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Economic Disasters • Re: Correction?

March 28, 2017 DR1VENbyKNOWLEDGE 0
BK in KC wrote:
This downturn is just a market reaction to the healthcare reform bill that failed to pass. I agree with other posters here that a crash will eventually happen, but this isn’t it. The market will settle down and go back up in the short run.


We might see a bit more of a correction if the tax reform doesn’t take place. Frank/Dodd, etc….

On a side note we are seeing a LOT of loosening on lending requirements for self-employed borrowers in the last 2 months….. nothing “Officially” called stated income but you are seeing a lot more programs opening in this direction for “Asset based approvals” or DTI’s being calculated with P&L statements not even looking at tax returns… there has to be a balance though. Too loose caused the crash and wealth transfer. Too tight screwed folks out of the market(Real Estate).

These looser programs I’m seeing right now are hitting the upper 5% to 7% interest rates for these type of allowances on self-employed borrowers Vs. conventional underwriting programs with full documentation being required under Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac but with rates at the high 3% range(30 yr fixed)


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Stories and Fiction • Re: Diving in head first….sort of.

March 26, 2017 DR1VENbyKNOWLEDGE 0
rebnavy1862 wrote:
Too back Aunt Bee isn’t still on the forum to give you advice.
Hint, hint Aunt Bee, in case you are lurking

Seems Aunt Bee’s last post was right before I joined back in Nov….Too bad.

I didn’t think I’d get much of a reply here as I requested writer help on a prepper forum but it was worth a shot….I got some good info to start with online elsewhere but was interested to have a preppers outlook from a writing perspective. Self-education 101 here I come….

Thank you though for chiming in here Reb. I’ll make sure let you guys tear me apart with something I write after I think it’s worthy enough to post in prepper fiction….lol

Happy Sunday Reb. :thumbup:

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Stories and Fiction • Diving in head first….sort of.

March 25, 2017 DR1VENbyKNOWLEDGE 0

So….I’ve been told over and over that I should become a writer. I think I’ve finally hit that point in my life where I’m going to give this a go.

I’ve adamantly been reading fiction all my life(2-4 books a month) and understand the draw it has for me. I know I’ll be writing fiction in a PAW/techno thriller/sci-fi type genre…that seems to be my personal passion and I do know I have the imagination for it.

I’ve already studied the financial/publication side of things and publication will not be an issue now with the advent of EBook’s to gauge reader feedback.

So, being the research NUTJOB that I am I’m studying plot and character development now but don’t want to do what I usually do in these situations and just dive right in…from what I have studied so far the number 1 rule is to just WRITE…Every day, Write.

This is going to be [url]for personal gratification[/url]primarily but I will be attempting to monetize it at some point for additional income stream/self-reliance.

3 questions for anyone here with experience writing please….

1…any quick start advice? anything you would avoid doing if you had to start out for your first time all over again?

2…do you agree that L.O.C.K. drives the [url]majority[/url] of a commercial plot novels that connects with the reader?

3…have you ever ghost written for others?

Thanks in advance….

(hat tip to Cast Iron here…your recent submission has kicked me in my A$$ to stop thinking about it and just do it…down the rabbit hole I go :thumbup: )

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California Meetups • Re: Idea for a rendevous

March 24, 2017 DR1VENbyKNOWLEDGE 0
NJMike wrote:

pathowes88 wrote:So I have an idea to do a meet up with classes but I have no idea how to organize it. I would like some help with it. It would mainly be for South Bay Area people, but others would welcomed.
I don’t want to do anything big, maybe around thirty to forty people or so. For venue I’d go for a building like a community center or something that could hold the amount of people I’m looking for. Maybe just a single day event just to see if it would go well. Dollar admission to help with the costs. I’d like it to have some classes so people can learn hands on but not entirely sure though.

Sounds like a number of events I’ve attended or helped out with in the Northeast. Try using Meet Up, website version or App. You’ll cast a wider net in getting attendance. Meet Up does have a fee. You can ask for donations in the meeting to recoup the cost just like recovering the venue cost. You want to see an example, look up group “Survive and Thrive Philadelphia”.

Do you already have topics that you’re a subject matter expert on, that you can share? Any other co-organizers with other skills? First thing is to get a meeting planned with a useful or compelling (but not controversial) topic, then start up the group. That first meeting sets the tone, so be prepared to solicit ideas, and ask for people to participate.

