Gardening • How to best take advantage of forest fire damage

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A forest fire 2 years ago cleared alot of space on my land. Fortunately it only got our trees and a few out buildings but left the house standing. The land was heavily forested with pine fir and larch trees before. Now it’s mostly covered in a plant called mullen and other low growing plants. The soil below the old forest floor is sand clay and small rocks 6 to 8inch rocks. I know there’s going to be a alkaline problem because of the pine trees that burnt. And the only soil place near by only sells fill dirt that comes out of old Alfalfa field. It’s very poor for growing to. We have several acres of newly open land so bringing soil in isn’t really practical anyway. I’d like to get some fruit trees and food plants going at least on a full acer and then maybe some thing half wild like blackberry and raspberrys on the rest of the open land. Any suggestions on how I should treat the soil before I start planting thus year?

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Financial Issues • Re: Cryptocurrency for investments?

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In my mind anything we can save or spend anonymously without big brother dipping into it is a great thing. If you have extra cash laying around why not put some into crypto. Best case it just keeps on going up like it has been lately, Worst case it’s worth whatever cash you put into it. It might fluctuate a bit but based on its track record so far it’s a fairly safe bet it won’t lose value. And since it’s not tied to any government, economy or paper currency its not likely to be negatively affected by inflation like cash. As for after a shtf scenario we all know cash is going to be worthless after day 5 but crypto has the potential to retain its value, it may or may not be accessible after shtf depending on your preferred scenario but because it’s a global currency if shtf is localized to say just the northern hemisphere then in theory your crypto still has value on half the planet. And it is possible to get some limited Internet access over a ham radio. I don’t know if I would go throwing thousands into it maybe a thousand if you plan on spending and using your crypto cash for some purchases as well. I’m not an expert by any means but I’ve been looking into crypto for awhile. I would definitely think of whatever cash you convert into crypto as a long term conversion because converting back to cash can raise alot red flags for the irs, or even the fbi these days depending on the method and the amount your converting. It’s not like your debit card where if you want to buy something online you just go to the bank and deposit cash then change your mind and withdraw it the next day. It’s more like buying a foreign currency to buy things in another country it’s easier to only convert what your planing to spend or have on hand whIle traveling. Now for real world transactions say using crypto to pay a contractor or buy car on Craigslist . It’s possible as long as the other party uses crypto this limits the amount of people you can do business with since crypto simply isn’t as widely used as cash. And again if your thinking of using it like a debit card for gas grocery cable bill it doesn’t work that way unless your gas station is willing to be paid in crypto and that’s not going to happen any time soon. As for the wallet security I really don’t know I’m debating a hard key myself but haven’t looked into what happens if it gets damaged. I’m still in my research stage for alot of this crypto stuff I’ve only put in a couple hundred just to test the waters but this is what I’ve learned so far, hope it’s helpful……

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For Sale & Trade • Re: Feed our animals get free RV space and a head start prep

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Just to let you know yes this idea has been tried before. I just spent 3 years setting up someone eles ranch for free space. I had to do everything not just feed the animals. I ran fence made pens and feed troughs even had to lay all the water line. Even though it was and still is Alot of work it’s worked out well for everyone. I just bought a place right down the road from them to start my own preps, if it wasn’t for the free RV space I would never be able to afford my own place now. We become good friends to and since our places are so close now they are going to raise the animals and I can concentrate my efforts on farming. Obviously I’m not your guy since I have my own place, but I wanted to let you know that yes this has been tried and for me at least it’s worked out great! Hope you find someone soon

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