EVERY.SINGLE.TIME.

Even when clearing your weapon at the range should be used as an opportunity with all steps above practiced every time.(Every opportunity adds up to mussel memory perfection)

***CI…HUGE point I forgot to mention that you addressed….Retreat drills in the home.

Especially here in Comiefornia(Non-Castle state)….I have the distinct pleasure to have to retreat thru the entire house shouting “STOP OR I’LL SHOOT!!!” …thru the whole house, during a home invasion scenario and only being able to pull the trigger when I reach the last room with no other place to go and being in imminent fear of death… doing everything perfect which of course I pray I’d never have to, I’d still end up in jail here for a few days at the least most likely and sued by the perps family even with the perps lifetime documented history of being a thug…….SMH. :blink:

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