Have the chairs out before people arrive if at all possible. That avoids people with different ideas on chair placement causing delays with re-arranging things.

Plan time for introductions. Some people will just give a name, some will want to lay out all their concerns. Allow a little time for that, if you’ve got that time budgeted.

Set some ground rules on use of photography or video that everyone is happy with.

Steer away from politics if you’re looking for inclusiveness.

Anyone providing a demo should ideally provide handouts. Finding a venue with a whiteboard, or projector is a bonus.

Understand and follow the venue’s rules on things like open fire, weapons, etc. that may curtail certain preparedness activities.

Run a giveaway of something useful, make it fun like a knowledge trivia contest.

See if there’s interest in book swaps, seed exchanges, etc.

If you’re not using Meet Up, you may want to set up a voluntary signup to be contacted for future meetings.

On class ideas, things that have happened locally across several different groups- water treatment, solar power, aquaponics, long term food and storage, fire starting, making alcohol stoves, canning and preserving, chicken raising, firearm basics and range time, making natural cordage, wild edibles, first aid, situational awareness, and communications.

All excellent advice above….Sounds perfect for what you’re planning.

Only thing I’d add is venue location….If community center just check on deposits, rules, and any permits they might require as they’re most likely city or county owned. I’d stay away from that unless you really want a more formal feeling.

If starting smaller, I strongly suggest a restaurant in your area as they often accommodate a group that size for free and that also takes care of food/drink/chairs/tables etc..(Denny’s/Marie Calender’s/Claim Jumper/ etc…)

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Financial Issues • Re: Cryptocurrency for investments?

March 24, 2017 DR1VENbyKNOWLEDGE 0

I literally just had a friend hit me up on a HUGE opportunity 20 min ago….Long story short, he got taken.

Bitcoin…Investing…DOUBLE your money in 90 days.(insert “Facepalm” emoticon here)

With 1 simple search I figured out it was ponzi scheme…..HOW on Gods green earth do you fall for this poo poo?

Now I have to be the one to tell a good friend that the investment he is selling and has money invested in is a scam…..WTF!

DO YOUR RESEARCH PEOPLE!!!!!……(sorry, just tired of this poo poo)

Here’s a tip…. a 5% ROI is a good investment. It’s great actually…..anyone offering 10%-15% is likely hiding massive risk somewhere. 50%-100%..They’re full of poo poo. They wouldn’t offer it if it was real. They’d keep the secret to themselves and invest accordingly.

I cant believe I have to now tell him this and have him get mad at me. That’s the way it always works…



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Terrorism & other Man made disasters • Re: Terror Attack in London

March 23, 2017 DR1VENbyKNOWLEDGE 0
rickdun wrote:
Sad, very sad and most police don’t carry weapons in England. This is just the start (I believe) of what’s coming to other countries and the U.S..

Don’t need explosives, don’t need a gun or ammo. Just a knife and a vehicle and these items are a dime a dozen.

You don’t have to be a nut case from a radical country or a radical religion, just look at the city of CHICAGO.

Pop a pill, smoke some dope, shoot up with heroin and away you go.

They just reported that one American (from Utah) was killed and another injured. Very sad, my prayers go out to all affected by this nut case.

Just saw that Rick….Really sad. Just away for a week and they just happened to be on that bridge.

He died and the wife has multiple broken bones. He sounded like a good/friendly guy. Self-employed studio owners. Good neighbors. Were visiting parents that were in London for LDS mission.

Lived in Bountiful, UT.

Rest in Peace Kurt Cochran….


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Gardening • Re: Potatoes: Another Container Gardening Idea

March 23, 2017 DR1VENbyKNOWLEDGE 0
IceFire wrote:
Years ago, when we were in PA, I grew potatoes in a couple of 50+ gallon plastic garbage cans that I’d poked a bunch of drain holes into. Filled the bottom 1/4 of the cans with soil, planted the taters, then as they grew, covered the growing plants with leaves and straw. Worked REALLY well, and harvesting was EASY!

This^^^ plus 5000.

