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My husband and I live in Rural Oklahoma on 18 acres. We are parents to 2 daughters. Our oldest is now married with 3 children of her own. Our youngest is 15 and homeschooled. We have homeschooled for 15 years. We began this journey in 2003 after a series of events made us realize that the world was changing and we must be ready. At this point our homestead is home to 10 dairy goats, 3 head of cattle, 60+ chickens, 1 pig, 1 anatolian shepherd and a few other cats and dogs. We will be adding to our menagerie this spring. We garden using the raised bed method and heirloom seeds. We also have a various sundry of fruit and nut trees, berries both tame and wild. I love talking about the peace our self-reliant homestead has brought to our life and I love sharing what we have learned with others.


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