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Stephanie Dayle

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APN Getting Started In Preparedness and Financial Preparedness Columnist

I am a 30 something prepper who grew up in a very rural area in Eastern Washington where we still learned how to garden, hunt, fish and even can her own food (Yes! Families such as mine DO still exist!). Even then I was the oddball who had a two page-packing list to go camping and who had her first car packed to the brim with survival gear.

I’ve spent 4 years in the local Sheriff’s Department Search and Rescue Group where I learned a variety of wilderness survival skills, radio skills, first aid techniques, and a little bit about law enforcement protocol. After college I worked for a financial institution for 7 years, and currently commute to work for a manufacturing firm in the city. I also write for our local paper about self-sufficient ways of living, and am an amateur photographer.

My husband and I had no idea the lifestyle we  grew up with and were living had a name, after searching the internet for some new food storage techniques last year, I learned we were preppers and joined APN. I am proud to call myself a prepper and strive everyday to draw on my honesty and experience to teach and encourage other to be prepared.


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