The straw medium is one of the easiest/productive for potato’s that I’ve seen…..extremely easy/inexpensive to add and harvest and I think the productivity/yield has a lot to do with spud size as its not fighting to grow in a denser material like dirt.

This works really good even in raised beds.

The one I’m trying next is the simple tomato cage….easy-peasy….you can harvest just like the container project in OP but without all the mess/hassle. (not to take anything away from OP as it’s a great option too…Looks like a fun project)

Google “Potato Tower” and click on “images” at the top of the page for all sorts of ideas for what you already have on hand.


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Vacuum Sealing • Re: Hand Pump Vacuum Sealer

March 23, 2017 DR1VENbyKNOWLEDGE 0


JayJay wrote:

DR1VENbyKNOWLEDGE wrote:I love APN…..

you guys are always teaching me new stuff…..I had no idea about the brake bleeder.


I have a ‘pissy’ neighbor that played the prepper game till she said her floors couldn’t take any more weight of canned goods..but instead of correcting that, she buys a Chrylser 300.
Hell, I could build a room onto my house for the price of that car, starting at $32,000.
So, when she found out about my brake bleeder as an alternative to being without electricity and sealing those dried vegetables in the sun?? She said, ewwwww..if that isn’t stainless steel I’m not using that.

THIS is why I just stay to myself in this neighborhood and regret EVER sharing with these idiots.
I will be killed for what I have stored–but, the last days of my and my husband’s survival will not be going hungry!!! :p:rofl::p:rofl::p:rofl::D:D:D

HEY!!!……. I LOVED my Chrysler 300 HEMI V8…bought it used as an “05”…Had it for 7 years…barely got 5K on the trade in at 110K miles. :rofl: ….Most amazing car I’ve ever owned(sniff. sniff :( )….I miss that comfort/performance.

I redeemed myself with a 4X4 BOV though I paid cash for …Damn transmission just went out. 3K replacement…..time to sell. lol…

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California Meetups • Re: Idea for a rendevous

March 23, 2017 DR1VENbyKNOWLEDGE 0
pathowes88 wrote:
So I have an idea to do a meet up with classes but I have no idea how to organize it. I would like some help with it. It would mainly be for South Bay Area people, but others would welcomed.

Well, from the sounds of things I think I’m the last of the Rear Guard here in SoCal with no hope of reinforcements except from Rocks in the coordinated retreat…..Thanks for the offer at least Rocks. :thumbup:

I used to run RV dealerships out here…HUGE events to coordinate monthly and annually(Ever hear of RVIA?) but it took a team. I have some basic knowledge to help out but you’d have to get very specific for what you’re looking to accomplish.

Amount of people desired?
Amount of speakers?
Type of venue?
single or multi day?
At a cost? Desire to break even? Looking to profit/grow for repeat attendees?

Those are just the few basics…..from your answers the next steps will be gauged.


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General Food Topics • Re: Sour Dough Starter

March 21, 2017 DR1VENbyKNOWLEDGE 0

Great, interesting stuff here all….. Unfortunately for me, its all French(Bread)…lol.

As an ABSOLUTE newbie to this, where would you recommend I get so good info starting my bread skills?

I of course found some resources already by are curious to veteran recommended links…. This is my current prepper goal…. Bread…. In its entirety including easy starts thru grinding my own wheat.

Thank you guys for any quick links in advance….

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Pennsylvania Discussion, News and Weather • Re: GARDENING AND OTHER THINGS TO LEARN

March 21, 2017 DR1VENbyKNOWLEDGE 0

Looks like good stuff…

Why O Why do we never get anything like this in SoCal?

You’d think with the Organic masses buying here that something with the title Mother Earth would have a MASSIVE turn out here….

Anyone know of anything WORTH WHILE going to covering the subjects mentioned in the OP that ever gets to SoCal?

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General Family Preparedness • Re: Spreading Prepper Mentality—Pros Vs. Cons?

March 21, 2017 DR1VENbyKNOWLEDGE 0
NJMike wrote:
My philosophy is I’ll tell people, if I’m comfortable with telling them. I’ll share information with them If I think it will be fruitful. 9/11 and Hurricane Sandy had local impacts. I know many people in different social circles who don’t or won’t self-identify as Preppers, but who definitely prepare to some degree. Curiously we don’t talk prepping in a formal manner. Most people only discuss preparedness in vague general terms. I think many prefer not to disclose too much information. I can respect that, given I’ve been outed by family to other family and their friends on things I kept in the house. I’ve even had a Prepper from a group out me in front of others as a Prepper at a non-prepping public event.

