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I  took Horticulture in a Vocational School and did landscaping, greenhouse work, weddings and funerals.  I wandered the state after high school.  Married briefly, before death took hubby we worked a 20 acre pick your own apple orchard.  We had geese and chicken and a very large garden too.  After his death I was in a big city called Columbus,  I looked for worked and waitressed, office worked and finally landed a job with the State of Ohio Bureau of Workers Comp.

After a time, I quit the work force and stayed home to have children and homeschool them. We  moved here and there in Ohio and finally ended up in the Northern part,  landing on 43 acres where we had a solar and wind powered home.  Years were good there and I had hopes of having a family farm to pass down through the ages.

Our home  had a large garden, and came with a greenhouse.  Our plan was to raise pigs, sheep, cattle, geese and chickens.  We were also seeking boars to put into the woods and let them keep the undergrowth down and trespassers to a minimum.  Before we could do that, a field fire took that dream and thus we rented for a couple of years in a local town.

Then finally through hubby’s work, we found a very nice man who had a house on some property who was willing to work a trade with us!  We now have a 1/4 acre garden, edibles that are going all over the little less that 2 acres. We also have some just pretty things that I hope will appeal to the wildlife!

We are planning to get chickens this year and I am currently getting worms for worm bins, that will be totally cool!  We can food and are now dehydrating with my new Excalibur.  When my children were younger, we home schooled them; my daughter is now in the National Guard, which I am very proud of!  My son will be starting a sword and knife making business as soon as he can get the gear together to do it well.

Having lived through hardship and having experienced all the good things that can come from it and nice people that step forward I feel that I can lend myself to many topics.

I have written for Associated Content and I also have written for Triond and have an active half.com account where I continue to sell books.


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