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Sandra Bockhorst

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APN Getting Started and Food Storage Columnist

Sandra lives with her husband, Fairman along with friends and family who come and go along the way . The pair raise rabbits, fish and chickens and produce an amazing amount of food on their urban lot in north central Florida. They also have 3 miniature schnauzers, who are under the belief that THEY own the place.

Part of the reason so many vegetables are available is their swimming pool conversion to a greenhouse  with hydroponic systems and fish pond. Although Florida seems an ideal place to grow, the harsh summer heat and overwhelming insect problem can be daunting. It also calls for careful planning to get vegetables in the ground at the right time.

With their children grown and raised, Sandy spends spare time in her retro trailer studio, painting, sewing, candle making, doing needle craft, quilling, and just about any craft available. She taught craft and art class for many years in her studio and for a national craft store chain.

She also enjoys making bread from her home ground flour, cheese making, canning and dehydrating foods. She has always believed in being prepared for emergencies and has actively pursued a back-to-basics lifestyle for most of her life.

The Bockhorst’s  maintain two family homes in Montreat, NC which is a nice escape from summer heat since the houses are built into a mountain side and are a calm, cool place to reflect. The houses are a century old and many cousins, nieces, nephews, brothers and sisters meet them there. One house is rented out as a vacation rental which affords the Bockhorsts many new friends.

They are regular visitors to the Ashville and Black Mountain farmer’s markets where they find farm fresh produce to can and preserve.

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