Just saw this comment and had to post here even as I’m late to get my BOV worked on…lol.

I have 2 very close friends, one that seems to be coming around(J) and the other who has millions and I cant get to stock a can of food(M)….. We’ll after 5 years of hitting him “J” has bought a water filter from me, and finally pulled the trigger on an M4 right before the ban here in CA. So I took “J” to the gun show for ammunition and “J” got to see first hand my normal purchase for range practice and supplementing my preps. Walking out with the amount I grabbed that day(Pre CA Ammo registry/bulk purchase for the range) there wasn’t less than 40-50 different folks making whistles or comments about the supply as we walked out to the car(I know the guards so we get to a back gate where people cant ID the vehicle for load up…Just in case ;) )

Anyways, the next day in the office I’m casually talking to “M” about all the money I spent on Christmas presents this year(we’re just discussing this stuff as we’re really close friends and he’s the owner of our company) this year and “M” immediately says “Ya, but $3000 of that was just on ammo for yourself”… :eek: He wasn’t there, I didn’t tell him I was going, and this was less than 24 hours later. :eek:


I immediately went over to address “J” on this and his excuse for such a breach of privacy was “Dude, “M” already knows about what you do.”…….again floored. BECAUSE HE WAS CORRECT. I immediately told him as I failed to do at the show(My bad) that you don’t bring up specifics like that no matter what you think they might know about you and to not do it again please. He hasn’t. But, it goes to show you how quick a slip of the tongue travels for failing to just state the obvious(OPSEC) even to someone you know you can trust….

Again, my “OPSEC” was breached ages ago in my efforts to help others as I didn’t approach it just right, but that one was an eye opener even for me.

If I have a single saving grace(If you can call it that), is that anyone that does know about my preps knows the level of firearms training I have and my “Fun” courses I train at every other weekend running thru about 1000 rounds a month on average….That MIGHT be a deterrent.

Knowing myself though, unless it was a full on long term WROL situation, I’d help them out in a heartbeat…… “J” already knows he’s welcome in that situation…More manpower.

Honestly, there’s a 90% chance we’ll never need these preps IMHO, but we do it for the 10% chance we do….. If the 10% hits, we’re screwed with the choices we’ll be forced to make anyways. BUT, my family will have a 50% chance of better surviving it no matter the OPSEC….again, IMHO. ;)

Some of you might call me daft, but in a WROL situation, what’s left to enjoy if we don’t even make an attempt to bring some good folks along with us? …….. you know, “It takes a village….” and all that.


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General Family Preparedness • Re: Spreading Prepper Mentality—Pros Vs. Cons?

March 21, 2017 DR1VENbyKNOWLEDGE 0
woodchipper518 wrote:

dmwalsh568 wrote:I point out the FEMA and CDC websites that suggest being prepared and if they aren’t convince I go the insurance route…everyone has home insurance, car insurance, fire insurance, etc. why not food insurance with some freeze dried foods? My father still didn’t get it so I gave him 3 days of FD food he has stuck in the basement. At least he has something now…

I generally don’t talk about it. But I follow the above approach when pressed. I also work with my local CERT & MRC which preaches being prepared for at least a week and NOT to count on FEMA (which is 11 miles from my house). It helped that my county MRC team did an exercise in a local city to ascertain the level of preparedness in statistically chosen areas. So I had a lot of friends asking what my Facebook status update that day. They were inquisitive but they were sheeple. The exercise was very successful and helped that city complete some federal grants for emergency management equipment and funding.

For my kids, they all have road emergency kits which are basically Get Home bags. I have to remind them to keep water and snacks in the car and weather appropriate clothes but they are not interested in prepping. My wife doesn’t want to know but trusts that I’m doing it for a good reason. She thinks writing MM/YY on all our canned foods is really weird but I told her it helps ensure we use those in date order… rotation theory is not interesting to her.

So basically, screw everyone else.

I hear you on that as it can get expensive helping out the non-interested, but I do already purchase 3-day to 1 month for immediate family and even hide it in their Garage…lol.

This is :offtopic: here but I saw the comment on writing on the cans….have you tried this inexpensive solution? I hate keeping track. I’ve wasted food in the past….Enter the Auto-rotate racks! …here’s a homemade easy one….

This is only one example of the many designs out there…Up to #10 cans if needed.


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General Family Preparedness • Re: Spreading Prepper Mentality—Pros Vs. Cons?

March 21, 2017 DR1VENbyKNOWLEDGE 0
Gunns wrote:
I don’t know what can be done about it. I can’t possibly afford creating 50+ bug out bags for my immediate family. I got 4 brothers and 3 sisters and they all have kids and those kids have kids. Love them all but I cannot prep for them. Some of them have said that famous line “I will just go to Gunns house”. My response is “don’t, I don’t want to shoot you”. They look at me beleaguered and stop talking to me for months, their so upset.


Literally had water coming out my nose on this…lol…..I know that look. lol.

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Louisiana Discussion, News and Weather • Re: Toilet Plume

March 21, 2017 DR1VENbyKNOWLEDGE 0
IceFire wrote:

Gunns wrote:


lol…. Friggin’ love you. :rofl::rofl:

Ya we always shut the lid before the flush. Always.

Not only do I shut the lid prior to flushing, but I ALSO keep a cap on my toothbrush, for when my husband forgets to close the lid.

Hate to burst the bubble(Or is it Plume? :) ), but Mythbusters covered this ages ago….. Seems the fecal matter on the toothbrush is coming from the sink water vs the Plume…Funny episode though. :D

somehow we’ll all survive….


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A.N.T.S. • Re: What are you doing on this first day of spring?

March 21, 2017 DR1VENbyKNOWLEDGE 0

Lets see…

Doing another lettuce harvest tonight after it cools(Probably the last before bolting)
Harvesting peas, Rainbow Chard, Carrots Kale, and tree collards…

Strawberries, 2nd set of peas, artichokes,additional sets of Kale and Broccoli are coming in nicely…. :thumbup:

Planted out 4 different types of container Zucchini…(Experimenting)

Planted out 10 sets of Cantaloupe(I really should have staggered the plantings but I needed the space in the greenhouse.)

Finishing my seed starts into 3″ cups for about 4 different type of tomatoes today…Mostly cherry variety but about 7 different beefsteaks…maybe 20 in all.

I sincerely have no Idea where I’m going to have the space to plant out as of now…lol. :rofl:

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Terrorism & other Man made disasters • Re: Where to Run, If a Nuclear Bomb is Dropped

March 20, 2017 DR1VENbyKNOWLEDGE 0

Thanks for the article RM… :thumbup:

NJMike wrote:
I posted a detonation mapping link in this topic: … 49&t=54797

Here’s the direct link:

Whoa….That’s spooky info.

winds are always changing and at different elevation levels….Does this map take into account real-time wind?

As like in this map?
(Play with the key in lower left corner….zoom in/out on the earth…. click and drag to rotate the planet)


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Louisiana Discussion, News and Weather • Re: Toilet Plume

March 20, 2017 DR1VENbyKNOWLEDGE 0
oldasrocks wrote:
A long time ago I read that this “toilet Plume” will mist over the whole bathroom if you don’t close the lid first. It will even cover your toothbrush with nasty germs. For this reason I will never brush my teeth again.

In communal bathrooms this can be a major problem as this fecal matter will migrate into the brains of the bathroom users especially when brushing their teeth like in a dorm room. This matter will migrate into the brain and multiply. This may explain why snowflakes have Sxxx for brains.

We’re not real sure about this but if I can get a Grant for $10,000,000. I promise to research this problem deeply.

lol…. Friggin’ love you. :rofl::rofl:

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General Family Preparedness • Re: Spreading Prepper Mentality—Pros Vs. Cons?

March 20, 2017 DR1VENbyKNOWLEDGE 0

I’ve stated here before(in intro I think) my OPSEC was blown by myself ages ago with my attitude on trying to get friends even some basic stuff…Mostly my firearms and ammo side as I was often trying to get friends to the range but also with food and water here in CA as you’re lucky to meet one in 5000 people that would actually can food.

I’ve spoken about growing your own food with my passion in gardening and looking back, that seems to have been the most effective way for my to get people prepped. I’ll post pictures of harvest, plantings, greenhouse construction(It’s a plastic tiny thing really for my experimentation and learning as I’m in SoCAL), and more than a few are amazed with my production to the point where they’ll ask my help setting up for themselves.

I saw how bad OPSEC became when a earthquake hit a few years back and a few people made the comment that we dread…”I almost ended up over at your house DR1VEN! ha, ha, ha, ha…….”

I’ve handled it as best as possible since then, but the damage is already done obviously…..The newer comments “I have three days of food and water, so should you” trying to play down my level of preps will only go so far….

With that being said, I’m “That guy” that is always the go-to guy if you need some help with something, anything, and I’ll either already have the answer or immediately do research to make sure you get the basics in getting it right/not getting screwed……It’s something I find enjoyable if not a little tiring always dropping my own items to help out someone else. For the most part my satisfaction comes from it being appreciated. I find there’s only a true few who just take advantage and I drop them like a rock refusing to help them when asked again.

I see what you’re all saying, but I definitely lean more to the point of Swamp here

daaswampman wrote:
You can lead a horse to water and you know the rest of that story! I no longer discuss the issue outside BASIC storm preparation, something anyone in this area should be doing.

I have found it best to operate on two levels for my own well being and cover. I simple could not justify not helping my neighbors if I could. At the same time I will not risk our well being if the worst would happen.

I have a rather large storm shelter (rated for 30) and it is fully stocked. Only one neighbor even bothered to tour or discuss it! Although they all ended up in it when a twister sat down near here.

My BOL is never discussed with family and only one trusted friend even knows it exists. I made the mistake of telling close family about the first one and that information was shared with way too many “friends”.

This will sound horrible, but survival is not politically correct, fair, or pretty. If something happens my entire family is welcome to come share my home, shelters (there’s more than one), and my extensive inventory. If it truly goes to hell, a select few of my friends and family will leave and wish them the best. My plan is not perfect, but life rarely is. Swamp

Well stated SWAMP……

my point being this….
So, in the spirit of prepping, helping neighbors that are idiots, getting looked at as if you have the 3rd eye, and satisfying your own humanity in doing the right thing and trying to help out, where do you draw the line?
It’s obviously a personal choice so there is no wrong answers…

“you can lead a horse to water……”……… of course. and I do get it.

But does that mean we should stop trying?

As in, with all things and not just in war….” The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”(Edmund Burke)

At what point, where, will you draw that personal line in the sand?


Where do you draw that line between the two????

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General Family Preparedness • Spreading Prepper Mentality—Pros Vs. Cons?

March 19, 2017 DR1VENbyKNOWLEDGE 0

So it never ceases to amaze me how blind some of my friends and family can be when it comes to even the MOST BASIC of preps are ignored in todays day and age of the supermarket mentality.

The basic thought that “it’s nothing to worry about/Easier to ignore” for the most siplest of even a 3 day supply of food and water even here in Southern CA where its proven time and time again Earthquakes happen and shut stuff down.

This is a few weeks dated but it brings back the thought “I’m good to go, but so many I personally know aren’t” including family and friends….

No matter how I approach it, calm/matter of fact, or directly like “You HAVE to have some basics on hand, get with it!” or any variance in-between, I don’t see them change their thoughts…Even in the tiniest bit no matter the basic logic of it.

So my questions are these……

How would you approach the issue for people you care about?

When do you consider talking is too much and makes you a target in an event for zombies?
(I’m sure everyone knows Zombies are un-prepped civilians trying to take your stuff, but just being safe here. ;) )

If a specific loved one had a view that any preps are a type of paranoia/erratic behavior, at what point would you just give up on them vs. continuing to try to get them to stock even 3 days of water?

Let’s get a discussion going here….please chime in. ALL points of view/experience with this subject welcomed here…

Thanks all…. :thumbup:


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Pennsylvania Discussion, News and Weather • Re: Friends in Safe Places

March 18, 2017 DR1VENbyKNOWLEDGE 0
Stahlrosen wrote:
And to go along with the music, Univ.s are jumping right in there to provide safety for snoflakes. … paces.html
“If a student feels hurt or offended by another student’s comment, the hurt student can say ‘ouch.’ In acknowledgement, the student who made the hurtful comment says “oops.” If necessary, there can be further dialogue about this exchange.”

O….M….G. :eek::eek::eek:

The programing is complete…..

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Prepper Fiction • Re: The Fall

March 13, 2017 DR1VENbyKNOWLEDGE 0

OK CI….Chiming in here again.

1st….damn you… My mornings consist of a good cup of coffee, browsing this forum, a few news sights, the markets, and then off to work… I haven’t checked your story for a while and it sucked me in. No news, markets, or other sites this AM and now I’m late for my day….You sucked me in entirely and I couldn’t stop reading……I blame you entirely. ;)

2nd…..the reading is excellent. Same as my first assessment. You have a winner here. Keep it up. Do whatever you want with it, but put it to paper. This one needs writing.

3rd….. You do as you want OF COURSE…You are the writer and go with your gut as I’ve already told you that you have a winner here but IMO(which matters nothing)Just feedback here as you seem to enjoy getting it along the way.(I don’t think I could do it that way. I’d release all after hours of self-criticism…lol)…….The tacticool spot….great action writing but if going that deep into tactical description, spread it out with bits here and there if adding that element to a given character or book….In the first few paragraphs where it got REALLY descriptive on individual carry out I browsed right over it getting to the action…Too technical….some is excellent, but too much starts to read like a manual if built up in one area….As you backed off the gear description and the action heated up, you pulled it off.

Clair—-a small sign of physical abuse would give the reader sympathy for her actions if that’s where you want to go before she Off’s Jason(If she actually did…It’s implied right now, but not fact…yet.) As it is, she unstable and not going to be welcomed(logically) into the new society…..bats’ in the bell tower my friend. Jason has done NOTHING but help her as misguided as his intentions are. There is no physical abuse and she’s not being held against her will……As it sits right now Clair is a criminal…..if that’s you’re intent then I see Clair being hesitantly admitted into town(If at all), and then a loose cannon that’s more and more unstable that creates problems from here……Excellent character development regardless of the direction.

My $.02 my friend but it really doesn’t matter what I think……This is yours. and its amazing…really. You’re pulling me into a world against my will as I’m into book 3 of a 4 book series and cant stand mixing fiction until I’ve completed the series……Well done CI. :thumbup:

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Financial Issues • Re: Home loan Education and Interest Rate Quotes.Free 4 Prep

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contrarian wrote:

rickdun wrote:What Swamp said, we put our home in the kids name, with a memorandum of understanding that we live in it, keep it up and pay the taxes until we are both dead. We had an attorney do the paperwork, only cost me $150.00, that was done abut 5 year ago. Now the kids, after we’re dead can do what they want with it and not pay any inheritance taxes.

There are down falls to this method, if one of the kids gets in a bad accident and they are sued for big time money, well you know the rest. If they would separate from their spouse, not a problem, that was put in the memorandum, inlaw doesn’t count and they signed paperwork to that affect.

Another tool we can use to manage our estate with much lower risk to all of us from law suits, government confiscation, and such is to use Limited Liability Corporations (LLCs) to own your property. If you have multiple members (the kids) it becomes much more difficult for those assets to be stolen by the government.

It is an EXCELLENT tool……. be aware though I know of no lenders(in the wholesale market) that will refinance any residential residence held in LLC anymore….I run into that problem on a few of my high profile clients in the entertainment industry.

If you refi or purchase, and then put back into LLC and they notice, they WILL demand removal out of LLC again or order demand of payment in full…This is in CA properties, but with National lenders…..I am NOT an expert in this area but see it happen quite a lot…..Just a footnote to make sure you research this option for your specific lender and state.

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Washington Discussion, News and Weather • Re: Patriot Nurse

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Gunns wrote:

DR1VENbyKNOWLEDGE wrote:lol… James Yeager is another one like that. I questioned him on shooting .556 in a specifically designed .223 barrel with him stating it is FINE… It was a polite question to his opinion and homeboy couldn’t hang…He then went ballistic(as is his nature for getting ratings) stating things like “How dare you question my authority!!! I have tens of thousands of students so I’m telling you its fine! Do you have thousands of students???”……lol….I then asked him to provide me a single .223 manufacture with a barrel they would warranty with .556 being shot thru it repeatedly please……Shockingly, Crickets…..

I know it’s possible without a failure occasionally, but that’s a far cry from “Perfectly fine” and instructing your students as an “Expert” and endangering them to constant over-pressures.

I don’t know him of course, from what I hear he can be a pretty giving dude to family and friends….Dudes got knowledge. No doubt. But he’s a bit of an Ass-Hat on his channel IMHO…..It seems I’m in a vast majority holding the same opinion…I’m just one of many that unsubscribed from him……To each their own.

Yeager is crazy. He says and does many things I would never say or do. But to each his own. He even had his Carry licensed revoked after calling for armed revolution. He went to court to get it back and had to do a video apologizing.

He does however have a lot of good videos. You can even see a video of him in a fire fight in Iraq. He was driving the car and they were ambushed and he couldn’t get the car restarted. He had it in drive “D” and of course it would not restart, he panicked and jumped out of the car raced to the ditch for cover, which is what I would have done too. Lots call him out on this video but many don’t understand he was with a crew he never trained with and wasn’t sure about them either.

I think he did right if you watch the whole video.

yessir! I know that one well….. Many of the “Online keyboard commando’s” call him the ditchbitch for that one….I’ve heard many different versions on what actually went down in that when he was contracting.

#1…never judge on that as I’ve never been downrange and wasn’t there.
#2…leave the speculation to others since EVERY single person will react differently 1st time lead is actually coming at you.

All I know on that is he was there and I wasn’t. If I found an after action report from someone that actually was there other than him, I might hesitantly form an opinion then vs all the “His actions caused the guy to die” comments I’ve seen….I’ve also seen many backing his actions that day.

This is the first time I’ve heard about the left it in drive thing though…..a vehicle is definitely a magnet for bullets and know someone got hurt and dead in that one. Leaving an inoperable vehicle would be the right move but don’t know about the guy left in there….

Regardless, the guy is a magnet for controversy…..better left alone.

Reid left him after being a main guy on his channel for a long time….Patriot nurse and Reid are dating still I believe.(Have no idea really)…..I always did love Reids knowledge of history…. Reid is now running his own gig, “Valor ridge”….You’ll see PN there from time to time also.

I don’t know the accuracy of this, but it was funny…. Swearing Warning…(it is a video containing Yeager after all)

Drama…. :thumbdown:

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First Aid & Medicine • Re: Deep Survival – interesting vendor – ?????

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Illini Warrior wrote:

oldasrocks wrote:I could max out a credit card so easy on this site.

if they are legit – that’s what’s intriguing to me – anytime I see drugs that are usually prescribed being sold it’s Red Flag time …. haven’t seen lidocaine for sale anywhere – IV bags & gear is even rare ….

I did my normal google scans on them with certain keywords….This is what I found.

a review from 2015….

There is a reply there from the owner in the comments about having to change servers/web address.

Store owners personal FB page….

Store’s FB page(2,344 followers)

I do find it odd that there is no contact information showing a location…..the “about” info is extremely vague ….intentionally. … seems like an OPSEC thing to me.
The Ebay store no longer exist.
This is a self run website on

Initial search results…..seems like a good dude. I’d say tentatively in the “One of us” category……No complaints I can find anywhere, but then, not a lot of good reviews either.

This was just a courteous search I do on all vendors before I buy from them never hearing of them before……I’d personally do a very small purchase to judge the results before a $$$$ Purchase.

Seems legit but I haven’t dealt with them…. If anyone does, please post results…..there’s good gear there.

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Check In Here Delaware Preppers • Re: New to this forum hopefully not alone

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oldasrocks wrote:
You’re late. Everyone else is hiding in their bunkers. You better get underground in a hurry. It’s almost too late.

lol…Rocks you always crack me up. :rofl: “INTO THE SPIDER HOLE!!!”

Welcome O new one…Traffic is pretty steady IMHO….use the portal to see the daily post/updates….individual thread forums are/can be stale from time to time.

As CI stated, don’t know about your exact Geolocal for finding peps for meetups but there’s always something new to discuss/learn here…..been on about 4-5 months myself and find myself logging on almost daily.

I may not always comment, but I am watching…..Every time I have to refresh the O2 for the Spider hole….especially keeping my eye on Rocks. :lol:

joking aside….welcome to APN :thumbup:

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